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Levi and Bristol

Engaged, Not Having Sex

7/14/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite unwed, single teenage mother -- Bristol Palin -- is engaged to get married ... and the man she's tying the knot with is the most unlikely candidate ever ... her baby daddy Levi Johnston.


Levi and Bristol's story is a tale of classic romance ... he knocks her up when she's 17, she has a kid (Tripp), they break up, they attack each other in the media, he poses for Playgirl, they attack each other in the media again ... and then they reconnect during custody negotiations about three months ago.

But the best part: The couple claims they didn't tell Bristol's mom -- Sarah Palin -- about the engagement first. Instead, they told Us Weekly ... and hoped that it was one of the "variety of sources" she reads. 

Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say "I do."

As for the wedding -- they want to get married in Alaska ... and Bristol wants Levi to wear a camouflage vest.

Oh -- and that whole Playgirl thing ... Bristol claims she hasn't seen the spread and chalks it up to "Levi's old life." For the record -- it ran just 5 months ago.


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He's either doing it pay child support a different way or Sarah Palin is paying him to do it. I don't think these kids love each other at all and we all know Sarah wants another shot at the political arena.

Plus, we all know they had 2 babies and not just one. That has to be a factor as well - Sarah claiming the other child as hers and using it as leverage.

1564 days ago


I smell a reality show attempt.

1564 days ago

You Betcha    

Hurray for the Palin family ! Re-populating the republican party all by themselves !

1564 days ago


I wonder how far along the pregnancy already is.

1564 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

I smell a RAT. I will bet any amount of $$$ that he is being paid BIG MONEY by Sarah to go along with this BS. Just after the midterm elections, she will announce her bid to run for President. This will make it all PERFECT for her. Old the old blue-haired ladies will just love this ****!!!

1564 days ago


Refresh my memory, blowing is not having sex, right?

1564 days ago


"Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say 'I do.'"

Barn door locked/Horse gone...

1564 days ago

South Beach    

How much do you think was paid by Us Weekly for this little announcement?

Working for $8 per hour as an electrical trainee just doesn't get it after Playboy, and little girl is no doubt about over mommy ragging on her about getting knocked up every other minute. 2 high school dropouts, wave a nice chunk of change under their noses AND piss off mommy to boot?

1564 days ago


"Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say 'I do.'"

Does anyone else find this to read more clearly, "Levi and Bristol won't be having sex again until after they say "I do." They hope to get married in the next six weeks..."?

1564 days ago


Someone said stop picking on Bristol because she didn't do anything wrong. In the real world (Outside of the 30 mile zone) getting pregnant while not being married is doing something wrong.....

1564 days ago


i'd tap dat bristol stuff yo. i;d tap tha HELL outta dat.

1564 days ago


relax people, sarah will never let these two get married. WTF can u believe this trash had any possibility of even walking through the whitehue? scary.

Umm, how old is the daughter, what 19?? She is old enough to make her own decisions and if she wants to get married, the mother can't stop her, she can voice her opinion and dislike of it, but legally if she is an adult, her mother can not legally stop her from getting married.

I just read these articles and laugh, how screwed up is this so called good values political family when the daughter is too scared of what the mother will say to even speak to her about it!! I know i would never be that scared to tell my parents about anything, so yes it is about Sarah's parenting skills cause she has her child so scared and frightened of her that she won't even speak to her about something so important.

1564 days ago


At least this time it's their choice to get married and not their parents making them so they just might be ok. As far as waiting to let her parents find out when the world does, chalk it up to sometimes that's a choice a couple makes. It will all turn out ok in the end because the kids have stepped up and become adults over this time. Best of Luck to All of them!

1564 days ago


Of Course he wants to marry her- he was ordered to pay about $1,650.00 + a month in Child Support- he is marrying her so he doesn't have to pay- please- I know the way these creeps work- he will be horrible to her and their child and love to see her parents suffer watching their daughter live with a punk- he has no old life- the sad thing is she will put up with him for a long time , just to prove her parents wrong- and the child will suffer- it happens often in families that are affluent and then have some hangeron punk hook up with one of their kids- this will be sad.

1564 days ago


isn't just a little bit too ..not be having sex..these tea baggers oh i'm sorry tea party people nutty as the rest of the special interests in our country.

1564 days ago
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