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Kate's Brother: Reality Show Damaged the Kids

4/14/2010 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids suffered psychological damage while filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... this according to Kate's own brother.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi just testified at a Philadelphia hearing on child labor laws and reality television shows. Kevin said the kids had no privacy during the taping -- even their potty training was captured on video.

Kevin also said the kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show, adding there were safety issues in the house, including large lighting equipment that created a danger.

During his testimony, Kevin said the Gosselins' kids were manipulated by producers who wanted drama.

UPDATE: Kevin's testimony is interesting ... considered a potty training scene was filmed at his house.

TLC tells TMZ the allegations are "either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention."

Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."


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At last, someone who speaks with truth. These are who should be looking after their many children. They sound like they speak with compassion.

1616 days ago


Wow, even the family is attacking her. I still don't see how this is any of their business. I could see if the kids were beating each other or they got them to do something to each other or the family pets, but this is just over the top. Show me the proof that the kids are damaged!

1616 days ago



1616 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I'm with Coco

1616 days ago


I don't think the show was all that good for the kids, but claiming that showing potty training was damaging to them is silly. Little kids don't have the same sense of shame and modesty as adults. Kids at that age drive their parents nuts because they want to run around naked all the time and have to be made to wear clothes!

1616 days ago


"inaccurate" my a$$. It's about time they did away with reality television forever. It has turned in to an epic failure. Now we have these retarded shows like Operation Repo and Pawn Stars which are nearly 100% fake and in the case of Operation Repo an absolute insult to human intelligence being broadcast on a channel called TRU TV.
Of course the kids are messed up. TLC should be fined BIG TIME so it never happens again.

1616 days ago


I'd like to know what axe the brother and sister-in-law have to grind. Or maybe they are doing Jon and Kate a favor by keeping them in the news. Incidentally, how many high-paying job offers do people think Kate and Jon have had? Taking care of eight kids takes a bundle of money, folks. I'm no fan of either of the parents, but let's be realistic about their having to work...they definitely have to!

1616 days ago


we need a revolution, yeah

1616 days ago


I still can't get over these wastes of space are famous for having 8 kids. Like that hasn't been done before.

I am so tired of these lowlifes. It's a pity they procreated.

I hope they have money set aside for all the therapy these kids will need in the future.

1616 days ago


Kate's brother and his wife were a huge help to Kate when the babies were born. They did lots and lots of babysitting. It's all on tape for anyone who didn't watch the show. Then in one episode, one of the kids came home chewing gum and Kate complained, saying "who gave you gum? What were they thinking?" She was really nasty about it and considering how her brother and his wife would often take 3-4 kids at a time to babysit - Kate should have just let it go, but she can't. There's a reason no one in her family talks to her. No one!

1616 days ago

Kate Gosselin    

TMZ is at it again. I am a bit taken back by these stories...I believe TLC wrote the truth. Part of doing a reality show is taping "reality." A show involving kids must have certain elements or the show would lose authenticity. My children's college money is set aside thanks to TLC and the viewers. My gratitude can not be expressed with words.

Ladies and gentlemen, please try and remember that entertainment reporters are only paid when they sensationalize stories. Like Michael Jackson said...don't believe everything you read.

Thank You to all the fans

Kate Gosselin

1616 days ago


Remember that Kate disowned her family after her father (pastor of a church) asked his church members for donations of cribs, clothes etc....and Kate only wanted cash. Nice way to treat your parents who not only looked after the twins while Kate was in hospital, but tried to help with the eight babies.
Kate's brother & sis-in-law were on the TLC show for a few shoes until Kate didn't want them around and mad that Jodi gave the children some candy.
It's all about is her root of evil ( well one of them).
Kate expoilted her children...continues to do so..

1616 days ago


THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN STUPID PEOPLE BREED ! Unfortunately, stupid people usually have stupid children, so, these two morons just contributed x8.
Hey Kate: NICE dance moves ! lmfao !

1616 days ago


If you see a child being abused; it's your business!!!
Why doesn't Kate have a relationship with her father or mother?
Their church had a clothing drive for the children and Kate got upset it wasn't money. My friend is a nurse and has 7 kids. They ate alot of pasta with a little meat for favoring. We eat burgers that are called depression burgers, alot of bread and a little meat. Please you insult every family that has alot of kids. On of my friends used to say he had enough kids to start his on baseball team. You don't need high paying jobs or be on government hand outs to raise a large family.

1616 days ago


You will always be able to find crap parents that think being on tv is more important then their childrens welfare. In fact I know parents who are like that. The ones I know still have fairly normal lives because they have only managed to find a way to get on tv shows about 3 times and they were short lived experiences each time.
TLC should be blamed for this. They purposely ignored the fact that they were dealing with bad parents and harming these children in order to make money.

1616 days ago
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