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Lindsay Lohan -- I Want to Glam My SCRAM

5/28/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants to use her SCRAM bracelet to make a fashion statement -- with a little help from Chanel ... problem is, the move would be a serious risk to her freedom.


In a midnight Twitter session, Lohan wrote, "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"

But TMZ has learned there could be serious consequences if she glams it up -- the people at SCRAM have told us that the person wearing the device is not allowed to alter it in any way.

If LiLo does mess with the SCRAM, we're told she may have to pay for it -- and we're not just talkin' cash.

If SCRAM determines that she altered the device, Judge Marsha Revel could decide Lindsay violated her bail condition and then throw her butt in jail.

So the big question -- is fashion worth the risk? 


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This is pathetic. I would hope that Chanel has more self respect than to adorn this half-wits court ordered adult equivalent to a baby monitor. "Oh Miss Lohan, we don't want you to do anything self destructive so you need to wear this so we can watch over you. What kind of statement is that for Chanel? It's not a fashion accessory. It's a flashing billboard that says trainwreck.

1617 days ago


She has the maturity level of a 5 year old. When is she going to grasp why she's wearing the device? Every day this woman finds a new way to get me to hate her more.

1617 days ago


Lindsay is one dumb broad

1617 days ago


shes allowed to take ambien and some pills for ADHD. has anyone noticed that the adhd pills dont work and that she stays out too late to get a good nights sleep????????????time to get the junkie off the pills

1617 days ago


Oh, yeah, that should be her priority right now. It's all a joke to her.

1617 days ago


What a looser!

1617 days ago


Um, please Chanel - Ignore this request. I think Coco would want you to.

1617 days ago


LOL. Do you honestly think she is serious about doing this? Use your brains. She was kidding around. Quit falling for this BS TMZ is pushing. Right now Lindsay is TMZ's cash cow and they are going to milk her with stupid stories like this until people lose interest and the cow goes dry. I can't believe how easily some of you sheep fall for the crap they post about her. What's next? A post of Lindsay having breakfast and saying the white substance she's pouring on her cereal isn't sugar? "Breaking News" about Gary Coleman? That was posted on all the other sites yesterday while TMZ was posting pics of Lindsay drinking water. ZZZ.

1617 days ago


This is stupid. You can hardly blame her for wanting to make it look more attractive if she has to wear it. It's ugly and clunky. It's just a freaking sticker, hardly "altering" it. Stickers do scrape off! If they actually would put her in jail for that then they need to get a clue. Sorry, but Team Lilo on this one.

1617 days ago


Harvey, if Lindsay is not drinking but is hanging out at clubs...what if alcohol is spilled on her? Can the SCRAM detect the difference in the perspiration number and full alcohol content?

1617 days ago


Still allowed Adderall and Ambien - uppers and downers. If she doesn't make monumental changes in her addict mindset she will be dead very soon. She needs a long prison stretch, a conservator, or divine intervention.

1617 days ago


Stickers? How old is she, seven?

1617 days ago


Her life is a mess and this is what she's worried about?! Glamming up her her SCRAM bracelet. Unbelievable.

1617 days ago


@ Lindsay Rocks!
I agree the DUIs happened in 07 and she went to the morgue and everything. It's insane she isn't allowed to drink alcohol as part of her bail conditions just because she missed a few classes.

1617 days ago


She's going to be the next Anna Nicole Smith. In denial, "celebrity justice", and surrounded by "Yes" people.....Poor girl...

1617 days ago
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