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Dwyane Wade:

'Foreplay' Lawsuit Is

Total BS

5/5/2010 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwyane Wade claims he's "saddened" and "shocked" by a new lawsuit filed by his estranged wife -- in which she claims the NBA star is damaging their children by engaging in "sexual foreplay" with his new girlfriend in public.


The woman behind the lawsuit is Siohvaughn Wade -- the mother of Dwyane's two sons. Siohvaughn just filed a new lawsuit, on behalf of the two minor children (an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old) -- claiming Wade has engaged in "extreme and outrageous conduct" with his new GF Gabrielle Union in front of Wade's two children.

But Wade tells TMZ, "I am shocked that Siohvaughn Wade has brought this baseless and meritless lawsuit in the name of our children against Gabrielle Union."

Wade adds, "I am deeply saddened and disappointed that Siohvaughn has used our sons once again as pawns and is now lashing out at Gabrielle, who is an innocent party. It is clear that this is a desperate attempt to retaliate against me for seeking sole custody of our children and requesting that the court have her undergo a psychiatric examination."

Wade concludes, "My primary concern is my children and actions such as this only inflame the situation and are harmful to their well being.”

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with a rep for Gabrielle Union who also rejects Siohvaughn's claims -- and apologizes to the court system for having to deal "with erroneous claims when there are real victims who should be receiving the legal attention they need."

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Not only is she a gold digger, but now she's being a psycho B too. She'll just have to accept the fact that Gabrielle Union is 100x hotter than she'll ever be and if i'm not mistaken; Gabrielle Union also hasn't ruined her body by having children.

Advantage Gabrielle Union

1597 days ago


I did a search for Gabrielle Union pictures. She's beautiful. Maybe the crazy ex wife is jealous of her.

1597 days ago

Jason Chambers    

You mean Gloria wasn't called to class up this lawsuit in her own whorish way? Man, I hate that bitch.

1597 days ago


Actually, it is racist. Have you looked at the pictures of the other celebrities in recent posts? Charlie Sheen looks fine. Jon Gosselin looks fine. And these are digusting human beings. They even have a picture of Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen, in character) looking sane. You know how much work it must take to find a picture of Borat looking sane?

Everyone looks fine except these two. Gabrielle Union is almost a frickin' model and they pick the craziest, most "animalistic" looking picture (I'm sure she was just in mid-laugh) for her. If they want to make someone look crazy, show Siovaughn Wade looking nuts. But these two did nothing wrong, and the photos don't match the tenor of the article.

1597 days ago


Well I look at it a couple of ways. #1 I think the estrange wife is simiply having a hard time coming to terms with the marriage being over. On top of this, it seems her husband has moved on in the midst of their divorce. So I think she's just being a little vindictive with the lawsuit. Her beef is with her estrange husband so I think she should leave Gab alone. But on #2 -- divorces are messy enough as it is. Not to mention, it has the potential to be even messier with children involved. Those kids are at a very vunerable age and simply unable to internalize and process adult happenings. As such I think both Gab and the idiot ball player should be more discreet in their relationship. Continue to see and one another (IF THEY MUST) before the divorce is final but not in front of the chilren. During the times when he is visiting with his children, until the divorce is finalized, she should make herself scarce. But it's up to him to implement this. I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem falling in line. Just my opinion.

1597 days ago


Who gives a ****?

1597 days ago


i sue dat ole boy

1597 days ago


Melissa...you just don't get it. But I'm going to give it another shot. Dwayne and Gabrielle are well known public figures. They have hundreds of stock photos of each that you can google or whatever. Its not important that they have a picture of them together. But to post f'ed up pictures of them that has nothing to do with the subject matter of the article makes no sense.

1597 days ago


even I must admit when I first saw these 2 pics I was like "Oh My God"They are made to look like crazed animals.We are also treated to tigers sweaty backside.Most of the other pictures to mostly acceptable and most are of white people.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1597 days ago


That was fast, but come on Wade you know you its true suck it up and charge it to the game cause its gonna cost you a pretty penny. Next time keep it in your pants at least until after the legal separation papers are processed.

1597 days ago

Throwback kid    

How many pro athelets has Gabrielle Union now been with? she seems to be a jock groupie.

1597 days ago


Well, Radaronline has very nice pictures to go along with this story.

1597 days ago


They need a kangaroo court for all sports, hollywood related scandals and proceedings. I'm sure Gloria Allred will be happy to be on the payroll.

1597 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

Maybe my Mac is outta whack, but in this pic it looks as if she has an alien implant in her forehead.

1597 days ago


Sihovuagh, please let that lowlife Wade and Ho Gabby move on. Karma is a beetch . They will get theirs. Im sure the allegations about Wade having and STD is true.

When you lay down with dogs, you get up with flies. Gabby your private area should be worn out by now.

1597 days ago
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