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Larry King's Wife: He Never Got Me That Necklace

4/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Larry King and Shawn Southwick tell TMZ Shawn believes Larry has been having an affair with her sister for 5 years ... and the cover was blown when Shawn checked his Visa statement.

larry king  and his wife Shawn Southwick
One source intimately familiar with the situation tells us Larry bought wildly expensive gifts for Shannon Engemann, including a $160,000 car and "tons of gifts from Cartier."  We're told Larry used his credit card to purchase many of the gifts. The credit card bills were paid by Larry's business manager. 

We're told Shawn started looking at the statements, saw a Cartier diamond necklace, and then told a friend, "He never gave me a diamond necklace."

So began 5 years of never-ending drama.  Friends tell TMZ there were numerous instances where the couple was fighting, sometimes physically.  One friend recalls an incident outside of Nate 'n Al in Beverly Hills a year and a half ago where the couple was "punching each other."

As we first reported, several years ago Larry attempted to save their marriage by transferring 3 homes -- including the one in Beverly Hills -- into Shawn's name alone, to show his commitment to the marriage.

Friends tell TMZ Shawn went into a "deep depression" for a long time and literally wouldn't leave the house. 

Ironically, in the last two weeks, friends felt things were "calming down" between Larry and Shawn.


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Who the hell would want to lay down with either one of them; but, Larry, Jeeeeze. Sleeping with your wife's sister to boot; but, this question keeps coming up in my mind, who the f%#k would want to sleep with Larry King. Why? Ewwwwwww!

1654 days ago


UGH!!! What would any woman see in that TROLL? You couldn't pay me enough.

1654 days ago


who the hell would want to bump up in the middle of the night, next to something like a wrinkly, smelly, old fart like 86 yr. old Larry "Prune Face" King?

laughing my ass off!!!! :~)

1654 days ago


Larry knows women. A woman who is an emotional vampire has needs that no one can meet. A woman who slides into a depression after receiving full title to three houses is an emotional black hole.

If he doesn't get his kids away from her, then they are at risk for subconsciously learning her dysfunctional ways.

1654 days ago


Why would anyone marry their grandpa? I don't get could NEVER be a reason to marry your grandpa! Just the visual of them having sex to make 2 children is enough to make me throw up in my mouth. It's not fair to the children. Children should have a dad, not just grandpa's in their life. What is wrong with women..........why can't you be more of the biggest decisions you will make it your lifetime is who you decide to have children with.

1654 days ago


Enough of Larry King! What's going on with the Jersey Shore???? You haven't had a story on them in days.

1654 days ago


Just the thought of Larry King having an affair is frightening. Very hard to picture, sorry Larry.

1654 days ago


Old 'F' is losing his touch....using your credit card to purchase gifts for the person you are having an affair with?

Hang it up you old coot!

1654 days ago


A few weeks ago Larry King Live did a show on infidelity. Suprise, Larry had a guest host.

King is too old for TV, and he totally sucks as an interviewer. If all this is true, he is a world class d-bag.

And thanks to him, we have Joy Behar (liberal biatch) and Nancy Grace on the air.

1654 days ago


the wifes sister looks pretty hot,you go larry

1654 days ago


tmz tmz, when r u gonna stop printing pointless stories.

1654 days ago


I guess Larry married the wrong sister....

1654 days ago


Hey Shawn you should've known when you married a rich Jewish guy that he would cheat on you because he has all the money and you have nothing. So he gave you 3 houses you can only live in one, one at a time. If he gave you the houses pick the best one and sell the other two. Larry isn't going to live forever. If there is prenup you should call Elin Woods and get some good advice about getting more than what the prenup says. Unload this guy you can do alot better.

1654 days ago


She's just a gold-digger anyway! It's pretty clear she didn't marry that ugly corpse for love! Why is everyone always so upset when the gold-digger's husband looks for love in others who aren't able to get him to the altar and make him sign away his savings???

Larry King and Tiger Woods are too unattractive and rich to ever find a woman that'll marry them for love. That's a fact! So boo hoo hoo that their "poor" wives found out! I'm sure they'll get over it now that they can suck them dry in court!

1654 days ago


Larry, at your age I wouldn't buy any green bananas.

1654 days ago
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