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The Next 'Jersey Shore' -- Rednecks Wanted

6/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The masterminds behind "Jersey Shore" are looking for a new stereotype for a new reality show -- keg tappin', mud ridin', Skynyrd lovin', God fearin', honky tonkin' Southern folk.


TMZ has learned Doron Ofir Casting is looking for "12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin' it country and want to party their asses off" to star in a new reality show called "Party Down South."

According to DOC, there will be a casting RV that'll slow ride through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennesse, Kentucky and West Virginia -- and hopefully land a crop of rednecks wild enough to make "Jersey Shore" look like "Hey Dude."


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wow...another excuse for redneck racists to be on tv...way to go mtv...BOOOOOO!!!!

1561 days ago


LOL, I think I should get a reality TV show....oh wait, I'm intelligent AND funny, won't work for the demographic.

1561 days ago


As I stated, I was only having a little fun bad mouthing northerners. I have lived in both NY and NJ but would NEVER live in either state again.
I don't really think all northerners are stupid(Just a few who live in the Titusville, NJ area)nor do I think all southerners are top notch citizens.
There are ignorant people from every area of our country.
I suppose I've had enough fun for today so I'll try to get some work done now.
It was nice conversing with you!
Roll Tide!!!

1561 days ago


What? Not Texas!?! Check Southeast Texas - it's Louisiana with a Texas Zip Code!

1561 days ago


tenn. used to be nice but now its a thug state of disaray..alabama people are just plain dumb and do nothing but pop pills like tenn,,which everyone either smokes pot or drops pills by the handful..oxycodone is everywhere..maryland is by far the best state and has the smartest best looking women in the united states..oh and alabama women have no teeth yikes

1561 days ago


You ever heard of a woman from Maryland winning the Miss America Pageant? Nope, didn't think so!
One last tidbit: I was over in Hot Springs, Arkansas last week and I saw those "stupid," "ignorant," "backwoods," slow talking southern people selling water to those BRILLIANT yankees!
By the way, if you're so smart, why do you not know that the state of Maryland, in it's entirety, is SOUTH of the Mason Dixon Line?

1561 days ago


Don't confuse rednecks with coonasses either!! I know quite a few CAJUNS in south la who would be perfect for this hahaha....and not everybody who is redneck or coonass/cajun is white trash!! We have our fair share of both down 'ere!!

1561 days ago


Most of us intelligent people try to ignore these states and those people in them exist (and often wonder what Lincoln was thinking by bringing them into the US). Let's not give more time to racist, redneck, inbred Southerners.

1561 days ago


Well stated, AQ. I couldn't have explained your stupidity any clearer myself.
NJ, NY, Connectowhat, Mass, PA, all idiot states, with idiotic "people" but I'll have to admit that NJ is at the bottom of the heap.
Especially "people" in Titusville, NJ.

1561 days ago


To AQ.... I find your remark very racist & unintelligent myself. Many Southerners have college degrees, myself included. The South has some of the friendliest, most beautiful people in the entire U.S. especially in Cajun Country. I have never kissed my cousin, have all my teeth, even go to the dentist and doctor on a regular basis. I pay my own bills, raise my own kids, put myself through college, and did all that while being a single mom. I even graduated with a 3.0 from an Accredited University while busting my butt to accomplish those goals. Maybe you should educate yourself before placing judgement and actually visit the South and experience our one of a kind true Southern hospitality.. :-)

1561 days ago


In other WORDS like Jersey Shore, No MINORITIES WANTED!!!

1561 days ago


ahh chaz go back to kissing kellys butt,,even though she is ignoring you,,so they teach you how to read a map in special ed huh,,I never said Maryland was above the mason dixon line you before you speak and you might appear somewhat less stupid,who cares who wins the Miss America pagent that what you guage beauty upon,,geeezzzzzz..get a life chaz

1561 days ago


remember...Maryland rules and everyone comes in last

1561 days ago


You're correct, Maryland rules. Just check your baseball team!
You idiotic, dumb@ss!

1561 days ago

pat wheeler    

like hank williams said,he would love to hall em all down to spartanburg s.c.,and show em how they raise hell in the carolines

1561 days ago
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