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Mark Cuban to LeBron:

You Need 'Media Training'

7/9/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So how the hell can LeBron James recover from one of the worst PR moves in NBA history?? According to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban ... dude needs "media training."

Mark Cuban
Obviously, Cuban is referring to the fact that James decided to amp up the drama ... and screw with practically everyone's emotions ... before announcing on live TV last night that he was ditching the city that loved him to try and win a quick championship with a "super team" in Miami.

LeBron had toyed with the idea of going to Chicago, New York, New Jersey and L.A. too ... so now everyone hates him.

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Who cares what idiot mark Cuban thinks. he is an ultimate jerk and smart ass and he is telling someone to get training in anything when he, as a representative of Dallas, wants to scream at the basketball commissioner profanity and accuse him of being a thief. he owns a team with the biggest wimp in the NBA (Dirk), expects he has to get everything the way he wants it, when he wants it and how he wants it or it deserves every ounce of anger he has. He is a spoiled brat and was just a junk heap dog before he accidentally fell into money. he can go to hell and take all of his European white boys and try to win in an African American game- nut then he is from Dallas and besides racism, what is Dallas good for anyway?????

1567 days ago


F the drama queen attention-whore Lebron. I hope he fails in Miami just like he failed in Cleveland to win a title. It's only a matter of time before those three huge egos in Miami start to clash. As soon as one of them have a huge drop in scoring, they'll start complaining that the other guys are not getting them the ball. The rest of that team will also be awful since three guys use up their entire salary cap. They will have no bench.

1567 days ago


LOOK WHO'S TALKING, MARK CUBAN has no room talk. He gets fined every time he opens his mouth.

1567 days ago


Why would you not pick Miami it's MIAMI. NY is dirty, Cleveland is well, Cleveland, Chicago half the year the weather sucks, New Jersey is worse than Cleveland. The sexy never slows down in MIAMI BITCH.

1567 days ago


I still love LBJ

1567 days ago


Although I don't think the decision should have been televised as it was...go LeBron! I couldn't wait for the decision either. I hope you finally get a ring in Miami with more championships to come! Pay no attention to those who are wishing ill of you. You gave the Cavs 7 reallly good years, but it was apparently time to move on. Play hard with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh...Pat Riley is the man! I hope you'll do great things together...go for it! If you don't get a championship ring in the upcoming season...your ring will be forthcoming because you bring a lot of great talent to the court. Just play hard night in and night out, and stay grounded.

1567 days ago


Why would you not pick Miami it's MIAMI. NY is dirty, Cleveland is well, Cleveland, Chicago half the year the weather sucks, New Jersey is worse than Cleveland. The sexy never slows down in MIAMI BITCH.

Posted at 8:23 AM on Jul 9, 2010 by Sean

miami sucks,,its hot,humid and you have tar balls washing up on your beach you hammerhead,,plus unless you speak spanish you might as well not even talk..

1567 days ago


I did not appreciate what he did to Cleveland. He should have told them he is not coming back directly instead of putting them in that excruciating heartbreaking waiting period.I agree with the owner. it was coward, emotionless.

1567 days ago


Also what can we really expect.The guy can dribble a ball and not much else,he didnt even finish high school.He isnt excactly a rocket scientist..so no wonder he picked Miami.He can hang with his boyzzzz until one of them start having bad games and then the fingerpointing is going to start.I'm sure Kobe is laughing at all this..

1567 days ago


Why are people mad at him? Its his life and his career therefore his decision! He isn't responsible for the city I don't think that's his job. Like you guys would love it if people where telling you what career decisions to make.

1567 days ago


I don't mind James making a move to Miami, b/c the NBA is a business. However, how it went about it is a publicists' nightmare. He left a bunch of teams hanging b/c his TV special was more important.

I think his playing a half-speed during the playoffs really tells the tale.

1567 days ago


Mark Cuban...this is a guy who shows little class every time he walks on the court. And for him being his own man? Hes no more his own man than LeBron is. Both got Rich from someone else cashing in on their ideas and skills. Call it what it is...fortunate and clever. Lets move on.

1567 days ago


Ya this guy needs to give advice, Cuban is a douche with money .. no money still a really big douche .. Bron did what any business man needs to do, after 7 years of loyalty to the ingrates in Cleveland he needs to take care of his own business, f@ck what people think this is a business not a popularity contest .. either way Bron will be a Hero in Miami and have 3 to 4 rings in the next 5 years .. the haters can enjoy that

1567 days ago


James needs media training, but Cuban needs to learn how to brush his teeth.

1567 days ago


His team will never win without Wayne Gretsky. Unless of course they get Michael Jordan. Than they will win for sure.

1567 days ago
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