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NY Jets QB

Drafts Six Tight Ends ...

In One Night

4/12/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez threw a pick 6 this weekend -- picking 6 chicks to cram in the back of his ride on the way out of a "Saturday Night Live" after-party.

Though Sanchez was only rolling in a Lexus sedan, he managed to squeeze all six ladies into the back ... where he also had a seat.

Looking like a helluva week for the Jets, huh?!

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Him and six ladies. Lets see. That would be one one either side, two kneeling in the floor board, one in his lap and one on his face. Makes sense to me.....

1654 days ago


This story looks a lot more interesting than it really is. www.newsy1.wordpress.com

1654 days ago

Jason Chambers    

He probably feels pretty bad since he now realizes that they just want a free ride instead of a deep long-lasting relationship and that his looks really are that bad.

1654 days ago


After that appearance with Tina Fey, I'd leave too...she was awful..up there shilling for her new movie about her and Steve Correll who always plays one role; the dumb white guy who is expressionless. Todays humor, and that includes Fey's is nothing but the dry, biting, hurting kind that always has an individual as the punch line getting hurt...its modern day founder being David Letterman...the kind of humor without laughing out loud, unless its at the misfortune of another. Tina is the Queen of this new nonsense and will soon join the clubs president Chevy Chase, named recently as the "most unfunny man in America".

I'd run away with 6 females too...

Tina can soon join Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon, and Norm MacDonald as once was famous but never funny castaways, still trying to hit the big time.

And please dont start with baby talk babbling Will Ferrell as an example of true funny----another one trick shtick with that guy...play the loudmouth baby talking babbling uncordinated klutz in every role.

1654 days ago


Hmmm.....I wonder...if it had been some female sports star and SHE had invited six men into the backseat with her I wonder what sort of adjectives you would have been using to describe her????

1654 days ago


So this dumbass puts himself into yet another stupid situation that can lead to trouble for him,and doesnt New York have a seat belt law?
Wonder which girl is going to be first to claim he molested them..duh!!!!

1654 days ago


Hate to appear sexist, but the female species take another L with this one...

I love how women scream independence and equal rights, but the minute a celebrity or famous athlete cross their path, they are all too willing to spread their legs. All in hopes of getting a sugar daddy or a taste of the good life...this is why most women study 'early childhood education' or 'nursing' in college. They might as well call it "trophy wife 101". Until you stop promoting yourselves as glorified material possessions a la a fancy car or house, you don't DESERVE to be held to the same standard as men. To the real, educated, independent females out there, this rant doesn't apply to you...at least, I don't THINK it does.

Also, co-sign #8: I'm a Jets fan, and Sanchez is setting himself up for one of these INDEPENDENT women to cry out "rape!" for some publicity and/or money...

1654 days ago

who dat    

Sanchez is trying to show he has much more game than Tiger. He went deep on all of them later that night.

1654 days ago



1654 days ago


I knew it! Tiger could fill every hole. But this shot i like best:


1654 days ago


Men never learn. These days every guy has to watch his back when it comes to brods. Just ask Roethlisberger. One minute you're laughing it up with some chic at the club, next minute she writing a tell-all book about your dumb a$$.

1654 days ago


I actually know two of the girls that went into the car. They work for Tina Fey. And Did ya'll not notice how he went in alone at the start, and how the women were screaming for more to come in. This is a pretty pathetic story TMZ.

1652 days ago


@Roboto #13 I find it hilarious that you can spell "Roethlisberger" but not "broads." I'm a huge football fan but I cannot spell that dude's name without looking it up to save my life! :)

1649 days ago

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