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Lindsay Lohan -- The Mathematics of Freedom

5/12/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has the specific facts and figures on Lindsay Lohan's alcohol education record, and when you do the math ... it's clear she has a problem.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes.  But we're told to date Lindsay has only completed 9.

So Lindsay now has 8 days to complete 4 additional classes. 

Even if Lindsay completes the 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's specific order to attend at least one class every 7 days -- sources say Lindsay has repeatedly violated this condition.

Will Lindsay graduate Summa Cum Laude?  Will she graduate?

Stay tuned...


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She's not worth the toilet paper it would take to wipe her from my @ss.

1634 days ago

Christina G.    

You know what I love about You never see an article about any of the Lohans.

1634 days ago


I hope she does not go to jail. Just because there have been sooo many blog demands that she does. The judge should tell her that she has to do one class per week specifically, take her passport until she is done, impose a travel restriction like not allowed outside the city, and impliment a very intense drug testing schedule along with a curfew. Make her be home with no more than two people in the house with her from 10 PM to 7AM.
Jail is for violent criminals, those who hurt someone, and especially those who had or used a weapon. Remember, every day she is in there some criminal who might very well meet the criteria for being there will be released to make room for her.

1634 days ago


When you are on probation & alcohol l classes you can’t be in a bar. It’s a violation of probation. If a cop wants to he/she can take you to jail for being in a bar even if you’re not drinking. Even if the establishment serves food.
Clearly this girl has violated her probation more than just not going to her classes.
I know this cuz I got a DUI & it’s in your paperwork & you’re told in the classes.
Linday’s is 1 sad person.

1634 days ago


to KDR: You are correct in that you must take one per week, but you are allowed multiple times in a week if you are making up missed classes. It is still possible for her to complete the required number of classes before 5/20.

1634 days ago

LA Native    

Wow, is this now the true confessions DUI page ???

Team Lindsay, you sound like you are so proud of your accomplishments in avoiding jail time.


1634 days ago


She already knows all she needs to know about alchohol. She doesn't need any more education. Maybe she does need to go to a few math classes.

1634 days ago



1634 days ago


"Those of you that are always talking garbage about her are just jealous of her fame, fortune and good looks"
Did you mean to write "infamy"? Or maybe "misfortune"? Sweetie, Lindsay HAS committed a crime by not being in compliance with her probation. Every state in the US will throw the average citizen in jail without bond for Violation Of tell me, why should this drug addict be any different? Jail might actually be beneficial for her; sitting in a cell is sometimes enough to make you think seriously about sobriety!

1634 days ago


Come on, seriously? Lindsay Lohan will not be going to jail. Don't you know the law doesn't apply to famous people? That all they get is a slap on the wrist? It's as bad as those people with the 'Officer's Friend' card that gets them out of traffic tickets. She's not as broke as the tabs are making it out to be, believe me. I'm sure someone still thinks she's famous enough to pay a few thousand for her to show up get drunk/high, throw a glass on someone and stumble to the passenger seat of whoever is taking her home that night.

1634 days ago


What's the big deal .. Lindsay Lohan and her whole family are irrelevant noones .. (ps noones is Lindsay's favorite word describing all of you, which you probably didnt know)

save your breathe and let her crawl into oblivion, shes a washed up hack and a lying pill popping coke whore .. your friend always SR

1634 days ago


@17. This is what I don't get. In NY when you are under DUI alcohol classes, you are NOT allowed to drink at all or frequent bars, it is a violation of probation. They actually do random test in the court-mandated classes. How is she allowed to be photographed leaving bars and clubs at late hours every night and be in compliance of Alchohol treatment????? Maybe California is the answer?

17> Considering that she's out all the time falling down drunk it doesn't seem like she into the spirit of this thing. I understand that that she's allowed to drink but unless these alcohol education classes teach people how to consume as much alcohol as possible she doesn't seem to be learning anything.

1634 days ago

joe childress    

What and where is all of concerted cabal of abandonment and hatred for Lindsay Lohan coming from? No one seemed to notice or even consider that her Father's 'hacked into' account revealed that, among other things, that she has HIV ... possibly AIDS. Should this be true, would it not be a large aspect of her unhealthy and wreckless behavior? ... in a suicidal -devil- may- care attitude? Whatever the reasons are behind her behavior ... and if it is indeed propelled by her having the HIV virus ... then where is any of the human compassion from anyone? Why the witch-hunt in every aspect of our celebrity media. Does she have to actually die before she is understood ... or acknowledged as a human being ... that may be very ill ... physically ... and the destructive psychology being allowed to continue ... by a Mother that apparently likes her 20% commission ... over her child's health and well-being. Help Lindsay now ... she certainly is 'asking' you all for some. And that help is coming her way ... to portray Linda Lovelace in a un-necessary bio-pic about an exploited woman that was ridiculed and manipulated via the media. People. Lindsay is a human being ... a young human being ... being a celebrity ... in the overall scheme of things ... means nothing. Help Lindsay live and stop digging her grave. Muster up some concern and compassion, People ... she could be one of your very own children ... with HIV. and/or some serious mental issues.

1634 days ago


I can't wait to see her GRADUATE herself into a JAIL cell!

1634 days ago


Please Judge Revel, do what is correct in this matter. She flips off any sense of authority and repeatedly bests the justice system.

Please apply the law and her terms of probation.

1634 days ago
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