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Team Oksana:

Mel's Untruthful

on Child Support

6/29/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are lashing out at Mel Gibson's lawyer for claiming Mel has been more than generous in supporting her and their baby.

0629_mel_oksanan_EX_Getty_0Oksana's lawyer, Marci Levine, tells TMZ, "The statement released to TMZ on behalf of Mel Gibson is based upon complete distortions of the truth regarding Mr. Gibson's financial contributions toward the parties' child and conveniently ignores his obligations to the parties' child under California law."

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny had stated that Mel has opened up his wallet for Oksana, putting her up in a multi-million dollar house, buying her a car, providing health insurance and giving her "tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months."

Levine would not specifically say how Mel has fallen short, but sources connected with Oksana claim the actor has not paid child support since the couple split.

Levine says, "Mr. Gibson persists in attempting to 'litigate' this matter in the media, and continues to launch false accusations against the mother of his child."

And Levine says, "Unlike Mr. Gibson, Ms. Grigorieva has not, and will not engage in this type of undignified banter in the press."


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Mel is mentally insane.

1575 days ago


And Levine says, "Unlike Mr. Gibson, Ms. Grigorieva has not, and will not engage in this type of undignified banter in the press

oh really????then what the hell are you doing releasing your own allegations in the press dumb****..its ridiculious the lies that get thrown around by these 2 morons...and stuck in the middle of these 2 brilliant minds is a new born child who doesnt stand a chance givin the latest crap swirling in the press..

1575 days ago


Mel's a jerk for cheating on his wife and she's an idiot for fooling around with a married guy and getting knocked up. (When did being a "single mom" all of a sudden become acceptable?) Don't like to sound like I'm in the dark ages, but if you're dumb enough to get pregnant, too bad. Frankly, I think they both deserve each other! Hope the kid has more brains than the two of them!

1575 days ago


she needs to get over herself star ****er bitch, which next star is she going to try and fleece, she is proud to have two baby daddies, just one scrounging class act.

1575 days ago


I think this girl just needs to shut up... I am sick of her.

1575 days ago


This is not a hard issue to prove to a judge. Checks, electronic transfer records etc will prove what he has or has not been given and the custody agreement lays out what is required. The definition of "above and beyond" is anyone's guess.

1575 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

this situation was already predicted when mel (the lush) hooked up with this russian hooker......shes a goldigging prostitute and hes an idiotic drunken turd!

1575 days ago


He deserves whatever he gets. How did he think this relationship would end being that much older than her. He's an idiot.

1575 days ago


Please post nude photos of Mel WITHOUT the stinkyfish!

1575 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

No, she'll just use her "friends" to leak things to the press. She's skanky.

1575 days ago


She is the one who ran out to Radar Online reporters outside her home to make her comments after it leaked that Mel had obtained a restraining order against her. Then she gave an interview by phone to a British magazine on the weekend. All this before camp Mel said a word to the media. Since then, she has been providing dramatic escalations in her story to the media on almost a daily basis. She made the choice to take her case to the court of public opinion and now she does not like it that Mel has allowed his lawyer to respond publically--something he does not normally do. I find her frightening in the way she is willing to spin the facts.

1575 days ago


Mel Gibson has gone off the deep end. The fact that he knocked up someone with a serious track record of money-grubbing whoring by hooking up with rich/famous/powerful men is just another example of the fact that he gone done lost his racist, misogynistic, Catholic mind.

1575 days ago


Sorry, but I am believing Gibson's camp. He may be a lot of things, but he was married for 25 years and has 7 kids. Not one of them have ever badmouthed his ability as a father, husband or financial supporter. I believe that OctoSana is a famewhore who bares children with men she wants to support her forever. Get yourself a real job honey. You're too old for this crap. Who is caring for this little baby while OctoSana is famewhoring herself all over the place? Where is her other child? I believe nothing unless I am shown proof.

1575 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Nobody cares.

1575 days ago


These two losers deserve each other. Lock them in a room together and let someone more qualified raise their daughter. Hopefully, she will learn to get a job and support herself rather than tricking two rich men by getting pregnant to get a nice lifestyle. Making your way in the world on your back will always lead to a suboptimal outcome. She deserves anything she gets from that drunken loser. And, he deserves anything he gets from the Russian hooker.

1575 days ago
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