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Grounded Tiger Banners -- Better Late Than Never

4/14/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mysterious banner attack on Tiger Woods continued in Augusta yesterday -- with a new cheap shot at Jesse James -- but it all went down 2 days after the intended target skipped town.

Tiger woods Banner

As TMZ first reported, the FAA grounded the plane after just 2 successful runs over the Masters golf tourney this past weekend -- leaving the remaining signs out of the sky.

But Tuesday, the unknown prankster behind the stunt got another plane up and running and sent his new messages up in the air -- one that read, "You knew Stevie. You knew" ... a reference to Tiger's caddy Steve Williams, who denied knowing anything about Tiger's affairs.

The other banner read, "Tiger: Still on for the 4some? Jesse James."

This ain't the last we're gonna see of the aerial attacks, we're told the prankster's already drawing up plans to get back in the air.

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LaToya Jackson    

Back to us

1591 days ago


If this isent the dumbest S@#T! I have ever read. Get a life! Tiger is damn near a billionare if not a billionare..why would he give a rats butt if you flew 100,000 dumb a$$ messages around? Your wasting Fuel and I know your monkey azz cant' afford it. But if you can, your a dumb azz! Tiger already apologized. WTF do you idiots want? I dont feel sorry for Tiger. he dosent give a rats butt about black folks..He does not consider himself black so blacks could give a **** what white folks say about him..Notice, its only white folks crying and whinning how Tiger let them down. I dont see how..HE ONLY SLEPT WITH WITH WOMEN, gave them money. and Cheated on a white woman. So why should blacks care about what happens to Tiger? We dont. But do get tired of hearing his damn and seeing stupid a$$ crap like flying an airplane with a message..To the PILOT, get a life you loser. Your stupid comments flying only make you look more like an idiot with too much time on your hands..My god how stupid.

1591 days ago


The total cost for flight time would be less than 100.00 if you own the plane and maybe 200 or 300 if you rent it. and im sure the sign cant be more than a couple of hundred to rent so whats the big deal here...you people act like this is cost thousands of dollars..well its not you idiots

1591 days ago


This situation is so damn silly..I find it funny..after all the hoopla..Tiger Wood is still rich as hell and I don't think that flying a banner up in the air would rattle him. The dude is laughing all the way to the bank.

1591 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This stuff has gotten VERY OLD just another no bady trying to get 15 minutes of fame and its working

1591 days ago

who cares    

this is funny! good job prankster

1591 days ago


Tiger's destiny no matter how you look at it


1591 days ago

Tim Lowe    

Into the empire state building? Now that would make my day!!

1590 days ago


It is truly fascinating how all of these Tiger-lovers are actually prepared to now follow their disgraced leader to the bitter end, never once to pause and even consider the futility of that which they so admire and cling to. In a way, their behavior is eerily similar to the fanatical followers of Adolf Hitler, who on the brink of total destruction at the 11th hour, still clung to the hopeless notion that "theirs" was a just and winnable cause. Tiger and his shrinking army of misguided followers, are destined for the trash heap of forgettable history. Yet these people remain loyal to their leader, which one does have to admit, is very admirable on their part. It's just unfortunate that Tiger himself is so incapable of such loyalty. Regardless, the majority of Tiger-lovers likely "mean well" and so to them I say "Sieg Tiger!" and god speed.

1588 days ago
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