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Vienna Girardi

Face Full of Man Junk

6/30/2010 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Way before she ever met Jake Pavelka ... "Bachelor" winner Vienna Girardi got down and dirty in a spring break dance contest -- and by the looks of it, she really got the shaft.


It all went down in The Bahamas in March 2009 -- mere months before Vienna met Jake -- and according to sources, the guy who delivered the package was a total stranger.

Besides the genital face-plant -- Girardi also struck a pose in which she stared down the barrel of a big, brown loaf launcher ... with the same guy.

Based on the photos, Vienna has plenty of experience with painful splits.


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She'ld make a momma proud!!!!!

1578 days ago


wtf is a "barrel of a big, brown loaf launcher"

1578 days ago


Agree with #11.. "mere months"? Some people consider that a life time!

1578 days ago


Yeah but doesn't that look like Ali from the Bachelorette in the back left in a white bikini????

1578 days ago


Now there is a classy woman that any man would be glad to make his wife..yeah right.

Nothing says JUMPOFF like seeing a woman bury her face in a strangers crotch.

1578 days ago


This is the future generation folks TMZ will have plenty of gossip for years to come.

1578 days ago


I bet dad is so proud of his little girl.....

1578 days ago


Wow i understand she was just having a little fun but thats something u shouldnt do with cameras around it just makes her look more of a slut than people thought before

1578 days ago

Julie Anderson    

Vienna is/was a tramp and now a SHANK. Everyone tried to tell Jake you could look at her and know she saw $$$ signs and knew he would be gone a lot, and she could sleep around. He was to nice for her, everyone tried to tell him, and he only lusted after her, as you flung herself on him, like a cling tight flea.
What a piece of work she is.

1578 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"When did it change out there from expecting young women to behave respectably to now anything goes?

I'm of the 80's generation of teenagers, not too old, but not a twentysomething {thankfully} and my guys friends to use think women like this one, were "pigs"
"Ya, gotta decide Lisa, are you a nice girl or a pig" I can hear them now...

Sure they would watch you behave like a pig and hoot and holler but, you were still a pig. Maybe a pretty pig, but a pig.

So....I'm asking, when did this change? Now we have photos of gals in public, attempting to constantly out do one another and its just turned in to the slut off, who is a bigger pig me or her? And we the photos to prove it.

Really? Too many young women behave like pigs today. Clearly, just look at the internet, and the thing is, its ALL young women, not just the white girls, its all races.

Great. A whole generation of ****tail waitresses.

Posted at 6:42 AM on Jun 30, 2010 by lhartwell"


Truer words have never been spoken. I just talked to an old friend of mine and we both agree that this MADNESS has now spread to women in their 40's and 50's.

We;ve both left our long time wives... (both of them all screwed up) only to find that decent looking women WHO ARE AVAILABLE - well... put it this way - there is a reason they are available.

1578 days ago


Good grief! A female urinal! Flush!

1578 days ago


OUCH these pictures won't help her career. People are really digging the dirt on her now aren't they? Did Jake see these and was turned off? Just a thought.

1578 days ago


What is truly mind boggling is that this lowest common denominator "entertainment" has an audience. Then when you realize you're in the USA....................after this is over you can amuse yourselves at the movies with "Grown-Ups" featuring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock,Kevin James, Rob Schneider and David Spade. The IQ'S required for this slop would be a perfect match for The Bachleor audience.

1578 days ago

Get back to work!    

Her mom just updated her Facebook page with this photo.

1578 days ago


For Alex-

wtf is a "barrel of a big, brown loaf launcher"
Posted at 7:36 AM on Jun 30, 2010 by Alex

If you look at picture one, I think that will answer your question!!

1578 days ago
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