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Cops On the Hunt for Dwyane Wade's Wife

5/10/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned law enforcement officials are currently on the hunt for Dwyane Wade's estranged wife -- after she missed a mandatory court appearance today.


Earlier today, Siohvaughn Wade had blown off a court hearing in Chicago regarding her ongoing divorce war with the Miami Heat star -- so the judge threatened to issue a body attachment order unless she showed up in the afternoon.

The deadline came and went -- and Siohvaughn never showed.

Now, the judge has issued the order -- which means cops will now seek her out, take her into custody ... and deliver her to the judge.

As we previously reported, Siohvaughn has made several sensational claims about Dwyane -- most recently accusing the NBA star of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with his new girlfriend in front of his kids.

Dwyane -- who was present at court today -- has denied all of Siohvaughn's allegations.

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#31. Why shouldn't DWADE move on with his life? This divorce have been pending for three years. His soon to be ex is just stringing things on forever. She's gonna get paid regardless, so move on Siohvaughn. I think he has been respectful for two years at least. The ex just don't wanna see him happy and with Gabby.

1593 days ago


She showed up for court this morning, along with her $10,000 bail, she is now being held in a cell in the Daley Center until they process her bond. The judge was said to have said that he is tired of this bull****.

1593 days ago

ed davis     

forget D WADE his is a bum for the **** he pulled on his fam when he did'nt have anything he was with that lady and her fam and gabby union is a hoe the industry say so

1593 days ago


This lady is really hurting. She needs help to get over this break-up ending in divorce. Dr. Phil, Oprah please somebody help her. She's hurtin in a bad way , that's why she's acting out this way instead of being dignified and handling her business in a respectful manner looking out for herself and the best interest of her children and getting all that she legally can and move on. To hell with all the rest. However she's not looking to good right now because of her odd behavior. Get it together girl ! Don't go out like a that.....He ain't worth.....you already got the best from him .....(two kids)......doesn't get any better that !

1592 days ago


I really find some of these comments strange.Regardless to what your opinion is about either one of the Wades.Can anyone really agree with the way the wife has put her boys in the middle of this nasty divorce?I'm sorry but,that it didn't work out with their marriage however,putting your kids in the middle clearly demonstrates that she needs some mental help as well as lots of healing.

1592 days ago


Some of you posters on here make no sense whatsoever. First of all, you are judging D-Wade and Siovaughn like you know them. Some of you all are saying that he was wrong because "Her Mother" took him in when he had no place to go. News Flash: He's not married to her mother. And how do we know that he walked out on his family? If you morons followed the story, you would know that SHE moved to Chicago. He's not perfect by any means, and she probably is telling the truth on some of those things, but you all are really delusional.

1592 days ago


D-Wade doesn't owe no one nothing but to take care of his sons only. They have been seperated long enough that if they were going to get back together they would have already. This is not the case so who are we to judge. This marriage was over and both parties are living apart, not dating each other still, not seeing each other, and etc. Now that the man has moved on we are accusing him of having affairs, cheating on his wife with Gabrielle Union, and ect. We even think our two cents/ opinions are the golden rule "morals/respectful". We even got nerve to quote some of the Bible but dont live it ourselves. We think it is ok to ********* but not to committ adulty or go with a married man until the ink is dry.We know all their business, and know all about D-Wade and Siovaughn life and what happened in their marriage but none of us was their. We really dont know even if we think we know her side of the story or his side of the story. Got nerve to say what a Christian is. If we would all examine our own lives like we examine others like D-Wade and Siovaughn. We would just not say nothing at all concerning this because we would realize we are no better.

1592 days ago

Tina Toma tmt    

Your Mom is alive in the spirit. Dwyane on your website not taking sides . I believe you didnt have STD'snot did you transmit it. You are very orderly I've perceived that. Its been said forgive. I ask you that once and I dont even know why as Ive yet to even meet you. Siohvaughn and you were very young with prestige power and that not an easy job you have Dwyane being a NBA star and know going to the higher level of meeting those on your level and some not on your level. Im sorry the marriage is or has marriage. your mom is strong I've been around many addition people she has endured something that possibly only the divine Lord has heard her cryout, because I also can relate to your MOM's testimony. Looks like we are really going to get some rain today.
If I tell you a story / I once did receive in my life connection with my previous husband whom was forgiven a STD in 1978 Gonorhea 2000 cc 's of penicillan I was hurt,but being abroad overseas then it was a difficult period in time when I was in the service the military was 5 times larger and the U.S. AirForce was definitely about approximately 5 times larger. Seriously it was a little different when I was in the AIRFORCE at that time there were no women pilots now, there are a few . I guess today I feel as though what your MOM felt as I have slept in . I dont even desire to talk about it!!! because Ive not been laid back in years. The nicest place or home I recall was way back in the 70s and early 80s Dwyane that was then. Your young and so youthful its really raining out there today. Queen Latifah is different, as I have read a comment. Not meaning to jump from one topic to another .... God put you in that position and I know you worked for it. I know if God blesses me in my thoughts and intentions to be in your Company I see a change Dwyane. Someone stated Rome wasnt built in a day thats so true/ As I sit here theres a thoroughbread CHINESE GUY BESIDE ME DWYANE GOD KNOWS IM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH ITOLD HIM ENGLISH EASY?CHINESE IS A HARD LANGUAGE TO LEARN. Any way your MOM's testimony is POWERFUL DWYANE> Your mom is also talented , She can dance well.
Yesterday was a knowledgable experience that you enjoyed yourself with someone you found to enjoy a space of time with.

1119 days ago
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