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Jon Gosselin: I Never Asked for Custody

4/22/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is lashing out at the lawyer he just fired .... claiming the attorney filed legal papers asking for primary custody without Jon's permission.

Gosselin tells TMZ, "I never wanted primary custody, he [attorney Anthony List] filed for that.  I only wanted a more flexible custody schedule so I could be with my kids."

But List tells TMZ, "Jon signed off on everything."

Jon, who is pissed that List spoke with the media, insists he wants to pay child support, adding, "I just can't afford the $22,000 a month right now. That is why I'm trying to find a job."

As for what type of job ... Jon says, "I would like a job in some aspect of TV, probably as a host."

Well, if Kate can dance ...


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22,000! Ouch... Thats too much.

1644 days ago


THis guy just needs to go away!!!

1644 days ago


This man is bi-polar...

1644 days ago


What a loser, but $22,000 thousand a year who does this guy play for or how many homeruns a year does this loser hit. Bu in all seriousness they know this clown dont have that type of cheddar, and he say well he would like to host a television show, duh, come on dawg get back with the old lady for th kids and you and your ex make it work you clowns be good

1644 days ago


OMG TV HOST! He is out of his effing mind. FrootLoop!

1644 days ago


$22,000 a month? No way does Kate need that kind of money for child support. Most people don't pay that in a year.

1644 days ago


These two, Jon and Kate really do believe they are celebrities. Both of them are need of psychiatric help - they are narcisstic.

1644 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

I hear Crapmart is hiring.

1644 days ago


All those who are down on Jon, I assume you never watched Jon and Kate + 8. Just a few episodes will show you who the better parent is, and it's not Kate. And realistically, who in their right mind could afford $22,000 a month. Only a millionaire could pay that. Jon just wanted more time with his kids and Kate was not letting him.

1644 days ago


There you have it people! The TRUTH is slowly but surely coming out. Also, stay tuned for the PA Dpt. of Labor and further investigation into TLC and the filming of the Gosselin children.

1644 days ago


HONESTLY?? he is bitching about her being some publicity whore and not a great mother because of all the work she's doing and then he goes and says he'd like to be on tv as a host?!? BOTH OF THESE IDIOTS ARE TAKING UP WAY TOO MUCH AIR TIME AND NEED TO DISAPPEAR

1644 days ago


Who would hire this this douche? Really!! Has he ever earned an honest wage? Kudos to TMZ for always getting the best angle on the bald spot.

1644 days ago


I need a clown to host my children's bday party.

1644 days ago

jealous of kate    

If he didn't want custody, want support from Kate, yada yada yada, WHY DID HE SIGN OFF ON THE PAPERS, WHY DIDN'T HE SPEAK UP SOONER, WHY, oh he is such a liar. He just LOOOVVVEEESSSS pulling Kate's strings. He KNEW that Kate was in agony the last 2 or 3 weeks over this crap. He even said he was going out and VOTING FOR HER!!!!! Such a douche. I agree, his payments should be lowered and they will. Kate would even agree, she just said that he should be paying something. And almost all experts AGREE, ALL SIDES SHOULD BE PAYING SOMETHING. If he earns just $100, than a small percentage of that, but something. That $20,000 was estimated from the TLC contract, but it ended last month. But whose fault was that JON?????? Anyhoo, going to court, the lawyer gets his client to sign off on things. So, Jon does not know how to read? BULL. and as for seeing his kids more- uhm, it is alot easier to see his kids if he was on, say the same COAST AS HIS KIDS!!!!!!! Besides, when she was out west, those 2 days, don't tell me she did not let he see them. Unless he was doing that crap thing of saying he had a right to live in the house she was award. THAT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT THING.

1644 days ago


Gosselin tells TMZ, "I never wanted primary custody, he [attorney Anthony List] filed for that. I only wanted a more flexible custody schedule so I could be with my kids."
I am confused. He states he does not have a job, but he needs more flexibilty to see the kids?????? If you don't have a job, doesn't that mean your job cannot get in the way of seeing your children??

If Jon's lawyer truly acted on his own, then he can be disbarred, but if Jon is lying about it, then he can be sued. I doubt his lawyer did anything without permission. He is not that stupid.

I thought Jon took a great deal of money out of the kid's bank account, and he had to pay some of it back. What happened to the rest? Oh yeah, he had to use it all to pay for that fancy expensive appartment in NY, and he is now crashing on his brother's couch. You still owe it Jon, even if you stupidly wasted it on wine, women and song.

1644 days ago
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