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Taylor Swift -- High & Waisted

6/21/2010 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing her grandmother's high-waisted 1950's two-piece polka dot bikini, country sensation Taylor Swift attempted to tan her ivory skin on the beach in the Bahamas this weekend.


The 20-year-old is very mature for her age.


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Queen Karma    

She is a complete 180 turn from Miley.

I think Miley is taking the easy slut route and I do admire Taylor for not showing all of her goods . Also,Taylor is a grown adult woman. She is 20.Miley is still a child.
BUT,BUT,I do see a middle ground.
Taylor does not have to wear a two-piece made of dental floss, but that 50's swimsuit is way too old for her.
I can rock that swimsuit with grannie panties with my stats of 45 yrs.old,240 lbs, and 5"9.

Taylor needs a nice, modest 2-piece bikini. THere are 2-piece suits that are modest.

GIRLS, wear it while you can!!!! Be cllassy. Modest. Don't be vulgar, but wear it while you can.

1521 days ago


Wow...I LOVE how modesty is the NEW cool! It is clear from the comments here that we as a society are getting sick of seeing young ladies slut themselves out thinking it is cool.

1521 days ago


Yeah I noticed the girl in the back. I noticed that she was darker than I am and I'm an African American. I conclude that she must have the ultimate tan where most white people are concerned.

1521 days ago

See Taylor and other stars in their bikinis here!

1521 days ago


Oops, she doesn't look like a skank. So you posted the pic to let her know you all don't like it?

1521 days ago

Your Momma    

She is waht you call a young lady, unlike Miley who is younger but wants to be older. Taylor is looking for a very long respectable career, Miley seems to be trying to make as much money as she can while she can because she knows she will not be around too much longer. Anyway, we have seen all that Miley has to offer, by the time she is 20 yrs. old we will be bored with her.

1521 days ago

No Comment    

Taylor is bringing sexy back. I love the vintage look. She looks sexy without letting it all hang out. It is so refreshing to see a young artist with style, class and grace.

1521 days ago


That kind of looks odd on her being so young and attractive. But I notice she likes to play with all these period looks in her fashion. So, I understand that coming from her. I think she's super smart because she's going in the opposite direction than the rest of the pack who try to express hyper sexuality and sexiness. That makes her stand out. Good for her. I'm just wondering if she'll ever get screwed up and go the other way, one day, to shock everyone. Hope not. I like her.

1521 days ago


Now if only she had something to cover her face as well...

1521 days ago


You people are idiots - she is covering something up and everyone leaving comments are pretending to be some moral & religious people - BS - why are you looking at this site then - we are all deviants

1521 days ago


WTF??? take that **** off...your too hot!!

1521 days ago


love the suit!
wish designers would bring back that old look. it's fabulous!

1521 days ago


Come on, Taylor! Listen to all the young people out there and get naked. They're all doing it and not just at the beach. Look at Miley. Everyone wants to have sex with her and she's ready for them! Everyone will love you and give you attention if you just take those clothes off. Don't forget, all the young women are doing it. Not just the ones who defend Miley! They're all little whores!

1521 days ago


i wass right there and i know the girl in the purpleee

1521 days ago


Good for Taylor. She's successful without being a wh*re like Miley.

1521 days ago
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