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Lindsay's Landlord Triggers Restraining Order

4/26/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's landlord has set the ball in motion for a restraining order against daddy Michael Lohan.

Here's what went down.  This weekend Michael came by Lindsay's West Hollywood apartment again, and caused a major commotion ... refusing to leave and, at one point, grabbing the house phone from the valet.

We're told the landlord contacted Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and said Michael was becoming "a huge problem" and asked if there was any way to get a restraining order.

Holley tells TMZ, "In light of the landlord's concerns, I may go to court to keep Michael away."


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5. Do not let them stop you Michael. You should have your psycho daughter arrested if need be. You must, must gain control of the conservatorship. No doubt she's lock in her house wear an aluminum foil hat trying to keep you from finding her. Help your daughter!

Posted at 10:59 AM on Apr 26, 2010 by Mikey

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It is SO REFRESHING to see someone with BRAINS commenting on this subject. You, Mikey are right on the mark.

1612 days ago


Like him or not, Michael has EVERY RIGHT to step up to HIS daughter...You don't stop being a parent just because your kids are grown, and he's clearly showing that he's willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to prevent Lindsay from becoming yet another "Hollywood Statistic"...
As for any previous "Restraining Orders", those were taken out by Dina in the heat of their divorce...We all know what Dina's motives are/were, and it certainly isn't about the well-being of the children...

I say keep doing what you're doing Michael...Better to have your daughters pissed off at you than dead...

1612 days ago


The plot thickens. This story has taken on a life of its' own. No one has a script to work with. If it was my daughter, you betcha I would be doing the same exact thing. This kid (not adult) is so far gone that it is going to take this kind of drama to finally get through to her. I would go to jail to save my daughter and wouldn't let a landlord stand in my way. What more does this father have to do to save his daughter? Sure, he is a screw-up in the past ... but look at him now. Did you see old man Jackson trying to get through to his darling son, Michael? NOPE. How about the other celebrities who are now deceased who have parents that are crushed? Where were they? Come on. Do you just let your children die??? Is that when all you negatives TMZer will be happy? Freaking idiots.

1612 days ago


For those of you who actually did watch any of Dina Lohan's reality show .... Do you remember who really did run that house? It certainly was not Dina. Her little daughter Ali ... walked all over her. She threw a fit if she didn't get her way. It is there on the tape if someone wants to review it again. A then 14 year old ranted and raved about this, that and the other thing until she got her way. Is it any wonder why she is now living in LA with her disfunctional sister? I wonder what kind of rant she finally did to finally get her loving and caring mother to give in??? These children are the adults and the parents are the children. They do whatever they want, whenever they want and really could care less .. noted by their behavior what their parents say or do. A court has to step in. It has no other choice. The whole divine order of the family is so out of whack that is needs a judge to decide what the next steps should be before someone actually does die or wind up behind bars. It is no wonder Dr. Drew made the statements that he did about Lindsay. Jail would most likely save her like it did for her father and many other addicts who now say jail saved their lives.

1612 days ago


Why doesn’t he just pick up Ali and leave Lindsey alone? Pathetic!

1612 days ago


So, will he be responsible when Lindsey overdoses??!!!

1612 days ago


lindsay can file a restraining order and the landlord can file a motion in support of it. the landlord screwed up in the first place , by letting him in lindsay apartment in the first place , now she is regretting it. funny thing is , this time the cops did not come with him...maybe because they realized there way no bases for the abuse allegations both in regards to lindsay and ali. this time around . the apartment manager or company can not be dragged into a personal matter period. they have a business to run and linds is all caught up in rent , so the apartment company has no problem with broke linds ,lol . you can have him charged with aggravated theft of house phone . both linds and the apartment people can have seperate legal actions against ,micheal.

1612 days ago


Lindsay has NO fans except for these aimless, not-so-smart teens or tweens who look up to her and try to be like her. What a role model. Daddy needs to kick her in the ass! Anyone standing in his way or criticizing him for trying to save her is a moron, no better than a drug pusher. She's turning her sister into the disaster that she has become.

Besides Michael Lohan, name one person who is trying to save her. You can't? That's what I thought.

1612 days ago


The keyword here is: '.....MAY go to court.........." It'll never happen......

1612 days ago


This bitch should just die already

1612 days ago


LINDSAY- go to the celebrity AA..its private, and you will be with your peers that suffer similar addictions...

AA will give you the support you need. and its a way to meet new possitive people in your life.

1612 days ago


At least Daddy Lo is trying to prevent the Lo Ho from ruining his Baby Lo. At least he has the sense to know his daughter has a big problem while that so called mother of theirs hasn't a clue. Sadly, this family is in real trouble.

1612 days ago


At least Daddy Lo is trying to prevent the LoHo from ruining his Baby Lo. That so called mother of theirs is more twisted than all of them put together. Sadly, this family has become a bad reality show for all the world to view.

1612 days ago


I guess her father is trying to help. Lindsay got a real problem. She does need some help. It is interesting that the club owner banned her from coming in the club anymore when she hit her old friend, Sam other night.

1612 days ago


maybe you should do AA, there are actors and celebs who do private meetings, and you'll be with your peers who have the same problems, if not worse, than you.
maybe then, you can get healthy, find support from industry people, AND maybe work on getting your career back slowly...

there is a hollywood sober community...FIND IT\

and tell your daddy to go **** off.

1612 days ago
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