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Kate Gosselin: There's No Special Law for Jon

4/12/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer is asking a judge to throw out Jon Gosselin's request for primary custody, arguing Jon's legal docs are riddled with mistakes.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

For starters -- Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, claims Jon went to the wrong court for child support.  Momjian raises other technical issues and wants the case tossed.

Momjian scoffs at Jon and his lawyer in legal docs, "There is no 'Jon Gosselin' exception to the Pennsylvania [law]."

Momjian tells TMZ the papers filed by Jon are "incoherent and filed by someone who clearly didn't know what he was doing."  


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How many times did Jon see the children when he was with his latest GF? IF he so wanted to be with the kids, WHY live in Manhattan in a 2-BD apt? Just wait until Haley and the other GF's get their chance to testify and tell of Jon's "longing" to be with his children. I'd love to read those sworn depositions, which will be supported by pics and his own words ie: ET Tonite and other contract violating interviews.

Don't give me any "free speech" defense....he knew what the contract said when he signed it. IF not, return your share of the $$ you made from the shows. In other words...put your money where your mouth is!!

Like her or not, Kate is at least making $$$ to support the family. We all know a 40-hour/wk job wouldn't pay the bills.

As for Jon moving into the house while Kate's gone...after he hacked into her emails, voicemails, etc? Would you trust an ex like that to have access to your personal effects in your home?

Jon blew it (literally) and he knows it. He's not the chick magnet he thought we would be without $$$'s gone, so are the babes.

Jon the better parent??? Don't think so!!!

1654 days ago


1654 days ago

dirty diana    

kate has been using those kids right along, time for her to give them up. i always see them smiling when with their dad not their can't get over herself mother. she did just what no one would let octomom do!!

1654 days ago


Shut up all uou idiots!! Go team Kate!

1654 days ago


Kiss our a$$ bumb a$$es. we are Team Kate all the way!! Most of yourdumb ****s don't know what the heII you are talking about!! Kiss our grits!!!!!!

1654 days ago


I am really quite tired of all the outcries of Jon's behaviour versus that of Kate's. Jon had a good job; became a stay at home dad when this ridiculour series came on and there is not one person out there who wouldnt have done the same - $750,000 an episode. Of course, they both wanted it to continue. But it was clear to see who even then was the better parent. He stayed home while she was interested in the publicity; travelling around giving interviews; had and continues to have her hissy fits; neglects or ignores the children and is more interested in the $175,000 she will make appearing on Dancing with the Stars. What a horrid mistake that was. She is not a star of any kind; just one of the continuous ingrates of people who just happened to be part of some stupid reality tv show - when will those all end. The supposed pity that people feel in keeping her on the show is embarassing to the judges and to the other contestants who are actually working hard. Buzz Aldrin may be 80+ but he came into with a good attitude and tried. It has to tell you something if her partner wanted to quit after only one week with her.

1654 days ago

D.O.E Fam    

Damn this bitch is ah fame whore...who cant live off $400,000 ah year I know people living off $20,000 ah year

1654 days ago

Joyce Lapadura    

Jon you definitely need to grow up!How can you accuse Kate of not being there when she must support and provide for these precious children,as you are the reason she must do it.YOU NEED TO WORK!!!!! You chose your destination of a separate life for the party life!So leave Kate alone and get a job and stop living the life of a leech!SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! I'm 70 years old and all the wiser to someone like you!GROW UP!

1653 days ago


Kate go back to nursing?...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She FALSIFIED her credentials, and those beans were spilled by HER family...So were many other "interesting" tid-bits...

1653 days ago


I'm sick of both of them - they both need to grow up. He needs to act like a responsible father of eight and she needs to act like the mother of eight. She needs to write a book on how to hire people to watch your kids, clean your house, cook etc. - she seems to be very good on hiring others to do her job. I am sick of hearing her whine on DWTS - she's looking for the pity me vote.

1653 days ago


Jon is a UGLY little man. I truly believe is his mentally ill, and would to worse harm to those kids than Kate is doing.
He's jealous because no one wants him on a contract, but whay would they, he is ugly, no talent even at being a father, no visible site of income. He's going bald and FAT, in the real world we call him a Loser.
Leave Kate alone, at least she is semi employable.

1653 days ago


This Kate is nothing but an attention go getter, She love the idea of this whole media thing, and she can't dance to save her life. Get real and stop it already, as far as Jon goes he's a loser too

1653 days ago


They are both so pathetic! How the hell did that couple go from drab to fab! Ha what a joke!

1653 days ago


I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Jon is filing for custody. He is just mad that he isn't making any money of his kids. He is a poor excuse for a father. What about all the other celebrities that work long hours and have their nannies look after their kids? Nobody is talking about them. Look at Angelina and Brad, do you ever see them photographed with all of their kids? What about normally everyday people whose dad or mom travel for there job? You don't see them getting the third degree. I think Kate is a little pushy and maybe even a little bossy, but I can tell you from experience that when you have children sometimes you get into mommy mode and it is hard to turn it off. I think everyone needs to stop talking **** and give Kate the credit she deserves.

1653 days ago


Kate can never get kicked off of DTWS!

Proofread this!!
12. Lets hope Kate gests kicked off tonight on DTWS!!!

Posted at 9:13 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by coco

1653 days ago
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