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Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

4/19/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a new reality show is in the works that would be hosted by Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers -- and according to the creator, it's all about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones.

Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

Jesse James' alleged mistress #1 and Tiger Woods' #we-lost-count would front a show called "Celebrity Cheaters," which is currently being shopped around town. The show was created by Bobby Goldstein, who created the original "Cheaters" -- and would, according to the pitch, try and "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down."

Ironically, we're told McGee once applied to be on "Cheaters" to try to trap an ex. She was denied.

The show hasn't found a home yet -- but Goldstein says McGee and Jungers have both agreed to do it, though nothing has been signed yet.


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way to let the people were hurt by these two chicks be able to move on and get over the heartbreak, by throwing the trash on tv. would never watch it we got enough crap on tv now. sure miss real entertainment were people acted for thier money not just screw someone to get on tv come on!!!!

1612 days ago


For an update on what celebrity mistresses are doing to keep their names in the news see Celebrity Mistress Update – The Latest Report On Celebrity Mistresses In The News at

If you like Mistress Trivia, check out The Mistress Quiz at and see how many of the 22 mistresses you can match with the famous man they cheated with.

On a more serious note, you might want to check out the 2 part article at entitled Modern Day Mistresses Who Ruined Their Lover’s Lives.

1612 days ago


I will not watch this show or watch the network that tries to put it on. This is a bunch of sickening dribble that no one should be interested in.

1608 days ago

Pretty in Pink    

Ugh..I will NEVER EVER watch a reality show of this nature. Here's hoping NOBODY picks it up. That would be so icky yet there are indeed people who would tune in. Sad world.

1608 days ago


Wow, this is ridiculous. Men don't need to go to strip clubs any more. All they need to do is turn the TV on. These days they don't even need the Playboy channel to see skankaroos like these.

This is so stupid! I thought prostitution is illegal. And now the media is rewarding it?

1607 days ago


The last thing these homewreckers need is more attention for what they've done. They've ruined lives, marriages, and families. And yet, here they are getting ready to star on a reality TV show. It's a travesty that they are getting lauded and applauded for their whorish tendencies. It's a sign of what this country has come to.

1599 days ago


At no point did these whores give a thought to anyone but themselves. They have wrecked marriages granted it takes 2 and turned children's lives into a living hell and yet they can be offered a Reality Tv show. I can't believe it.

1589 days ago


This is clearly a sign of the Apocolypse. (I know i butchered that word.)

1567 days ago

Sandy Irwin    

A.. excuse me world but...Jamie is a family member and a very sweet girl. None of you know her.. I have one question for you.. What would you do if you was young and beautiful and in the same situation??? Remember there were several... not just Jamie, and just for the record Tiger was bound and determimed now wasnt he?

1408 days ago
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