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Jesse's Ex -- My Kid Loves Sandra More than Me

7/2/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just filed explosive new docs in his custody war with his ex-wife -- an email exchange in which Janine Lindemulder allegedly admits to drug use, prostitution, and extreme jealousy of Sandra Bullock.

Jesse James EX

The documents show a series of emails that Janine had written to Jesse's sister, Julie James England, from 2008 to 2009 -- which Jesse claims will prove that Janine is a threat to their daughter Sunny.

Among the shocking items -- Janine reveals that she agreed to spend one night with a man named Pete -- who will pay her $25k. Jesse's sister warns, "this [sic] is a form of prostitution."

Janine goes on to complain about her daughter's relationship with Sandra Bullock, stating "all [sic] Sunny talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!"

After begging Jesse's sister for Vicodin -- and being denied -- Janine wrote, "I am so depressed, Sun is suffering, I can't even find the energy to play with her. It's 9:30 and I don't even know what she ate today." She added, "Not being awake makes everything better."


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Maybe Sandra should adopt Sunny. Then she would have one stable parent, which seems better than one nutcase mother, and one sexually obsessed dad. If he could have kept his obsession at home, think how great the family would be doing. What a freakin mess.

1572 days ago


TO #31: If your story is TRUE, then why don't you go to someone and tell them? You have to have proof, but I'm telling you from my own experience, Jesse isn't hard to get a hold of. And if you have proof that this occurred, he'll contact you, or his attorney will.
You would be doing that child a huge favor.

1572 days ago


Keep it comin'... so sad, u have no idea what ur talking about. it was less than 5 minutes. Sunny got in trouble, she recieved a time out and a talking to. It was a terrifing 5 mins. I knew then some hater would speak about this. Keep it coming. You are exaggerating and you know it.

1572 days ago


# 33 !!! I read in the Interpravo that Sandra is not the guardian,all custody rights belong to James. In accordance with the law after a divorce Sandra lose all rights to visit Sunny.Now Janine wants to custody 50/50. Sandra is no room here.Even if Sandra is wanted,she could never become a guardian Sunny!

1572 days ago


Those emails are old. If anything they will help Janine show the court that she has made progress since those days. Jessie needs to quit wasting money on attorney fees etc trying to prove she was a bad girl years ago because the court's already aware of that. If Jessie wants to have the court ban her custody priveleges he is going to have to come up with some evidence of bad behaviour by her NOW. Some of you need to take your blinders off. Jessie's just doing this because he lives in a fantasy world believing that, one day, it will be Him, Sandra and the kids again and he's using those kids as tools to meet that agenda. Saddest thing is that he's trying to alienate the kids from their mother. I went thru that when i got divorced. My kids didn't realize what my ex-wife was up to until they grew up. Janine has come a long way since she wrote those emails. They would mean something had she written them now but, she didn't. It's just a smokescreen that the court will see right thru.

1572 days ago


what it all comes down to is whether or not Janine can make rational decisions for herself, that will affect her child. these emails, along with everything else she has done is only proof that she was/is incapable of making good decisions. like... 1.) marrying an felon, even though she knows it would reflect poorly in court and her custody battle, 2.) continuing to strip or be an adult porn star or prostitution. (sorry, this is her only method of making money, but a child should not be exposed to this), 3.) not paying her taxes, (even though she knew there were high consiquences to pay for avoiding the IRS), 4.) going on the Howard Stern's show and putting a finger in her rear-end(honest! just last year, after she was release from jail... youtube it, howard stern + janine lindenmulder, listen for yourself, she doesn't come off very well.)
make better decisons and maybe you'll get your kid back!

1571 days ago


i do believe she is trying to get better, but learning to make rational decisons does not just happen over night. janine needs to just REALLY get her life together for herself first. get some stablility in her life, a decent job, a good home, good/honest friends. be civil and good things will happen. if she keeps lashing out and forcing this issue, more and more stuff like this will surface. airing your dirty laundry that sunny will read in 10 years! i know janine hates to hear this, but please, take some PR advice from sandra, just hang low and try and work things out quietly. it will make you stronger and down the road, sunny will appreciate you more for not bringing everything to this public forum.

1571 days ago


Wow, what Jessie should do is pay for her to go to rehab. Make everyone's life better.

She is scary~I can see why Jessie and Sandra are so worried!!

1571 days ago


why is it that none of his past has come into any of this just hers! i dont understand the guy is out running around screwing everything in town , lying to his wife, lying to his mistress's. but yet he is the pillar of morals and she is suddenly horrible, maybe she has gotten better becuase she isnt on board with his weird stalker im moving to texas move why is she suddenly the bad person. she is trying to have a relationship with her daughter why is that wrong? i think he is throwing around alot of stones for someone who is living in a really big glass house!

1571 days ago


#41 cheater vs. drug user, prostitute and wife of a felon. you do the math. jesse is definitely the lesser of the two evils.

1571 days ago


An addict is an addict for LIFE!! Drugs or alcohol, when you're not using you still need a support base to stop your natural inclination to slip back into the life far too easily by being around people who either drink or drugs!! Janine is not fit to be a mother to Sunny and for anyone out there who feels Janine has an automatic right to be in her daughter's life because she gave birth to her, let me remind you giving birth doesn't make you a mother, just as providing sperm doesn't make you a father merely a sperm donor!!
It doesn't matter if the e-mails are 2 years old, what it shows is Janine's tendency to lie, her sly attempt to try to cheat the system so that she can get custody of her daughter! It also shows she was trying to find a way to beat the drug test - so how do we know she hasn't hm?! Sunny is the one that matters and the Judge who gave Janine unsupervised visitation so quickly better hope to god nothing serious happens to Sunny while in her mother's custody because he was on full warning of her tendency's! There used to an age where a young child could knowingly ask not to see whichever father/mother didn't there?! I know kids play one off against the other in divorce cases, but if ever there was a case for Sunny being able to refuse to see her mother this is it lol!! I know people can change, but they have to prove they've changed not just say it and expect everyone else to believe it hm?! It takes a lot for someone to come off of drugs successfully, most relapse after at least 3 trips to rehab, it's what most counsellors will advise you, keeping clean is a massive undertaking - I've seen it first hand in others and there's nothing pretty about it!
Looking at Janine I don't believe she's clean but if she is she has to prove it!

1570 days ago


"Among the shocking items -- Janine reveals that she agreed to spend one night with a man named Pete -- who will pay her $25k. Jesse's sister warns, "this [sic] is a form of prostitution."

Sorry dear, that IS prostitution!! Unless you're married to that person and then it's just business as usual.

1569 days ago


I read in People mag that Janine said she was willing to move and follow Sunny to wherever Sunny was because Sunny needed the people that loved her around her. So now she has changed her mind again?? If you asked me, she changes her decisions very easily! She needs to prove that she is stable individual that can make sound decisions.
I still think her biggest motivator is the child support check she can get out of Jesse. She has to pay back the IRS all those taxes she did not pay.

1568 days ago


This judge better not give sunny to this idiot!!!! although this judge is bad news!!! she's not clean.....just found a way to cheat the system when testing......she doesn't deserve to take care of a plant much less a human being.....Jesse takes his kids to school, provides a good home, feeds them and loves them! Yeah he screwed up big time with Sandra but he shouldn't be judged as a dad for it.......he's a good dad!!!! not like this idiot who thought of drugging her daughter so she can sleep!! and this is not 2 yrs ago some of the emails are dated from 2009!!!!!!!!!

1562 days ago
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