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Jesse James: Nazi Pic Was Funny Then ... Not Now

5/25/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally addressing that infamous Nazi pic -- the one where he's giving the Hitler salute -- and in shockingly poor taste explains, "It was a joke ... that was funny then."

Jesse James
In the interview, which aired this morning on "GMA," James goes on to say, "Looking at it in the context of now and my life, it's not funny."

James also talks about how Sandra Bullock reacted when Jesse told her that he was seeking help for his infidelity -- saying she "was proud of me."

There's more -- including Jesse's explanation as to why he wanted to adopt a Black baby ... so check out the clip.

The full interview airs tonight on "Nightline."


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13. No one is going to like this comment. Here goes. I think that Sandra and Jesse truely do love each other then and now.
He does need help desperately, and Sandra might consider stopping all of the divorce stuff until he gets it if she can forgive him. Jesse has always been a mans man, did what he wanted, got the women with his fame, bikes and tatoo's(someone in my family has know him for many years). That is why everyone was so surprised to see him marry someone as precious as Sandra, just knew he had issues to deal with, and she would eventually get hurt. We also thought she might be what will finally change him from being so egotistical, and arrogant and always having to fullfil those. He likes to show everyone he can do what he wants, when he wants, and get what he wants. But he is also a good man in many ways. With his children, and Sandra. But he lived a life of having these Bombshell type overboard and inflated women that men went WOW look what Jesse is with tonite! He loved the recognition if nothing else more then the sex I think. HE is not a great looking guy, and a bit overweight, so to have a gorgeous women want him, even if for his image makes him feel better.
If they could just make a pact, gosh and I know how hard it would be after so many women Jesse has messed with in their almost 5 years of marriage, for Jesse to continue counciling, and for them to spend family time with the kids half the time where they are not in the public eye. Sandra managed to hide out, she and Jesse and the kids can do it together, give it a shot.
Sandra, when we marry someone we bring each other into that relationship and alot of times children. These children are devastated, if for no other reason its worth a try for all of them, and the love that Jesse does have for you, if he can get rid of the self serving Jesse.

Posted at 7:05 AM on May 25, 2010 by Susie

I think you could have gotten your point across in 2 or 3 sentences..way too much thought went into that for saying nothing..

1580 days ago


So he's finally realized that it isn't just the 2.5% of Americans who are Jewish that find this sort of thing offensive?

Too bad the jokes on you now bitch!!!

1580 days ago


OH PLEASE..BOO HOO BOO HOO....WHA WHA WHA......Your so full of crap its really really sad. the only thin g your really sorry for is that the fact your stupid ass got caught...DUMB ASS..just how many skanks. Did you honestly think Sandra would just, say ok HUNNY? Please spare us all your reality....You have shown NO RESPECT for marriage or your WIFE...SCREW YOU!

1580 days ago


i hope he gets better. sandra is a good woman and he effed up big time. sounds like he realizes that. they may never be able to reconcile from this but i bet they will remain friends b/c sandra has such a big heart. hopefully, he learns his lesson.

1580 days ago

And thats the truth    

14. Jesse is a loser. He was looking for other women b/c he couldn't handle Sandra's success. He's a little boy, not a man. Bravo Sandra for having the self esteem to leave that jerk. You didn't deserve that. You deserve so much better.

Posted at 7:05 AM on May 25, 2010 by Durelle


Dont be fooled Durelle, Jesse is a very rich and famous man in his own right. He knows a lot of celebs even before Sandra. He had a do***entary where he was taking a long ride with Kid Rock down to Mexico. This was before his West Coast choppers show or Monster Garage. This was years ago.

1580 days ago


The jerk is only sorry he got caught. JJ, please just go away!

1580 days ago


is anyone surprised by this douchebag? he was married to a porn star.that speaks well for his character.

1580 days ago


I always find it funny when, after news of these way over the top infidelities come out... people find some way to suggest that if Sandra would just try a little harder they could make it. Explain why SHE should have to work this hard to keep a relationship with someone who turned out to be a loser. And the people who bring out the "marriage is a sacred" forget that it is the CHEATER who broke the vow. Even the bible considers infidelity as grounds for divorce. Forgiveness is good for the person who was wronged. PS- She obviously loved him greatly, but he only greatly loved himself. That isn't a real relationship.

1580 days ago


Its not my job to forgive him! That is between him and his family. We have all done things that we regret in our lives. People use the N word and make anti-semetic remarks all the time and use the excuse that they were drunk misspoke etc. At least he said yeah I did it and it was a mistake. I don't care if he means it or not doesn't change my life one way or the other!

1580 days ago


The man needs help. This is a normal cheater he truly has problems with addiction. You can see it and its not a "sex" or "drinking" its mostly a manic type.

This is why he builds bikes.. it gives him a high. People also need to drop the race card. I bet most of the people talking poop are white anyways. Me being non white and having to deal with racist people let me tell you he isn't racist.

Before people try to tell me I am wrong crap and I will point out we have all said or done crap we like to take back but we can't. If you disagree then your just pissing on yourself and lieing.

Just because he has tats and all that does not make him WP or KKK. HEll most of his employees are not white and thats not allowed. He could get himself hurt bad by even thinking WP or having a WP tat and then working with non white people. They do not like that and they will label you a race trader and thats only thing worse than a snitch to them.. You see how they deal with snitches..

By the law of numbers most of you have no reason to be talking about him and the nazi pose. most people don't understand why that pose was even used. so just STFU ps btw that hat really isn't Nazi and you can tell its a jr field officer style which means its the lowest form of officer. Germans always out did it in uniform it was part of there gig.

The true uniforms made for "nazi" Hitler crap is the SS and other commands that had very special roles and they each had their own uniform. Saddam did the same thing with his army. We don't because we still base ours on normal Europe.

1580 days ago


Jesse is HURTING Sandra MORE with this interview. Sandra has been KIND and supportive to the jerk which he clearly does not deserve. He looks 60 yrs old, acts 16 and is 41. His bad boy image has not become a man-child horny teenager. He is so IMMATURE. BIG mistake to do this interview.

1580 days ago


OK I think people wishing death and cancer on a person for cheating on their wife is crazy! I mean... COME ON! DEATH?! really?

1580 days ago


This man, or should I say child, is toxic. He is that way deep down inside. He will only drag her down. People like him, drag others down. They never rise to the occassion, they take others down with them.

When people who know someone's true character, tell you to run for your life away from a person. BELIEVE IT and DO IT. People don't really change, regardless of what professionals may say. A 41 year-old cheat is not going to change.

I pray Sandra understands that. Plus, if she goes back to him, she is placing the welfare of her child is danger. I don't think she will get much public or private support for that.

1580 days ago


The Nazi salute pic was in terribly poor taste, but it was pretty obvious that it was just a stupid pose he'd done spur of the moment. I have a white friend living in Japan and there's a picture of her in an afro wig with two tiny Asian girls and they're all doing the Black Power fist pump. Is she a racist? Nope, she was just drunk and it seemed hilarious at the time. All the trash talkers should go look through their old photos and see how many dumb things they've done that were caught on film. It's easy to take a still image with no context and vilify a person for what's on it, but the reality is that you don't know the whole story unless you were there.

1580 days ago


Why do people marry? Do they think they will never get bored of their partners?

I almost forgot my pre-requsite angry housewife question:
What on earth did Sandra see in this guy? (insert superfluous question marks)

1580 days ago
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