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Rachel Uchitel -- A Hole in One

6/24/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being Tiger Woods' mistress #1 has really helped Rachel Uchitel master her stroke.


The pilgrim of mistresses got nippy while playing golf in L.A. on Wednesday.

She definitely knows how to swing.


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Now she cut her hair and got a stylist to teach her how to wear it like Audrina Patridge, all I can say is I KNOW Audrina want's her hairstyle back!

Stu[id ho needs to go back to her stinky one length horse hair.

1545 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

This is pretty sad.

And so now she's attempting to use a club and hit balls outse bedroomide of th?? She's beyond ridiculous dressed that way, incorrectly holding the club and standing in such an unrelaxed position.

There's something wrong about everything in this picture. Girlfriend needs someone to clip all these ridiculous photo ops and remind her she needs to stay under the radar for a long time.

There's something inherently wrong with this girl though she could best serve herself by working on herself with the help of a good therapist.

1545 days ago


Yes, she and her grand canyon are branded for the rest of her life and no decent man would touch her with a 10-foot pole. She must be doing a photo shoot for some sleaze magazine as nobody else would give this male-in-female-drag the time of day. Her eye droops, her fake breasts are sagging, her nose has been hacked, disgustinglips are filled to hold any married **** that comes along, and one can only imagine the venereal diseases she has spread from man to another. Even TW needs to take a steel brush to himself after being with her.

1545 days ago


low class plastic faced plastic tittied monster..TMZ, stop promoting this low life slut...she deserves a slap in the face, not press...if I ever see her I will slap her for you TMZ, and not likely either. Homewrecking whore from hell.

1545 days ago

george fudge!    

Looks like there is a hooker on a golf course.

1544 days ago


One nipple appears one inch lower than the other. Might be smart to have that checked.

1544 days ago


Introducing...SLUTWARE by Victoria's Secret. These garments let you decide how big of a slut you want to be. You can unbutton just to the cleveage for a little tease or you can go all the way to just above the last button and get a Tiger in your life! *Fake nips purchased separately.*

1544 days ago


You stupid hypocrite Americans,

You slaughter half the world, but when you see a nipple you get upset...


1544 days ago


Her legs are ugly, her fake boobs hang, one eyelid droops, (which is why she always wears sun glasses) fake lips, needs a nose job, but she got ten million dollars out of the dumb Tiger Woods for a few hours "work". LMAO

1544 days ago


Tiger's money not enough to make you happy?? Need more??

What an *******. I bet Jerry Seinfeld says "That woman is a jerk!"

1544 days ago


Stop you crazy americans, your country has the biggest porn industrie but when a nipple or something els is on a picture or on tv you scream like someone is killed.

1544 days ago


She looks like shemale Kelly from Holland

1544 days ago

Get back to work!    

Omigod she is so disgusting.

1544 days ago


I laugh my ass off everytime I see photo's of this Husband Banging Skanky Ho. Please Please show a before and after picture of her with her old nose, side by side. She got her nose job too small for her big ass head. She got her fake ass boobs too big and they will be down to her knees in no time. BAWHAHAHA! What a walking joke she is!

1544 days ago


Sorry folks, but this woman is "undeniably" both sexy & attractive ... yes she's a gold-digger and a social predator, etc ... however, her prey was a powerful, rich, cruel, narcissistic, megalomaniac ... so no tears please ... in fact, what's she's done is actually kind of cool, almost "Robin Hood" like, with the weak triumphing over the strong ... the world would be a better place, if there would be more individuals such as this woman ...

1544 days ago
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