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Mayor: Big Ben Case is Great for Tourism!

4/17/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mayor of the Georgia town where Ben Roethlisberger allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a nightclub bathroom has found a silver lining to the whole mess ... TOURISM!

TMZ spoke to Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley who told us he hopes the incident will draw new visitors to the college town --saying, "Anything that can draw interest to our town and make people want to visit, we would like."

The Mayor acknowledged the unfortunate circumstances of his town's new found fame, but added "If it peaks people's interest about our city, we would certainly welcome them here.”

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What an IDIOT for a mayor. No Thanks Mayor dumbA** -- having our daughters RAPED in a grimy nightclub bathroom is NOT a tourist draw.

You don't see people flocking to pedophile/sexual pervert prisons do you?

I'm quite certain the lawlessness of allowing underage drinking followed by RAPE is NOT a big draw. Unless you are hoping to score yourself, knowing full well your lying, incompetent cops and da will do nothing (yeah...i read the entire report...so i know -- you are all MORONS!) A five-year old could have prosecuted that case and gotten a conviction....at the very least for indecent exposure, holding someone against their will and sexual battery.
Oh yea...and supplying alcohol to underage people.

1615 days ago


wedgwood....maybe that's how that podunk, backwards, deliverance mayor pronounced it..."peaked". they can't put away criminals and serial rapists...they don't deserve proper spelling either (LOL!)

1615 days ago


Would Mayor Bentley be this cruel if it was his own daughter that night? Shameful. Shame on you Mayor Bentley. Mayor Bentley is gross...maybe Ben should take Mayor Bentley to the bathroom and sell tickets..win / win for both losers.

1615 days ago


Milledgeville is a **** town and GCSU, the one school in the town, is a **** school. The town is a mostly white population, and when I say white, I mean redneck white-trash. There is nothing notable about Milledgeville, and it makes me chuckle to think the think this pathetic town is getting excited about this small amount of media attention. To all of you white people in Milledgeville who think you are better than black people, let me put it into perspective for you:
white-trash redneck is equivalent to lower class blacks in America. Both groups are uneducated and stupid, and an embarrassment to the country overall. America is NOT a white-loving country, it a wealthy-loving country, and if you are poor white-trash, this country ****s on you too. Now, go burn your crosses and go to your "tea party" rallies.

1615 days ago


Wow.. after reading comment number 51 by jon I had to comment. I have lived in Milledgeville all my life. While I agree most of the time that it is a crap town, I would love to know where you get your facts from. You said the town is mostly white.... my question is WHERE??? As of the census results in 2000, there was only a 2% difference in the number of black and white people. So, I'd say we are pretty evenly matched. However, I am sure the numbers have drastically grown in the past ten years. As for your comments about the white people in Milledgeville being white trash redneck... I beg to differ. I'm sure there are some white trash rednecks in Milledgeville just as there are in ANY southern small town. However, there are plenty of white people in Milledgeville who are educated, have good jobs, and work hard at what they do. I just happen to be one of those people thank you very much. And no, I don't think I am better than anyone whether they are black, white, red, yellow, or green. That is the way I was raised. Oh and to correct you... GC&SU is not the only school in town. You also have Georgia Military College and Central Georgia Technical College. Maybe you should educate yourself on my town before you open that mouth of yours.

1615 days ago


To #52

I've lived in Milledgeville all my life and I have to tell you, I'm so very glad #51 was here to tell me that GCSU is the only town here and that the majority of the population is white. Without him, I would have had absolutely no idea. I suppose that you and I must be imagining GMC and CGTC. I also must have imagined how GCSU has been listed as a top 100 for the past few years now. I probably also imagined getting my degree from GCSU.

As for race, why I had no idea there was such a HUUUUUUUGGEE gap between 49% and 47%. It's absolutely amazing the things once can discover when idiots speak.

As for our "excitement" over the media scrutiny - we really wanted the media to get out of our way, get out of our faces, get out of very limited parking spots and leave us alone. They did not come here to report on the thousands (yes, I said thousands)of jobs we've lost over the past years, they did nothing to show one positive thing about this town (and there are plenty if you ever bother to step off campus), they've done nothing for the long term improvement of our economy. The MEDIA were more concerned about something that may or may not have happened and didn't blink twice when a black woman was reported murdered by her boyfriend the very same week they were here.

If you will go back and watch the Chief of Police give his little speech or whatever back in the beginning, that's not a man whose torn up over having to speak to the media. That's a man who was informed merely seconds before he went on air that a murder happened in his town. It was in all the newspapers. They spent a couple of weeks hunting down the accused. The locals were all talking about THAT - not some stupid boy with too much money and no brains. Where were you, TMZ and all of your fabulous ilk? There reporters were already there. Was she just too dead? Not famous enough? Not white enough?

To the person who said Flannery would be rolling over in her grave - Flannery knew exactly who we all were. Pick up a book and there are our people from two or three generations ago. She's not rolling over in her grave. She's laughing her arse off because it's a wonderful story - the stuff Catholic redemption stories are made of.

Richard, dude, that was really damned dumb thing to say.

1615 days ago

tmz should be sued    

The Mayor's comments were taken COMPLETELY out of context. This a good man, a family man, a christian man. Milledgeville has received an enormous amount of negative publicity and has been disrupted immensely by the media crush. Mayor Bentley - who is also a smart, educated and articulate Mayor who has done an outstanding job serving as Milledgeville's ambassador - made the comment that he wanted to encourage anyone to come tour this affluent college town with rich history so that they can get a different idea than what much of the media has portrayed.

ALL of his comments regarding the "incedent" have been consistent - he and other city leaders have been appalled and gravely concerned for the well being of the young lady and all parties involved.

Shame on you TMZ. You're ruining people's impeccable reputations to get a few extra hits. Shame on you.

1614 days ago


funny how everyone seems to believe all that they read just b/c the media said it. and you are right, these people have no journalism training b/c they totally misquote and misrepresent someone they interview just to print a story. this quote is completely and utterly false and it is sad to think that people believe a publication that consistenly fabricates stories in saying a mayor of a town, who didn't ask for this publicity, didn't mind profiting off a young woman's horrible ordeal. shame on all of you. and shame on every other publication that has picked this story up b/c you have nothing else to write about.

1614 days ago


Okay...definitely a poor choice of words from the mayor.

Here's the thing: Ben has only been accused, and there's no case. The only thing that he's guilty of is consistent bad judgment and thinking with a body part other than his head. So, drop the 'Rapistberger' thing until they actually prosecute him.

1614 days ago


Does anyone else see the facial resemblance that Ben has to Jesse James. He could sure pass for his twin brother not only in looks but in his sexual escapades.

1614 days ago

Mz Dean    

I am from Pittsburgh, and I don't condone Ben's actions whatsoever! He's a complete douche and as the QB in one of the most followed franchise' in the NFL; they ought to sit his ass down! I'm sick of the slap on the wrist for something so heinous as some full grown man trying to force his di*k on some random female. I wonder how many women have to come out of the woodwork before this is deemed unacceptable!?? My most favorable moment of all of this is when he made his first official press statement in front of cameras: With his mullet slicked back; Only to buzz that crap off for the commissioner the very next day like he didn't watch it?!? ..."You can take the hillbilly off the farm; but damn-it you can't pry him away from his mullet!"
Ben needs to get the ax, So does Batch. I guess that leaves the young boy Dixon.. He is shaming Steeler Nation - and I don't like it.
@ Q & pj blogger: I agree whole~heartedly.
@ The rest of you: This is not so much about a black & white issue as it is a slime ball, C*ck sucking Bastard type of scenario. Although I'd rather Holmes smoke weed and play ball than Ben Rapistberger toss around the pigskin. I bleed Black & Gold! This douche bag is along the lines of a blood borne disease; Ya know Hepatitis, West Nile, HIV.... the really really bad ones.

Stick a fork in em!

1613 days ago


Disgusting. Soul-less and inhuman.

1613 days ago


TMZ did a little "creative editing" to come up with that quote and now its made its way to Perez and Gawker. Richard is a great guy that is getting stoned my the media thanks to TMZ. Here is a direct quote:

"One comment that has not been printed or attributed to me during the interview process--one I have repeatedly stated--is that our primary concern is not only in the defense of our community, but that we have an alleged victim in this situation who is one of our college students--one of our kids--and we are concerned for her and her well being and the welfare of her family," he said.

TMZ.com spokeswoman Nicki Fertile refused to comment on the matter other than saying that TMZ stands behind the story.

1613 days ago


The mayor is a sick bastard. maybe they could find some big dude to rape him and see how many people come to town.

1557 days ago

kellsye chambers    

wooooow....wat a douche

1225 days ago
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