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Sheriff Won't Budge

in Charlie Sheen Plea

6/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is going to have a hard time nabbing the plea deal he thought he was getting, because we've learned the sheriff ain't budging ... and Charlie could end up working at a dump.

Sources at the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department tell TMZ .. Sheriff Bob Braudis still insists he never signed off or gave permission to give Charlie work release.  We're told the Sheriff is pissed at a local reporter who wrote that Braudis confirmed that Charlie would be able to smoke during work release.  Sheriff Bob says he was misquoted.

The Sheriff, we're told, is letting the Jail Administrative Officer, Beverly Campbell, run the show.  Sources say Bev is clear -- Charlie is not eligible for work release.

If he serves time, the only way he can get out during the day is under the Useful Public Service program (UPS).  The way that works --  each day Bev gets hundreds of emails from businesses and organizations in town, including the dump, the landfill and the hospital. She decides each day where inmates eligible for UPS will go. 

Theatre Aspen is on the list.  But good luck with that one.


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Geez!!! Why can't this guy man the hell up and get this thing over with? Women get charged with crimes, get found guilty, and go to jail and do the time without acting like some three year old. Charlie needs to grow a pair....and maybe borrow a pair from a real man too.

1593 days ago


What a reality show this would make!!

When she's sorting thru emailed jobs n handing them out!!

just a thought!

1593 days ago


Let it go!!!

1593 days ago


About time, if he was a black celeb he would make time. If he was your average joe, he would make time with his track history. Clearly he's been getting by because he's a white celeb.

1593 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Lung cancer posterboy.

1593 days ago


post #4 make that 6 in America I sat through Men at Work a least twice.

1593 days ago


This bitch needs to learn her place... and listen to her boss. Little power hungry wh@re, aint' she!!

1593 days ago


To really punish this butt-hole make him watch 12 hours of Two & a half men. Come to think of it that may be cruel and unusual punishment

1593 days ago


Hallelujah..Hallelujah, hallelujah~~ A little extreme? Maybe, but finally, a ****y, rich and famous repeat offender being held accountable….Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…..

1593 days ago


This whole thing is ridiculous. Enough already.

How can a plea get all the way to a few hours before the court time and NOT be set? Sounds like the legal system in Aspen needs the crayons and wide lined paper for help in finding a way to do their jobs.

I just keep thinking what a colossal waste of tax money. I know people are on the whole "celebrity" treatment issue but really think about what a waste this is in time, resources etc. It's taken what, 5/6 months to get to this point. Oh yea! let's start all all means..... :P

It's more about being able to afford the right attorney then anything.

The legal system didn't need this case to look like a joke, it's been doing that on it's own for years. After all, the legal system is now just a game.

I find it funny too that so many people are saying to "man up", "just do the time" etc. like they would just take whatever the DA handed them. HA!

There's no way that if those people were also charged, looking at a felony with a long prison sentence, having a felony on their records, losing their jobs, etc., they wouldn't ask their lawyers for help/plea bargain in getting less time and TAKE it!

I find it hard to believe there's that many people willing to throw their lives away like that if there's another way. LOL Just remember the lofty heights the high and mighty have makes for a longer fall.

They wanted to charge Charlie with a felony that carried time in prison (different then jail). The 17 days was part of the plea deal. If he could just do those on the charges he probably already would have done it to get this over with already.

At this point I'd be going to trial. His wifey was far drunker then he was (people are seeming to forget his wife is a chemical nightmare herself), recanted because of what I am sure was her behavior and responsibility in the whole thing, would be easy to shred on the stand and probably had a bigger part in the mess then she fessed up to. The last thing she wants is to answer for her part. Well make her! I bet he'd walk if it went to trial.

1593 days ago


This reminds me of his brother Emilio Estévez's TV movie, titled In the Custody of Strangers, where his dad, Martin Sheen, also the Dad in the Movie, makes his son go to jail.

1593 days ago


This must be an election year in Aspen.

1593 days ago


The deals off then, take it to trial Charlie! Brooke is refusing to even testify for the prosecution. They'll be forced to use her original statement against him at trial, which was given by a spouse who was drunk off her ass on Christmas morning and called the cops making crazy allegations, then changed her story when she sobered up and now refuses to testify against him.

1593 days ago

Politico Pablo    

He better just take the 17 day jail deal, bring his nicotine patches, and get it over with.
If he gets a work release program, she'll probably have him wearing an orange vest and picking up trash on the side of the highway.

1593 days ago

Just me    

Why can't he get hard labor like that 19year old-1st time offender Chris Brown did? Charlie is MUCH older and has been given soooo many chances and still doesn't feel he deserves any kind of punishment. Chris didn't complain, he just did what he had to do. STOP letting Charlie get away with stuff. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? He will end up KILLING a woman one day, b/c you all don't teach him actions have consequences...and they haven't for him, except he got a RAISE for TV show.

1593 days ago
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