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Vince Neil -- Rehab May Have Spared Him

7/4/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Vince Neil's wife said her hubby had been sober for three years before getting busted for DUI last month -- turns out went to rehab after an earlier arrest ... to dodge a DUI bullet.  

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Vince -- who was arrested back in 2007 in Las Vegas after cops saw him driving his Ferrari erratically -- went to an inpatient drug program as part of his plea deal in the case.

The rehab stink may have saved Vince, because the DUI was knocked down to reckless driving. With a fresh DUI under his belt, the last thing Vince needed was a prior. 

FYI, the type of reckless driving charge to which Vince pleaded does not count against him in his current DUI case.


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Interesting....Dr. Drew missed another one!

1571 days ago


I can see you screwing up and getting one DUI. But, to have killed one person and injured a few for life... Then having the nerve to get back in the driver's seat "drunk," over and over. Vince Neil is a "MURDER!" Rehab... Sorry excuse for the courts anymore!

1571 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Its official the writers/editors at TMZ are idiots. This is the 3rd time you have rearranged the words and repeated this story. Well the 3rd Ive seen maybe more.

Re #2 That,s how alcoholism/addiction works. All reasoning goes out the window. I know a guy who just got his forth and it didnt even slow his boozing down. Now he thinks some one turned him in and all his resources are going to that rather then the trouble he is facing. He has lost several friends calling them Narcs.

1571 days ago


i can't stand this piece of fat ****! he's killed a person, repeated drunken mess. you need to die already--talentless toad.

1571 days ago

marc lebel    

Here we go again. I guess he never learned his lesson in life, he was extremely lucky the first time when he killed Razzle and crippled a girl. anf got away with a big fine. I hope the judge takes away his licence to drive and throews him in jail for a while. It did Tommy Lee a lot of good.

1571 days ago


So it seems like he has had the whole killing of Razzle Dingley wiped off his record. What a bunch of BS that is. Razzle's ghost should haunt this idiot until he drives off a cliff.

1571 days ago


have i missed the posts where TMZ mentions that he killed someone in a drunk driving accident? is that being taken into consideration by the courts?

1571 days ago


Tip: Your teeth should never be whiter than the whites of your eyes.

1571 days ago

El guapo    

I hope to get special treatment like this if I ever get into an "irresponsible" behavior bout. I assume not everyone gets treated like this all the time for such abhorring misconduct.

1571 days ago


Dr Drew. Paging Dr. Drew.

1571 days ago


Horrible that people with money are given another chance to go out and kill people. I'm beginning to think there really is NO justice!!! Lock him up!! He obviously didn't learn his lesson!!!

1571 days ago


I work at a Boston hotel when this s***bag came in last year. He had an assistant that I found out later was a failed musician who now kowtows to this fat load. He actually used the "don't you know who he is " line on me! Anyhow, after a long night of screwing hookers, Mr Faded Rock Star insisted on a stretch limo and a stretch only to take him to the airport. No one uses stretches anymore! When it got there it had a little dent in the door and the assistant actually said to the driver' "You can't expect an artist of Vince Neil's stature to take a dented limo." I wanted to say don't you mean MURDERER???!!

1571 days ago


The reason TMZ isn't mentioning the time he killed someone is the TMZ staff thinks anything that happened prior to 2000 is such ancient history that only archaeologists would know about it.

1571 days ago

Sin D    

Vince went to see Dr Feelgood,took a walk on The Wild Side, played with some Girls, Girls, Girls got Red Hot and he is STILL The MotherF#@r of The Year !...But not a Saint of Los Angeles to the popo...never Too Young To Fall in Love !

1571 days ago


In the 2nd paragraph, should that be "rehab stint" instead of "rehab stink"?

1570 days ago
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