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Named a 'Suspect' in

Rolex Theft

4/23/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Named a 'Suspect' in Rolex TheftLindsay Lohan has been named a suspect in the theft of a $35,000 Rolex watch, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the watch belongs to one of Lindsay's "friends," who accidentally left it at Lindsay's house earlier this year -- and never got it back.

But sources tell us that cops have photographic evidence which could prove Lindsay knows exactly where the Rolex went.  We're told cops rolled over to Lohan's pad Wednesday to question the actress about the Rolex -- but Lindsay denied any involvement in the theft.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case -- but it's another major issue for Lohan ... who seems to be in a downward spiral.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, "The allegations are completely untrue."


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Wow, Michael Lohan had better amp up his efforts. I think the friend waited probably hoping Linds would relent and just give it back. When she didn't the friend had no choice but to call the police. This isn't the first time Linds has been accused of taking things. A fur coat and a hoard of jewelry in the past. I'm really saddened by this. I feel like something big is about to happen to her and it isn't good. ONE THING IS CERTAIN----> Michael Lohan is correct in his efforts to keep Ali from being influenced by Lindsay. OH GOD, that would just be awful.

1647 days ago


Lindsay is point here under several names. Her style of writing and choice of words is an exact match for her tweets earlier today.

1647 days ago

Blue Craze    

Solution: Love Bug III: Meth Run

1647 days ago


for s(*Ts and giggles i am following her on twitter. the good news is she took an 8 hour nap today. bad news it is 3 am on the left coast. it is a shame to watch someone kill herself 140 chars at a time. either she is illiterate, drunk, high, or all 3.

1647 days ago


This is just wrong....who cares what she did with some $$? Give rest of us her fame and $$ at her age and it's all the same.....?

just relentless hounding of a young troubled star....completely compounding the obvious issues for profit....and yes I read your site4 but C'mon??

1647 days ago

where's the love??    

I just vividly remember when lohan was on Dr.Phil promoting her film mean girls, she was an advocate against girl bullying and drugs...never expected this to happend?? goes to show you, hollywood can turn descent people into s*** of the earth!!

1647 days ago


what she needs to do is break off her wedding engagement for now and get her life together.
she has too much on her mind.
i talk to her the other day and she is very confuse about what she is doing with her life.
everybody give her a break it's not all that bad.
And for the record she had nothing to do with that "mickey mouse" so call rolex watch.
she needs to keep her eye on her friends and guest.

1646 days ago


Everybody shut up already! Lindsay is fine, her Mother tells us so...This family is so messed up and pathetic that it's not even funny.

1646 days ago


Looking at the photo supplied I actually feel very sad to see such a young woman looking so old and haggard. There must be someone who actually cares enough about Lindsay to help her? Her parents don't seem to be able to because they are only interested in their own self promotion. I feel sorry for Lindsay and her siblings.

1646 days ago


Seriously....why are you still reporting on this girl? She's a nobody now. Therefore, nobody cares.

1646 days ago


Her family apparently doesnt give a damn about her health and stability. Sad and Tragic, isnt there anyone to step in and get her into a court appoointed REHAB?

1646 days ago


I'm sorry but this woman makes me sick. She bangs on and on about how terrible her father is - and she's just like him! I wish the media would stop covering her. Maybe, just maybe, if she got NO attention, she might wake up and grow up. What a despicable person she is!

1646 days ago


Lindsay I'm afraid to say has the face of "meth".

1646 days ago

hot? no! hey everybody look its the ghost of lindsey lohan-

1646 days ago


I feel so sad that Lindsay has fallen so far. I'm her age and a girl, so I used to worship her back in the day when Parent Trap came out, and then Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. She really did have talent as a child. These parents should feel such horrible guilt for the way they've messed their daughter up. Come on Lindsay, pull yourself together. There are still those of us that really want to see you come back!

1646 days ago
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