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Jesse James: My Ex Isn't To Be Trusted With Sunny

6/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Jesse James believes the mother of his youngest daughter is unstable and he's refusing to allow the girl to spend time alone with her mom, in spite of a court order to the contrary.

Jesse James
We've learned Jesse's lawyer is going to court Friday morning, armed with evidence that his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder is a hard-core drug addict and cannot be trusted with unmonitored visitation.

The judge in the custody battle issued an order last week, allowing Janine to have unmonitored visitation.  We're told Janine was supposed to see Sunny yesterday but Jesse refused to hand over the 6-year-old girl because he felt she would be at risk.

We're told Janine will be in court for the showdown.


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What a name caller that guy is, can't he keep his private life private.

Jesse = the opposite of a man.

1585 days ago


2. This is not legal Jesse. You can't violate the court order. The lady has full right to take her daughter along with her for outing . She is also a guardian of your daughter. She will take care of your daughter, don't bother.

Posted at 12:54 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by Luchi

AGREED 100%!!! He is in contempt of court right now!! I went through some bs with my son's father trying to get me to have supervised visitations when I've had him unsupervised for five years!!! This is purely out of spite and possibly to cover his own ass.

1585 days ago


Have you ever noticed that 'Friends,' which takes place in Manhattan, arguably the most ethnically diverse city on the planet, involves 3 white women & 3 white guys? Seinfeld too. 4 white folks. In Manhattan. If you're living in Manhattan & all the people you hang out w/ are white, you're probably racist. All of Jerry's girlfriend's were white too, but a few... Hmmm...
Miles Davis met Bill Cosby one time in the 80's (see 'Miles: The Autobiography') he congratulated Cosby on the fact that he managed to get a show on TV that showed a successful black family, w/ a father who was a medical doctor, a lawyer wife, & healthy intelligent kids. Cosby shook his head dejectedly & lamented the fact that they still wouldn't let him & his on-air wife be filmed together in bed; after many years of lobbying it was done. But really, how far have we come?
Look at TMZ. How many white folks? How many black folks? Hispanics? Asians? WTF? This is America! It doesn't matter the one dude w/ dreads is the sharpest on the shelf.
These are choices. These aren't accidents. Does TMZ represent you or your friends? Or even if it does, is that right? Here? In America? Think about it. Think about it before TMZ deletes this post. Serious. You guys are the future. Nothing changes if you don't give a darn. You're the one who can make a difference.

1585 days ago


I agree with Jesse. If I were him, I surely wouldn't just hand over Sunny if I thought she was on drugs. The court issued the order without testing Janine. They should have done a drug test. Perhaps they will now. Why comply with a court order if it would kill your child? I wouldn't.

1585 days ago


You got a lot of nerve to say you don't trust her. You should not be talking down to anyone over trust issues...ask Sandra. You are making Sunny's life miserable with all this fighting and bickering. Grow up Jesse! Stop trying to take the heat off yourself by throwing your ex under the bus. Are you now going to start ripping into Sandra by revealing all HER secrets.

1585 days ago


If the woman is back on drugs/drinking she should not have unmonitored visitation. For the safety of Sunny, she should be required to have drug testing weekly if she is to have unmonitored visitation. Safety first rather than taking a chance.

1585 days ago


I wonder why they didn't post a more recent pic of her, with all those nasty tattoos all over her neck

1585 days ago


Pretty sad situation when Jessee is the better parent. Just have Sunny's mother drug tested. If she tests positive, then no unsupervised visits. If she's negative, then let her visit with her child. Now how hard was that.

1585 days ago


According to the In Touch,Jesse James introduced Sunny and "Bombshell"McGee!What a tattooed strippers is better than a porn star? Why did the girl could meet with a dirty whore,but can not see his mother?I'm not defending Janine,but i am against the hypocrisy and double standards Jesse James!

1585 days ago


Jesse is now going to far and it no longer seems like it is really about Sunny and more about his resentment towards Janine. She is making every effort to be there for her child. She is trying to re establish her relationship and even went so far as to leave the hubby for fear of it interfering with her fight for custody. Jesse: We all make mistakes Janine appears to have paid for hers and deserves a second chance. You, better than anyone, should know what that is like. She was good enough to marry and have a child with - remember? She just wants to be with her child so cut her some slack she would not intentionally hurt Sunny and you know it I believe. You want the world to give you a second chance - right? So be fair and give her one. Until she proves otherwise I think she has the right to re connect with her child. Don't be a douche bag Jesse you are trying to shake that douche bag image this would be a good start. Be fair here.

1585 days ago


"5. I agree with Jesse. If I were him, I surely wouldn't just hand over Sunny if I thought she was on drugs. The court issued the order without testing Janine. They should have done a drug test. Perhaps they will now. Why comply with a court order if it would kill your child? I wouldn't.

Posted at 1:19 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by JLS"

LOL, keep in mind this is the same douchebag who cries bloody murder about Lindsay violating a court order and wants to see her thrown in jail for it. But Jesse does it and it's A-OK, what the hell does the Judge know? F him! *rolls eyes*

1585 days ago


What i actually find funny is the "isn't to be trusted"...coming from a guy that lied all his life!
Thou i feel like they should have monitored a bit longer (let's say for a month), i find funny Jesse is crying for another chance (because it's not the second) while Janine isn't allowed to have one in his book...
The more i hear about the guy, the more i hate him!

1585 days ago


You begin with yourself! Next ask your living family for all you can learn of their parents and grandparents, back as far as anyone recalls. You'll need to enter on your genealogy software all the full names, places and dates of births, marriages and deaths.

1585 days ago


One more reason not to give Jesse a 2nd chance. What a douche... he thinks he can do whatever he wants!

1585 days ago


HaHa seems like all the lady posters are mad,females are so used to having all the rights when it comes to kids and court. Keep that druggie whore away from your daughter.

1585 days ago
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