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Cops Find Condom in LT Investigation

5/6/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops Find Condom in Lawrence Taylor InvestigationTMZ has learned investigators recovered a condom from the Holiday Inn hotel room where NFL legend Lawrence Taylor allegedly raped an underage girl early this morning.

According to the Town of Ramapo supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, investigators found LT asleep inside the room when they first arrived to the hotel.

We're told cops recovered a condom as well as other physical evidence when they took LT into custody. Cops tell us they found NO DRUGS or paraphernalia at the scene.

As for the accuser, cops confirm that she's 16 years old ... and that she was reported as a "runaway" from the Bronx back in March. 

Cops also confirm that the accuser was under the control of a pimp, who was arrested by the NYPD when he -- along with the accuser and a third person -- returned to the city today.

Cops say the accuser had a "nasty" black eye that appeared to be "fresh" -- though it's unclear who attacked her.

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This is a response for statement number twenty four, you act as if a black man have treated you bad in the past, beauty is skin deep, but you deserve your own opinion. I think both men you mentioned in your statement of criticism are gorgeous and made from Gods image, now that's my opinion. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!!!ita

1570 days ago


She was a runaway who was under the control of a pimp. It's called human trafficking and it's a sad problem. Poor girl. She doesn't deserve to be called a slut.

1570 days ago


Ok, seriously? It's the word of a recovering drug addcit NFL hall of famer against that of a pimp and a runaway? you people are stupid to immediately convict LT by the word of a runaway and pimp.

1570 days ago

joe schmoe    

Was the prostitute black?

1570 days ago

triple h    

What pimp lets his hoe keep contact or anything from their family....and what pimp takes her back to the same neighborhood were she ran away from....and if she was in her hood and her phone if it was like they claiming why hasnt she called her uncle before this......now that makes u wonder

1569 days ago

R.J. Frankli    

LT is a married man. It does not matter what age she is. He should hve taken his wife with him if he wanted to have sex. I feel for this child. She was beaten by the pimp and then raped by this animal. I do not care if both the pimp and LT go to prison for life. This is disgusting. I hope the child is reunited with her family and gets some help for the emotional damage, I am sure she has.

1569 days ago


Set up!!! Pimp realized who it was and sent him the girl who said she was 18.Afterward,report it to the police and end up getting a settlement.One of the oldest tricks in the pimp game.LT is only guilty of cheating on his wife and paying for *****.

1569 days ago



How many times he's gone outside his marriage
That's why he on the third woman he's just not happy with what he has, that why women need to get more smart about these men out there. If a man is married more then once. they need to know both sides of the story not just his. women don't let the green fool you. As for the wife you need to think about your life is that the only hooker he's been with no class. The wife is so blind by the green she needs to go set tested. just cause he had a condom does not mean he used it on every other hooker he's been with in the past. That is sick to have gone thru all these women and his old ass still can't learn. SET UP! She is crazey for staying with him the next step for her is a sickness with no cure she is crazey as hell. She need to get out of that **** before it's to late. Before he kill her by catching something. One life only! But is all men pigs? The wife better march her ass down to divorce court why things are sweet. Get your money wifey!

1569 days ago


They found him in hotel sleep....hmmmm sounds like a setup to me....smh
This wouldnt even be in the news if the girl was over 18!!

Sucks to be LT right now!!!

1569 days ago


Taylor admitted to the cops that he paid $300 to have sex with the girl. Enter now his s***bag attorney who states that Taylor "is denying each and every one of the charges". His wife (third) now states that Taylor was set up.

Here's a novel idea: Everyone is entitled to be represented by an attorney when charged with a crime BUT the Attorney is held to the same standard of truth as everyone else in connection with a Court proceeding. Any Attorney found to make a false statement to anyone in connection with the case will be prosecuted for perjury.

WOW! You mean Attorneys would not be allowed to lie about their clients guilt or innocence? This would throw the entire legal system into a turmoil because they lie all the time.

1569 days ago


The whole story is very strange! Why didn't this girl contact her uncle right after the pimp sent her a text message? It's more than obvious she had a phone available to her. Why didn't she contact the police herself? The pimp also forced her to lie about her age so he knew she was under age and LT would be charged with a crime. Why was he still at the Holiday Inn sleeping when the police came if he raped someone? And why was the condom still in the room? I find the fact's don't add up. Perhaps I am being naive here but why would someone like LT have sex with a girl who had just been beaten up? I need more facts before I convict a man of rape sorry people!

1568 days ago


Ok, I think the whole situation is wrong. BUT,the girl was lying to him, and the Pimp made her. So, althouh I think LT is a skank for doing it in the 1st place when he is married, I do not think he should be in trouble for it...Just my opinion...

1568 days ago


Tyson,Bryant,OJ,Vicks,etc,etc, Is there a trend here Bros...?

1566 days ago
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