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Sheen Makes

'Two and a Half Men' Deal

5/17/2010 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has agreed to a new deal with Warner Bros. to do 2 more years of "Two and a Half Men."

The deal was made today.  One source connected with the negotiations tells TMZ, "Charlie is very happy."

As for how much Charlie got, TMZ first reported Charlie wanted around $2 million an episode.  We're told Warner Bros. initially offered substantially less than half that amount, but we're told the company went up considerably.

CBS will announce the return of the show at the upfronts on Wednesday.

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen just released this statement:  "To put a fitting end on the two-and-one-half months of whirlwind speculation, I'm looking forward to returning to my CBS home on Monday nights.  I want to thank Les Moonves for his support."

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I don't know why anyone watches this program. He is nothing but a BIG jerk!.

1614 days ago


Charlie gets married? Really? He learns responsibility and gets himself ***** whipped, or, wife whipped, I really don't see the differance, anyway, kids of his own?? Gets caught up in the music industry of some new hard rock age? My ideas are endless for this veteran, excellent, successful screen sensation, and I am not even his father saying that!! Hey Charles, do not let anyone trip you out with all the negetivity man!! Keep hangin in baby!! Good luck to you! My hats off, by the way!
Forever frank,
Frank Arthur Juliano

1614 days ago


Best show in years!!! "CS" is by far the best and without him there is no show. For all you other want-a-be's out there, go "F"ing cry somewhere else!!

1613 days ago


All I see on this comment board is bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan. Now I admit Sheen wanting 2 mill per episode is outrageous but the show is classic. For all you who hate it (when you havent even seen an episode). **** you, here's an idea get the poles outta your asses and learn to have fun. Thats what this show is about, being about to have a good laugh (which some people apparently arent able to do)

1611 days ago


omg guys, get over it, that dude is like the awesomest
guy ever, his show is f****** brilliant, its like the best
programm thats on. 1million per episode is a bit too much,
but hey, if they can pay lol.

AWESOME NEWS, this is gr8

1604 days ago


You people are all ****ED!!! Charlie Sheen is a great actor and that show is hilarious!! No, he shouldn't hit women but we all make mistakes especially when there's drinking involved.

1603 days ago


Think Think Think
Charlie has no reason to change. YET
his decision keep on getting worse until he decides to give his life for a good cause its useless. he's falling apart. losing his family (AGAIN)

what is a few million dollars worth compared to not raising your kids? Ask michael douglas. he'll tell ya he wishes he was around his family much more instead of away making movies. our society is backwards. We need a Charlie Sheen who REALLY changes for the GOOD, finds God and tells a life changing story. We don't need another failure to watch.


1449 days ago

chad bannan    

charlie sheen was great in the movie wallstreet.i must have seen
that movie at least 50 times.

1426 days ago


On a new episode of Two and a Half Men, Judith was giving birth. She was screaming and yelled "My Freakin God!!!" What a horrible thing to say. That was a total insult to God!!! It really hit me the wrong way!!! We love the program, but that was totally uncalled for!!!

1361 days ago

Barbara Dalessio    

@charliesheen I am so proud you will be back, YOU ARE TWO AND HALF MEN. You have made money for alot of people God says we condemn the sin, NOT THE SINNER, believe in God or not, remember that God gave you talent. Congrats/show them your stuff - Barbara

888 days ago

Barbara Dalessio    

WELL ITS ABOUT TIME, HE IS TWO AND HALF MEN...... GOD KNOWS... I wish him the best, remember, condemn the sin, NOT THE SINNER, he is a person and he needs support not rejection, he made money for everyone, not just himself...please forward to him...God bless, Barbara

888 days ago


yeah! two and a half men! is complete with charlie and the rest of the crew....i like this show

888 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I dont get it??? How can a degenerate like this get hired in any venue??? WTF is wrong in this country??? Do people honestly support S***-BAGS like him and Kutcher?? I guess DECADENCE and DEGENERACY pays off in the WHOREWOOD coummunity - Who are the TERD BAGS that admire people like this????

888 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Would you people like to see you son, brother, dad, cousin grow into a PIG like Sheen??? Would you like to see your daughters , sisters, friends wives grow up like Charlies "goddesess ?? Dont you think its a BIT SICK???

888 days ago
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