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'Hannah' Creators -- Mouse House Screwed Us

4/10/2010 1:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0409_hannah_montana_exTwo of the three co-creators of Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" show claim they are victims of a vicious mouse attack.

Barry O'Brien and Richard Correll claim they were contractually entitled to a piece of the "Hannah" pie, but in the bonus department Disney wouldn't budge. All the more insulting, given "Hannah Montana" is a billion dollar franchise.

Both men are suing Disney -- and in Correll's case not just for his bonuses. Correll, who also worked as a director on the show, claims he was given the boot because he complained to the Writers Guild of America.

The creators are suing for millions.

There's a third creator on the show, and if you're wondering why he's not part of this lawsuit .... well, he already sued.


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TMZ, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Who on this planet would EVER care about this story? Lets move on.(Idiots).

1623 days ago


Did they died?

1623 days ago

White Trash    

TMZ, you are really writing stupid ass stories lately. Why haven't you even reported about Elizabeth Taylor supposedly getting married again? Why don't you quit all the stupid stories about Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods, and Erin Andrews (or whatever the fvck her name is)? People are bored!

1623 days ago


Michelle McGee is HOT...
Gloria Alred is a master of self promotion...
Michael Jackson...Idiot
Tiger Woods.... go bang chicks, you knooooow you want it.
Seal Clubbing... Sicko's.
Dr. Murray...Idiot
Dana White...should not swear as much.
The real estate market... is the problem... cost of shelter to high
Immigration.... STAY WHERE YOUR FROM... don't come over here and take our jobs, cause more traffic, and add to our garbage dumps.

1623 days ago


Shaking head!!

1623 days ago


Shouldn't this story be on a tween site? Unless? OMG, I think like a tween...

1623 days ago

TC Spriggs    

Speaking as someone who has creatively helped this show from the beginning, I wish I (and my union) had negotiated a sliver of this back-end pie...

1623 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Not news, nothing to see here, please move along.
They don't call it "Mousewitz" for nothing, Disney is well known as liars and thieves. They have 400 lawyers on staff, so they screw you and say "go ahead, sue us".
The BIGGER news would be this: "Producer/Writer Paid as Promised, Praises Disney's Honesty", but you will never see that headline.
Never forget, these are the azzhules who sued Kenny Loggins for mentioning "Winnie the Pooh" in one of his songs after they stole Winnie from its creator by falsifying documents and perjured testimony.

1623 days ago



1623 days ago

399 Hollywood Teamsters    

Apparently not everybody has got the word yet that Disney is a rathole full of thieves and crooks.
They have 500 lawyers on staff so when they screw you, which they will, they say "go ahead and sue".
These are the A-holes who sued Kenny Loggins about using Winnie the Pooh in a song lyric after they stole Pooh from its creator.
The real news would be "Producer/Writer Paid in Full, Praises Disney for Integrity", like that would ever happen.
It ain't called "Mouse-witz" for nothing.

1623 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Who's Disney's largest stockholder? None other than Apple's Steve Jobs

1623 days ago


Disney is a well oiled machine.

1623 days ago


I think he was in Zimbabwe on the street Take a picture?

1623 days ago


1623 days ago


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1623 days ago
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