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Lindsay Lohan -- One if By Land, Two if By Sea

5/21/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is asking for it ... if and when she comes home from France, because the judge ain't gonna like what she's about to see.

Beverly Hills' flakiest probationee got off a yacht in Cannes this morning -- at around 7:30 AM to be specific ... after a night of partying.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay has booked a flight that will take her back to L.A. tomorrow, but who knows if she'll actually board.  We're told Lindsay is asking around for a private jet to ferry her home.  So far, no one is biting.

Lindsay is scheduled to be in court on Monday at 8:30 AM -- but we're filing that under "Believe it when we see it."

UPDATE:  Now this is the best.  Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and her pal got stranded on the boat because a friend took off in their car. We're told Lindsay wanted to leave hours before and only went out because it was someone's birthday.


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I am going to be shocked if she is still alive at the end of the year

1594 days ago



1594 days ago


she went for a nice boat ride and is now making plans to come home..good girl..nice boobs too

1594 days ago


Awesome. Keep going Lindsay. This just gets more interesting and more fun. Here's hoping the hammer falls on you from Judge Revel and then your mom & dad will see the gravy train is over. THEN it gets even more interesting!! LOL

1594 days ago


Well, she probably figures why hop a plane immediately Friday morning when she can party it up. It's not like there's a warrant anymore since she's posted bail ahead of time. Why get back as soon as possible and try to go to class and do something that may impress the judge? Why not wait around and hope another ash cloud comes so she can stay overseas much longer. I really thought she'd be on plane early Friday morning but I guess not. It's no longer morning in France but afternoon. Hope she's having a blast in all this drama she creates.

1594 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Ohhhh, Lordy, She is going to be busted after her first drug/alcohol test.

1594 days ago


That's the behavior of someone who knows well they are not going to jail. She would have been packing for the airport at this time, not walking off a yacht at 7:30am! The judge would then see she wants to make amends if she hid her late night partying and was next seen at an airport. Am I wrong? I think she knows they are not going to jail her over violating her probabtion but will probably fine her and slap her on the wrist. Maybe they'll force her to go to rehab if she fails a drug test but Lindsay must know something we all don't know, and that's the fact that she will not get jail time. If she does, they'll say it overcrowded and let her out after 3 hours. Well-played, Lindsay. Party on!

1594 days ago


Those pics were lame.

What's the scoop WHO is she hanging out wth over there WHAT is she up to?

1594 days ago

Michael Knight    

How can they post bail when she hasn't even been booked yet? Also wasn't part of the bail that she get a SCRAM bracelet? So how does all these legal things happen when she's not even there? Anyone know?

1594 days ago


HAha ok the next TMZ post down


1594 days ago


man this girl is a lost case. and her mother is to ignorant to accept that she has a freaking problem, probably her daughter is paying her damn bills. Whats gonna happen to Dina when no one is gonna want to hire this lost soul? God, someone make this bitch wake up!!

1594 days ago


Wow it must be nice to be a rich criminal. This is why the judge should have issued NO BAIL, usually no Bond is issued for situation like this. Lindsay was extremely lucky. What should have happened is that LL should have been issued no bond and then arrested and held until her Monday hearing.

I have always found the issue of bail interesting. Bail is needed because jails are overcrowded yet it is unfair at the same time because it creates an atmosphere of buying your freedom. No normal person could plunk down 10 grand as fast as Lindsay did. If she was poor she would be awaiting arrest in the airport. Bail is also the reason why you will never find any rich person in jail awaiting trial(of course unless no bail is issued). It is kind of a necessary evil turning our legal system into a get out of jail ATM machine. Although of course the best way to stay out of jail rich or poor is by not breaking the law.

1594 days ago


Why is TMZ Soooo obsessed with Lindsay....let the girl be...Holy crap Harvey has the biggest hard on for her...arent you a lil old for her harvey?!

1594 days ago


I am thinking that you guys have never been to the Cannes Film Festival before ... pretty much everyone has nights that go very late until the morning, which is facilitated by the 9-hour time difference between here and LA.

1594 days ago


she is staying in Cannes because she knows when she gets back to LA she is going to have her ass handed to her and end up in jail..

At the rate Lindsay is going the judge is going to order the police there to arrest lindsay and sent her back to LA

1594 days ago
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