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The Next 'Jersey Shore' -- Rednecks Wanted

6/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The masterminds behind "Jersey Shore" are looking for a new stereotype for a new reality show -- keg tappin', mud ridin', Skynyrd lovin', God fearin', honky tonkin' Southern folk.


TMZ has learned Doron Ofir Casting is looking for "12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin' it country and want to party their asses off" to star in a new reality show called "Party Down South."

According to DOC, there will be a casting RV that'll slow ride through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennesse, Kentucky and West Virginia -- and hopefully land a crop of rednecks wild enough to make "Jersey Shore" look like "Hey Dude."


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Just because we know how to party down South doesn't mean we are all backward rednecks. We just know how to have fun without getting caught up in a bunch of materialistic bull****. Just give us a bonfire, a lake, and some beer and we'll have more fun than anyone else. That said, we don't all live in rundown trailers and make out with our cousins.

1603 days ago

Ann Brown    

A true Redneck loves his wife, is good to his mama and takes care of his dog and would definately not be on this show.

1603 days ago


Come On! This is really ignorant! Anyone who signs up for this is just going to be made fun of. HELLO? I was born and raised on the MS Gulf Coast, and never in my life have I ever been embarrassed except the time that Nichole Richie and Paris Hilton made an episode of their show here. AUGH!!!! Now this. Please stay out of my State.....Ppl of not stoop to this level. This is just to make fun of you and our State. I will boycott this if it even gets close to here. Ppl Plz!~

1603 days ago

Cricket are an idiot and your statement doesn't make sense! If you are an example of a northerner (and I'm sure the north would not choose you to represent them) I'll stick with the south!

1603 days ago


#76...yours is the most bigoted comment I've read so much for bigoted southerners!

1603 days ago


lol hell yeah they are coming to WV
**** i would do it

1603 days ago

Northern Belle    

I'll watch this show on day one. It's high time we get our laughs at the expense of these proud inbreds who never really wanted to be part of the Union. I mean, didn't Texas recently said they wanted out of the US? Everyone was saying "go ahead! Don't let oklahoma hit you on the a$$ on the way out". But the yellow bellies were full of crap just like their #1 export: Ron Paul. I'm going to make it my life mission to inform people about this show and I'll work hard to make them watch it. I'll make kids as young as 6 watch it and then I'll tell them "this is how the ******gin' Southerners are really like". This just made my day! YEEEEEEHAAAAAA!

1603 days ago


#80....OMG LMAO! What a little riot you are. you really made yourself sound like white trash, which is under a redneck. You are no where near a Belle. Maybe they should do a show on you.....obviously you are one of those tree hugging liberals who sit and wait for something to be handed to you. Here I was embarrassed that some corperate fly by night wanna be producer was going to come down south and find a white trash yahoo to follow around....but you got that beat. Think outside the are one of those drones who believes whatever CNN reports. I give you credit for the inbred remark.... But did you know that the North breeds 98% of serial killers?
It is really sad that ignorance is bliss. when you have something intelligant to post...please do. you are going to let children watch the show....what kind of sick, twisted idiot are you? Please grace us with your witty comeback. I love a good challenge.

1603 days ago


excuse me....the above is for #89

1603 days ago


This show idea was taken from Jodi Redmond (Code Red Productions), who has already been casting for this. She was Go to

There was lots of press on this as well...

1602 days ago


Maybe the friends were treated weird bc they were acting like *the stereotype* of yankees. See, the problems come into play when people believe stereotypes.

I agree racism happens EVERYWHERE on some level but I have seen firsthand living in two very different southern states that it is about the same here as everywhere else. Some people judge based on skin, some don't, just like big cities or northern zip codes.

Funny thing though, if you're white and go to Tennessee State University, a historically black but state funded public school, you may very well be unhappy, per several acquaintances that went there and were treated like they weren't welcome because they were honkeys. If we're handing out labels, don't forget to put some of the racism blame on that demographic, too! ;) In other words, everyone is capable of doing it if they so choose. Have you ever seen a Michigan redneck? Yeah, I'm pretty sure they judge based on skin color a heck of a lot more than many non-redneck southerners such as myself.

1602 days ago

bruce williams    

Every region has it's village idiots. Southerners and Rednecks will just shake their heads and confirm the cast are some of those hard party'n white trash, bless their hearts. The only difference between the casts of Jersey Shore and Party Down South will be the Yankee Cast all look greasy and can't get rid of their herpes and the Southern Cast will all be caked in mud and can't shake their meth habits. Of course it will have to feature a bunch of run down trailers to fit the stereotype, even though most people who live in trailers in the South own them on 5 or more acres of nice property because they live within their means. I'm a transplanted Northerner and wouldn't even consider moving anywhere else...those that espouse Southern Traditions like good manners and calling people sir and mam and putting up with the rowdy and unruly will remain unruffled by this latest abberation in the name of Gen X entertainment...anyway...chances are only other village idiots will be watching that kind of show anyway.

1600 days ago


So "Redneck Riviera" got killed because of the oil disaster, I guess?

1581 days ago


FIST PUMPING TEK NO EVERYDAY PARTYING.My Freinds call me I.P.M Itlian Polish Muscle.

1395 days ago


yeeeeeHAHHHHH bout damn time
ima go drink a six pack in celabratiooooon

1394 days ago
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