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Bruce Beresford-Redman's Dad: I'm No Gunslinger

6/2/2010 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beresford-Redman says he was "not packing heat" when he went to the restaurant owned by his son's murdered wife -- a move that got him slapped with a restraining order today.


Bruce Beresford-Redman's father just made his first comments about the incident to reporters outside Bruce's home.

David says he went to the restaurant on Saturday night to see the general manager Norma Paula De Ahlf and to see how the business was doing.

In court documents filed today Norma said she believed David had a gun when he showed up. When asked if he is a threat to Norma -- David said, "How can I tell you? A threat is in the eyes of the beholder."

David also said he would adhere to the temporary restraining order which prohibits him from going within 100 yards of Norma.


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Why didn't he say he was not a threat to her? Hmm. wow! He went there to ask how the business is going? that's funny. Maybe he is losing his mind in his old age

1572 days ago


Pops, you sure look like a gunny to me. And with all the camera time you're getting, I'm sure you'll get cast in a TV show. Just as soon as some network puts on DANCING WITH THE SENILE OLD CODGERS.

1572 days ago

john smith    

"How can I tell you? A threat is in the eye of the beholder" This is what he says when asked If he is a threat to Norma. What a crazy sick old man, What You gonna do when they come for you! Conspiracy to commit murder charge for this pathetic old man. You want to see how the business was doing? Yeah sure, like when the chained the business closed a couple of weeks ago without permission. TMZ ask him If he chained up the restaurant he already admitted this in court...

1572 days ago


You are right, Mika. He could have said a whole lot more. "How can I tell you? A threat is in the eyes of the beholder." Sounds like catch me if you can, like father like son.

1572 days ago


I can see HIM more with a gun than Bruce.... but that's because he looks like Willie Nelson.

1572 days ago


yeah- Pops looks like a 'heat packer' to me...or at least a 'fudge packer' ....he went to the restaurant just to spite the dead chic...too bad she was murdered by her W. Trash hubbie- another looser in the Hollyw*od game of LUV!

1572 days ago


David's response is " A threat is in the eyes of the beholder"?????? Sounds like a type of response from a guilty person...

1572 days ago


Bruce's family sound like nut-cases. The sister sounds a little strange too.

1572 days ago


So what if he had a gun, the question is did he have a permit to carry it.

1572 days ago


Judges don't grant restraining orders without substantial evidence one is NEEDED. Get it? Bruce's daddy is a threat. There WAS reasonable concern that he was there to do harm.

1572 days ago


This is irrelevant, but reading Beresford-Redman over and over is getting annoying. Pick one last name and go with it. No one needs 2 last names!

1572 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Guilty, guilty, guilty! The alleged murderer's father had NO business going to the deceased wife's business other than to make threats. He deserves more than a mere restraining order. It's easy to see why the son thinks he's entitled to kill his wife. The old man has an entitlement complex that leads him to believe he should threaten whomever he wants to...sadly including crime victims of his son!

1572 days ago


Problems seem to run in this family...a bit shady maybe?

1572 days ago


Ha, ha, ha!! Ok... Him and his 'smart' son got to access again the house, the bank account, drive her car manipulate her kids and he just wanted to see if it was time already to take over the business she started on her own and now together with her sister... ha, ha, ha!! My question is... he went there after or before he called the insurance company to see if he could cash out 'his' money too?!! Ha, ha, ha!! How can this man be so stuuuuuupid!!! Ha, ha, ha!! He could really be the 'mastermind' behing his daughter in law's murder... Ha, ha, ha!! Keep coming Sloppy Mafia Papa!! Ha, ha, ha!! :P

1572 days ago

Throwing lemons at you    

Sounds to me like she was no Saint Monica.

* Bar Fly and owner of a raunchy nightclub instead of staying home and raising her two children;

* Bi-sexual in trysts behind her husband's back with other females instead of staying home for her husband;

* Discusses her marriage flaws with her nightclub's general manager behind her husband's back instead of working out their flaws with her husband;

* Steals money from the joint banking account behind her husband's back - that's contemptuous;

* Changes their house locks and throws her husband's clothes out at the curb in trash bags - that's malicious.

The husband acted in self defense against a terrible, terrible trio - Monica, Jeanne, and Carla. He and his parents should consider suing Jeanne and Carla for slander.

Hey prosecutors in Mexico, are you reading TMZ?

1572 days ago
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