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Lohan Family

War, What is it Good For?

4/26/2010 7:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things never change ... Michael and Dina Lohan are at war again ... and Michael is now blaming Dina for bleeding their Lindsay Lohan dry.

M.L. is responding to Dina's claim that he's trying to "save" Lindsay because he wants to leech off his daughter's bank account.  On this one, Dina is missing the boat ... because Lindsay is broke.  Dina isn't acknowledging it, but multiple sources involved in her finances say it's so.

Michael says it's ironic, because Dina is guilty of "bilking Lindsay with her 20% commissions..."

Michael tells TMZ, "If Dina wants to persist with the lies, denials and false accusations, I WILL release every one of the over 100 tapes I have of her stating the exact opposite of what she has been saying about Me and Lindsay."

Michael threatens to report Dina to Child Protective Services.  So Child Protective Services will eventually be investigating everyone with the last name of Lohan.


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lindsey... YOU NEED HELP!! your mom is a stupid **** who is in DENIAL but you still have .000001% hope. dont let it all fall apart. and michael your an idiot but atleast you see what is going on. wutevr your reasons are for trying to help lindsey who knows money or wutevr...... atleast your doing sumthing about it.

****ing morons

1587 days ago


You forgot UNH.

War . . . UNH . . . What is it GOOD for?

Heck, getchur cultural refernces right.

1587 days ago


That DINA is one used up corpse looking bitch--Stay in "DINA"L you skank

1587 days ago


Call CPS for what exactly? Dina may have ineffective, very poor PR, but nothing she says should be taken literally. She tells the press what she wants to and keeps the family matters more private than Michael does. Is she an ineffective mother? Let's look. 22-year old Michael Jr. turned out OK. He's in college and has had a steady relationship with his girlfriend for years. Besides a lot of garbage said about her, Ali is doing OK. There's no evidence that she is drinking or behaving badly or irresponsibly. She doesn't have to go to school anymore at 16 if she doesn't want to legally and she's home-schooled. That's Dina's choice for Ali and nobody else's business. Cody is doing OK as far as anyone knows. Lindsay displays traits of someone with serious personality/mental issues. That's not something that should be taken lightly or having her behavior just attributed to excessive voluntary drug or alcohol abuse. TMZ and other sites don't have confidential info into Lindsay's psychological/physical/mental health and may be doing her a big disservice by labeling her as an "addict". Michael may very well be right about prescription drug abuse, but he needs to find a way to get proof of it. Find people who supply her with adderall or whatever she's suspected of taking. Have someone videotape her actually using with a discrete camera phone. Have real people and not fake "sources" come forward. Otherwise, it's hearsay, and that doesn't count in real courts.

1587 days ago


Dina's nose is way too short,did her heavy snorting of cocaine rot[burn]the bottom half off.There must be 6 inches between her upper lip and that blunted nose.Maybe she can get Lindsay to steal Michael Jackson's nose prosthesis.He doesn't need it anymore!

1587 days ago


"If Dina wants to persist with the lies, denials and false accusations, I WILL release every one of the over 100 tapes I have of her stating the exact opposite of what she has been saying about Me and Lindsay."

So anyone still in denial this guy is a mentally abusive manipulator, not to mention a total douchebag? Who would record hundreds of tapes between your daughter and her mother and threaten to leak them to the gossip tabloids if they don't do exactly what you demand? Would you do that? How much you want to bet he violated the law when he recorded them? It would be real interesting to know what states they were in when he recorded them and if they were phone calls of face to face conversations... This is sooo Michael Low-han

1587 days ago


I smell a reality show, oh wait no that's just BS I smell

1587 days ago


Will these tapes have ML's voice conveniently editted out as usual. We never hear his responses, just edit. edit. edit.

1587 days ago


Lindsey has the gold digging parents. Mom leechin' off her daughter who was robbed of her childhood. 2 lazy loser parents, like the Jackson 5 or Osmond parents

1587 days ago


ML is poison. DL is just stupid.

1587 days ago


sorry tmz but your multiple sources" like landlord just dismiss your claim
of her debt.

What's about her $4.5 million from Ungaro, her future 10 millions net worth on 6126 fashion line and new movie

anything to say d-mb a-s

1587 days ago


You know, how many of you Michael bashers have even considered what Dina has done to PURPOSELY destroy his relationship with HIS daughters?...Especially grown children of divorce, you know how bad parents can be when it comes to getting their way...They will lie and deny as long as the Judge buys it...

We all see how well Dina has done managing Lindsay and her non-existent career, and she's griping about where Lindsay's money goes?...
You don't see Michael living in a multi-million dollar home, bought and paid for with Lindsay's money...
You don't see Michael pimping out Ali to the highest bidder who can use studio tricks to make her think she can sing...
You don't see Michael selling family belongings on a Website (, at best...

No, what you're seeing is a FATHER who has been where Lindsay is, and he KNOWS where it will lead...Left alone, or left to rely on Dina, there are only two options for Lindsay...Death or Jail...
Instead of bashing Michael, why not encourage Lindsay to take the help?...Isn't that what this is all about?...Stopping the train-wreck she has become?...

1587 days ago


@Hussie - I'm pretty sure Michael Lohan wishes he was Lindsay's manager and living in a multi-million dollar home, pimping Ali out to the highest bidder etc, etc, etc. So what's your point? And you know what, if he hadn't been such a lousy father thus far he would be. You give him far to much credit for being an altruist father who's just concern for his daughters health. Give me a break! There's ample evidence to the contrary. The man is a mentally abuse manipulative bully with ulterior motives.

1587 days ago


You're either a minion from Lindsay's camp, or a very misguided individual around the age of 14...
My point is, why bash Michael when folks should be encouraging Lindsay to get the help she obviously needs?...Does it somehow get you off to support a used-up has-been like Lindsay?...
You claim to be on Lindsay's "team" (whatever that is), yet you come here making excuse after excuse for her continued downward spiral...
You're obviously just as sick as she is...
With your vast knowledge, I challenge YOU to produce PROOF of what you claim...VERIFIABLE PROOF...

1587 days ago


Wasn't he in jail much of the time when his wife was raising the children? Now he is the conserned dad who makes a circus out of every family problem, real or imagined? My guess is he has a serious personality disorder. Now that he's not self medicating with ETOH he's become Ginger Bread Dad run amok. Lindsay has a problem, but it is not the same as Britany's. She can't be forced into sobriety.

1587 days ago
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