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Erin Andrews Gun Threat

4/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained another email targeting "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Erin Andrews, and it's the clearest sign yet that the man who wrote it is a potential threat.


TMZ broke the story that a man in Newport News, Virginia has been sending sexual and violent emails to ESPN's Andrews since September. The emails -- all sent to DirecTV's "The Dan Patrick Show" -- turned violent and threatening in late March.

On March 29, the man wrote, "I would like to see if Erin Andrews can dance her way through a hail of gunfire. Better yet I would love to shoot her with a Barrett rifle. Get the pun -- her stalker was mr. Barrett and the barrett rifle is an ultra expensive 50 cl. rifle with a range over a mile."

Rifle demo: Click to watch
In spite of this email and others, law enforcement sources tell us the FBI is resistant to making an arrest, because authorities believe the author is engaging in free speech ... which is protected.

By the way, sources familiar with the author tell us he's 6'9" and very bulky.

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Engaging in free speech? WTF? He's making threats against this woman's life. This creepy idiot should be arrested immediately!

1657 days ago


ARREST him before he kills her or someone else. This is just stupid. Don't wait until it's too late..

1657 days ago


I cannot beleive they wont arrest him. What is it going to take? Nevermind, I dont wanna know. That is such crap calling it free speech.Its obviosly a death threat.People are killed all the time because nobody is willing to take these horrible kind of threats serious until it is to damn late!I really hope they do something before she is hurt physically. Her emotional pain must be undescribable. I would be so scared to go anywhere.What has she done wrong to deserve this? She was a victim and thats all.Its pretty bad when you cant go to a hotel and expect it to be private...than this happens later? I hate it when they say oh "oh we ant do something till they act out a crime? well thats why this stuff happens so much.I hope Erin has lots of security and uses extreme caution since it seems to be all left up to her to protect herself, what do we pay taxes for?so we can pay the feds to sit around and talk about free speech, while theres a nut on the loose describing in detail what he wants to do in detail. I dont understand that logic! If she were the president or a governor, they would not be calling it free speech now would they??? no wonder people take the law in to there own hands!

1657 days ago


That was awesome and excellent recipe


1657 days ago


Paul Rudd: "I'm Comin' Out!" (NEW YORK) Although never as flamboyant as Latin singing sensation Ricky Martin, "Role Model" actor Paul Rudd had gained a reputation in his own West Village neighborhood as a man fond of

1657 days ago


I guess they are going to wait as usual till she gets hurt or killed to do something .the laws need to be changed.

1657 days ago



1657 days ago


Looks like this guy plays too much call of duty modern warfare. I think this guy is just an ass and really knows nothing about guns expect for what he plays in this video game.

1657 days ago


This is such B.S. from the Feds. (prayers4Erin) is right,if this nutcase were making the same threats to stupid Obama, his azz would already be locked up!

1657 days ago


Freedom of speech? This psycho is threatening to shoot somebody, which is very much against the law and does not fall under the guise of "freedom of speech." Arrest this creep before something both tragic and very avoidable occurs!

1657 days ago


Free speech...WTF. Would authorities hold that position if it was directed at an elected official?

1657 days ago


These creeps who intend to kill famous people (even the ones with no talent) are nothing but freaks who have never been laid in their lives. What's the reason? f*****g basterds!

1657 days ago


The video is interesting. I like the trailer, er, mobile home, seen to the right of the shooter. The neighborhood roadway in the background behind the target gives us a clue as to where the bullet is going to fly after it explodes the target. If you live in a trailer park there's always a chance that a 50 cal slug will accidentally decapitate you as you drive the pickup home from work.

No doubt Ms. Andrews wants the man who is making repeated, unwanted e-mail contact with her to be imprisoned for life like the videographer.

1657 days ago


Isn't it illegal to threaten someone in this country? Free speech now allows death threats?

1657 days ago


What the hell?
In this country we protect terrorist, rapist, child sex offenders, and the list goes on. However, if you are 'just' and everyday person....FORGET IT!
The FBI knows who this guy is: are they watching him 23/7? Have they interviewed the man? For how long will they be watching him? Long after Dancing With The Stars Is Over?
Erin Andrews must be scared to death!
I hope that 'one hell of a good attorney' steps forward and helps her stop this crazed mad man before he's 'freedom of speech' crosses the line into 'physical action taken' towards her.

1657 days ago
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