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Team Oksana:

Mel's Untruthful

on Child Support

6/29/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are lashing out at Mel Gibson's lawyer for claiming Mel has been more than generous in supporting her and their baby.

0629_mel_oksanan_EX_Getty_0Oksana's lawyer, Marci Levine, tells TMZ, "The statement released to TMZ on behalf of Mel Gibson is based upon complete distortions of the truth regarding Mr. Gibson's financial contributions toward the parties' child and conveniently ignores his obligations to the parties' child under California law."

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny had stated that Mel has opened up his wallet for Oksana, putting her up in a multi-million dollar house, buying her a car, providing health insurance and giving her "tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months."

Levine would not specifically say how Mel has fallen short, but sources connected with Oksana claim the actor has not paid child support since the couple split.

Levine says, "Mr. Gibson persists in attempting to 'litigate' this matter in the media, and continues to launch false accusations against the mother of his child."

And Levine says, "Unlike Mr. Gibson, Ms. Grigorieva has not, and will not engage in this type of undignified banter in the press."


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1475 days ago


One would hope that Mel G. has gotten a court-directed paternity test as she's certainly trying to go for the throat due to his past publicity. Levine and the Russian swine think they have Mel G. "between a rock and a hard place", however I sense they are playing with fire as his is no Tiger Woods situation. Shame on this woman for getting involved with a man with seven children and a marriage of nearly 30 years. Maybe she'll get deported before the Russian espionage agents!

1475 days ago


Better get a paternity test Mel.... Wasn't there some rumour that Lucia may or may not be his... ? Just curious....

1475 days ago


No Dot there has never been anything remotely resembling a substantive rumor like that, based on anything but the desire of fantasy-driven women with long standing crushes on Mel.

If you want to go after her for fraud, try citing something real in evidence.
Start with the scam she tried to pull using the poor victims of Chernobyl as a launch pad for self-promotion, pretending she could sell CDs or downloads when she patently can't (tho Mel & friends probably contributed).
In fact many people with more advanced careers than hers and a fan base (which she lacks, no spin will save it) don't make the lion's share of their income that way anymore.

THAT was unconscionable.

1475 days ago


No Dot there has never been anything remotely resembling a substantive rumor like that, based on anything but the desire of desperate, fantasy-driven women who have long standing crushes on Mel.

1475 days ago


I'll bet Mel's soon to be EX wife Robyn is Laughing her ass off about this ditribe of Mel's!

1475 days ago


What a mess Gibson has turned into.

1475 days ago


I keep hearing about how he's not giving her any money. Why does she need him to give her anything? I thought she was some famous Russian musician and songstress. Yeah right. I thought that was a bunch of crap. First chance she got to make an appearance with him on the red carpet, she was smiling from ear-to-ear. Where on Earth did he meet her anyway? She reminds me of one of those actresses on that show "Celebrity Rehab". All pale and sickly looking. Her hair looks like it hasn't been washed in months and I'll bet a million of Mel's dollars that she smells. How could he even be attracted to her to begin with? There is nothing even slightly attractive about this woman.

1474 days ago


Mel used to be my hero and my all time favorite actor and director before he hooked up with that whore.
I lost total respect of him since than.

1474 days ago


Doesn't she get money from that Dalton Guy in child support also? What did she get out of him? You never hear about that child or see him. Did Dalton buy her a house and car? Did she go after him the way she is going after Mel? Lots of questions, and most don't make OKSANABITCH look good.

1474 days ago


i agree with the majority here. she is a money-grubbing whore who attaches herself to rich famous men and have their babies knowing she would be financially supported. Mel on the other hand went through some late mid-life crisis needs to now crawl back to his first family and ask for their forgiveness not that he will receive it. i hope he does though and realize what he had in his ex-wife and other children. any 30-40 years younger women are just after him for his money most likely unless they have a fortune of their own right!

1474 days ago


Ox is flaming mad because she has been humiliated in front of her fellow gold diggers. They are laughing at her stupid errors in how to reel in her millionaire.
So now she is lashing out, having what revenge she can.
All the dumb snafu posts in the world won't fix it.

1474 days ago


Seems to me that this kind of woman tries the old "he's not paying to take care of his child" routine first, and if that doesn't work, she'll try the old "he is verbally and physically abusive" trick. Child support is for THE CHILD - not you! How the hell did you make a living BEFORE MG - get a frickin' job!

1474 days ago


Mel has yet to learn when you play with fire you get burned. Take it like a MAN Mel! This is EXACTLY what you get when you FK a wh*re.

Nobody cares about Mel Gibson any more. His career is OVER and he's using whatever opportunity he can to keep his face in media.

He's an IDIOT for thinking things would have turned out differently. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fool

1474 days ago


I see there are no Edgar Wright fans here thus no research.

@Firefly. DAlton is extremely private and protective of his son. But I'm sure she's making good child support income off Dalton. However, Dalton is with his kid a lot of the time and takes him along even when he leaves town. The Oks lied about hurriedly moving him out of Malibu bc it's confirmed the boy was in Venice Italy with his dad when he began to shoot The Tourist at the end of March. Dalton has said in the past his son is "always on the set with me." Unfortunately baby mama has done photo-ops with the kid at times when she does have him to raise her profile.

1474 days ago
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