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Dr. Murray

Lawyers Up

for Wrongful Death Suit

4/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray is already planning his legal strategy in a Michael Jackson wrongful death case ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Murray, we're told, has already hired a civil lawyer, Charles Peckham, who handles medical board cases and wrongful death lawsuits.

We've learned Peckham has already been in touch with Dr. Murray's malpractice insurance carrier, and it turns out to be a tricky situation.

Sources connected with Dr. Murray's defense tell TMZ Dr. Murray had a malpractice policy issued in Texas that covered his medical practices in Texas and Nevada.

Here's the rub.  Dr. Murray did not have a medical practice in California, which is a prerequisite for his malpractice coverage.  So Dr. Murray's position is that he first saw  Michael Jackson as a Nevada patient and what he did for him in L.A. was merely an extension of the Nevada treatment.

We've learned the malpractice policy would only cover civil litigation, not criminal.  In the event the doctor is sued for wrongful death -- and Joe Jackson promises that will happen soon -- Murray expects the policy would cover attorney's fees and any judgment. 

One source told TMZ, "We fully expect the insurance company would cover such costs."


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Maybe he did accidentally kill him, but is that really such a bad thing? MJ was an unhappy and deeply disturbed man who likely was a pedophile, wether he acted on those feeling or not. TEAM MURRAY FTW!

Just accept it. MJ's finally found the peace that eluded him during his unhappy life. RIP

1624 days ago


Gimme a break! Lee lee and the rest! You guys are hilarious! One good laugh to start my day. I have to get to work now.

1624 days ago

Lee lee    

@ gimme a break...finally.....we kinda make Peace. Yay!!! I do remember Michael telling Oprah that he had Vitiligo but he didn't want to get into his medical issues. Again, thats not to say that he didn't have Lupus, but I don't remember anyone asking him. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for him to have vitiligo. Imagine your self confidence. A man of color, turning white. That poor Man had to endure so much, it breaks my heart.At the end of the day we have learned much and discovered nothing. Michael Joe Jackson is in death what he was in life.....A mystery. Medical history aside, Michael Joe Jackson was the Best Entertainer that ever lived.

1624 days ago

gimme a break!    

this is hilarious... f*ck is censored or not? when i write it w/ caps lock on it's not but when i dont it is..?
what the heck?

1624 days ago

Lee lee    

Great, thanks you go. Careful your ego doesn't smack you on the way out!

1624 days ago

Lee lee    

I didn't write that tone.....i thought the cloning had stopped!

1624 days ago

gimme a break!    

yes i know it must've been terrible for him... :(
and on top of that having ppl accusing u of denying ur race... when u have constantly said how proud u are of it...and did everything in ur power to support ur ppl... why can this world just see what a wonderful person he has always been and stop talking **** about him? where is the justice goddammit!?!

1624 days ago

gimme a break!    

dont u just love typos? grrrrrr

1624 days ago


MJ was such a freak he makes Howard Hughes seem well adjusted by comparison... It's over now, just accept it. RIP

"u are one SICK puppy u know that?!?" - Posted at 7:04 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by gimme a break!

I most certainly am not! Not when you compare me to MJ! ;)

1624 days ago

Lee lee    

Did anyone ever consider that Michael had His Eyes, lips and scalp tattooed because he had no pigmentation left in his skin. I Imagine he probably looked albino. We were so quick to judge. If only we walked in his shoes for a day.

1624 days ago

gimme a break!    

Posted at 7:20 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by gimmeabreak

u are right... my bad... u are A BIG SICKO... and a disturbed personality and if u add to that the fact that u are a misinformed loser... oh god... it sucks to be u...

i've never heard of this MJ character that u are describing... or are those YOUR initials?

1624 days ago

Lee lee    

I'm out.

1624 days ago

save something    

Did not know Dr.Murray came in the last week of MJ"s life...
MJ and his brother J.where in fact part of Muslim religion.
We know MJ wasn't able to give those 50 show .....
Why just poursuit DR,Murray?????
why about all the doctor who sing all the others prescriptions??????
why about the OTHERS who kept MJ in legal drugggggssss?

1624 days ago


OK, I am not going to try to convince you that believe he's still alive. You are intitled to your opinion. The same thing happened after Elvis died. Sometimes a death is so painful certain people just can't accept it. If you truely believe he is alive then what he is doing letting people think he's dead then he's doing something that would be a criminal act. Then that means MJ will go to jail if he's alive.

1623 days ago

maria das grraças de souza silva    

eu naõ comsigo em viar comentarios voçes pode mi a judar !!!! por favor

1608 days ago
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