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Lindsay Lohan

It's Everyone's Fault

But Mine

5/20/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been blaming everyone under the sun but herself for the predicament she's in ... multiple sources tell TMZ  -- a predicament that could land her in jail.

lindsay lohan
TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will be a no-show in court this AM because, she claims, her passport was stolen, making it impossible for her to fly from Cannes to L.A. for her probation progress report hearing.

Our sources say Lindsay is blaming everyone  -- even her alcohol ed instructor.  We're told Lindsay claims the instructor made it "uncomfortable" for her to attend the required number of classes because she claims the instructor was texting that she wanted to hang out with her.   As for why she's stuck in France -- Lindsay has a list of people to blame ... and she's not on the list.

We're told Lindsay's likely return date is Friday.  She needs to attend 3 more alcohol ed classes to comply with the terms of probation.  Those courses should have been completed by today, but the best she can hope for is a judge who believes in the saying, better late than never.

Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly issue a bench warrant this morning for Lindsay's arrest.  Sources say, however, the judge will not go gunning for cops to arrest Lindsay when she lands in L.A.  In fact, it wouldn't be unusual if the judge gives Lindsay the chance to surrender herself to the court next week.

There's no room for argument -- Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation and we're told the D.A.'s office thinks some jail time is in order.

Judge Revel has given Lindsay so many chances, there's not a lot of wiggle room left.  It was possible the judge could have blamed Lindsay's lapses on miscommunication between the court and the alcohol ed program, but blowing off the court date is going to make it really, really hard for the judge to show mercy.


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everyone is screaming jail time for her. really? wtf? you know how many people don't comply with this crap. then to send HER to jail when there are tons of criminals on the street. real criminals, like drug dealers wearing ankle bracelets! if there were a jail for moral criminals, surely the entire tmz staff would be in the clink.

1594 days ago


IDK... If I had a court date on Thursday, I don't think I would be jetting off to Europe on Sunday. Too many things can "go wrong", like an ash cloud or losing your passport.
If she lost her passport, the American Embassy could get one in a matter of hours for her. At least they can in Greece. It's a lame excuse.
The ash cloud? Not a problem AT ALL in France!
She had no intention of showing up today. She's going for the drama instead.
Her daddy? Well, he's trying to keep her OUT of jail, which is probably a wrong move. Jail will hopefully open her eyes and teach her a thing or two. "Rehab" isn't going to do it... she couldn't even be bothered to show up for OUTpatient work, how likely is it that she won't skip on INpatient work?
The excuse about her 'teacher' texting her to hang out? Really? That happened? Is she KIDDING? IF that were the case, she should have immediately asked for re-assignment. Problem solved.
She's a complete idiot. Thank God she has no kids!

1594 days ago


r u kidding me? blaming everyone but yourself is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. She needs to grow up take care of business and shut the hell up.

1594 days ago


Please throw the bitch in a jail cell and then throw a lited bundle of tnt in there with the bitch.
Hell go for the whole family they are all useless as tits on a boar.

I bet she goes very little jail time, judge has no balls

1594 days ago


Hope the judge sentences her to 3 months at an in-house abuse center, at least. She is obviously in need of help.

1594 days ago


She actually seems to have some very valid points...I say give her a break....she is a star and deserves to be treated differently...The judge im sure will be understanding and allow her to continue to work to improve herself and beat her demons.We must as human being offer this young misunderstood lady the olive branch of forgivness and work to help her achieve all her dreams.How can we sit in judgement of this woman when we ourselves are not perfect.Oh wow I think a spaceship just landed in my backyard..

1594 days ago


Let's hope this judge shows her the law is above her. She's never going to learn and will continue to be a skanky, worthless idiot. They should lock her mother up also!
Thanks TMZ for my daily dose of celebrity news!

1594 days ago


It is hilarious to me that people think she will spend any significant amount of time in jail if she is sent there. Due to overcrowding, she would probably be out within hours. A true punishment, in her eyes I would suppose, would be to place a requirement on her that she not be allowed to go clubbing.

1594 days ago

Irish Pubes    

The events that will transpire:

1] Lindsay does not show up to court, making her CLEARLY in violation of her probation, and a warrant is issued for her arrest.
2] Lindsay finally shows up to court, and the judge tells her she's disappointed in her and the only option left is to allow her to make up the classes, on her own time, whenever she feels like she wants to.
3] Lindsay parties her ass off until the next court date, and still doesn't make up the classes.
4] The judge tells her this is her last chance, and gives her 8 more years to finish the classes and warns her sternly "You're going to jail if you don't do this...."
5] 8 years pass and Lindsay still has not completed her classes.
6] The judge is at the end of her rope and tells Lindsay that she will go the classes for Lindsay, and give Lindsay $100,000 on top of that just for the **** of it.
7] Lindsay agrees.
8] Some random black guy is pulled over and has less than 1/2 of 1% of an ounce of weed on him, and is handcuffed, tried and convicted to 45 years in the state pen for drug trafficking.

1594 days ago


TMZ is holding this girl up by the scruff of her neck, saying: Treat her like a pinata! Beat her! And the sorry lynch mob here charges immediately. Shame on you.

1594 days ago


Show her no mercy!

1594 days ago


Cut her some slack? Give her a break? The girl is no different from any other everyday person who has to follow the judge's orders. It's attitudes like that which have given her the opportunity to do whatever the hell she pleases. I couldn't get away with thumbing my nose at the legal system, why should she? As for media attention, paps, cameras, she brings it on herself. Maybe if she didn't get drunk in public and fall down in front of the cameras and tried really, really hard to sober up, then maybe they would just go away. Just a thought...

1594 days ago


Well - in France pets can be taken pretty much everywhere - maybe a rogue dog grabbed her passport out of her purse and ate it - yeah, yeah, that's what happened.

1594 days ago

Cheryl A.    

The alcohol instructer sent her some texts asking her to "hang out"
So why didn't she report him after the first text?
Also, there are ways to find out what, if any texts he sent her and third, to you Lindsay Lovers saying she is no murderer and hasn't done anything worse then any other celebrity....ARE YOU NUTS? She did NOT attend all the alcohol ed counselling sessions, She did NOT attend them at 7 day intervals as INSTUCTED by the JUDGE and she IS as bad as other celebrities. She drives drunk, stole from friends, IGNORES the law because she is a "CELENRITY" at least she was 10 years ago. I don't think she is ABOVE the law. If she gets off the hook, California should give up it's right to be a state in this great country.

1594 days ago


She didn't belong going to Cannes in the first place. It's not like her movie isn't going to suck like the rest of her others. She went for the publicity and the booze cause that's what her mommy taught her was important in life. Issue the warrant and throw her in jail for six months, then two years of probation and 2,000 hours of community service.

I'd bet Celebrity Rehab would have been easier on her than the judge is going to be.

1594 days ago
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