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Lindsay's New Lawyer:

She's Going to Jail

7/16/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has officially hired Bob Shapiro to represent her in her ongoing DUI probation case ... but only on condition that she goes to jail.

TMZ broke the story earlier this week that Shapiro was stepping in after Shawn Chapman Holley quit.  Shapiro, who repped O.J. Simpson, tells TMZ, "I have agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition that she complies with all the terms of her probation, including a requirement of jail time that was imposed by Judge Marsha Revel."

Shapiro added, "Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with."  The lawyer's son died of a drug overdose in 2005.


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If i have hollywood script for a tv " drug addict: the lindsay lohan story "

I would cast jamie lee curtis as Dina Lohan

eli roth as michael lohan

anne hathaway as lindsay lohan

kristen stewart as ali lohan

holly robinson as lawyer shawn chapman holley

bob hoskins as lawyer Robert Shapiro

that would be prefect! LMAO

1558 days ago


OOPS! I add one more thing, I would cast Marcia clark as Judge revel from my post #155. =)

1558 days ago


And that disease is narcissism.

1558 days ago

What the?    

Lindsay - make a run for Canada. I will hole you up.

1558 days ago


post #168 LOL LOL LOL! interesting!

1558 days ago


I have to agree with some on here.........what's the catch?
You know he's going to try to get her to only be checked in and right out of jail.
TMZ should start a poll on how long this disrespectful, over priviledged woman goes to jail. 23 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes
before some sheriff lets her go free like they did Paris.
And when she does get out, the judge needs to stick to what she said which I think was Lindsay seeing someone the judge appointed to recommend a rehab program, not some luxury hotel with visitors all day and night and coming and going as she pleases. Enough of this "entitled" crap.
Say it with me now........"Money talks, celebs walk".
I would be all for some kind of rehab instead of jail had it not been for her attitude and FU on her fingers in court no less.
She appears to me to allegedly think she is better than anyone else on the planet and needs to see that she is not.
She has broken about every rule set by the judge and if the judge lets her off on this because of the freer of OJ, that in my opinion is just wrong. The justice system is so often just a joke to people with money.

1558 days ago


Ok, you should start a poll to see if people think Lindsay will go to jail for 23 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes?
If this man who represented OJ gets her off also then there is no credibility to the justice system.
This judge has been lied to, Fu'd in court, dishonored in about every way and has given her ruling which should stand.
She also should make sure that Ms. Lohan sees the psych the judge named and not let Shapiro just walk in and take over.
And stop calling this Shapiro's place a rehab. It's a luxury suite that most of us could never afford where Lindsay can come and go and have visitors and do what she pleases from what I have heard.
Come on, say it with me now........"Money talks, celebs walk".
Aren't people tired of the over priviledged, spoiled celebs yet?
As it is, the jail will pamper her and keep her segregated
from all the people that are so far beneath her.
If she serves little or no jail time it'll prove that the rich and priviledged really are better than all the rest and they
are never held accountable.
So, start the long, if at all, will this person do the time she is responsible to do?

1558 days ago


Lindsay has been ordered by the court to undergo evaluation by the COURT APPOINTED psychiatrist, in order to determine which rehab facility will be best for her. She doesn't get to choose the rehab, nor does Shapiro. The psychiatrist and the court will choose her rehab facility. Shapiro is obviously hoping to get her in his facility, but it might not be the best for him.

So far, it seems that Lindsay has avoided making the appointment with the psychiatrist, and on Tuesday, the judge will not be happy about that. However, in jail, her time is captive, and that psychiatrist will have that appointment, if not before.

I wonder if Shapiro hasn't had a private word with Judge Revel, and she has clearly told him that absolutely there will be no reduction of her jail time or probation terms. He isn't putting up any fight, is he?

I think he's just tried to get Lindsay stowed safely away until Tuesday, to keep her out of trouble, because nothing can be accomplished for her health and mental state in a few days in a luxurious "sober living" house, with family and girlfriends there all hours. It's just a hotel stay.

Everyone seems to be very impressed with Shapiro. I know he has a name and reputation, but I remember hearing of cases in the news that he LOST.

1558 days ago


One minute he issues a statement saying he wants to eliminate jail time because jail isn't a place for Lindsay, the next he said he'll only work for her if she goes to jail.

Makes a whole lot of sense. If she'd agreed to accept the sentence given to her to begin with (because it's pretty clear she cannot find anyone stupid enough to tell her she can appeal) she should have just stuck with her first lawyer.

1558 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Jesus created this world?
What Bible is this person reading/listening to/being preached?

1558 days ago


The problem with Lindsay Lohan is a deep rooted sin problem. Plain and simple. She and many like her are easily reaping what they have sown... and the strange thing about it is that she doesn't have a clue to any of this ... as most TMZers don't either. If you would open a Bible once in awhile and learn ... instead of blogging, tweetering, facebooking, playing video games, talking on your cell phones, texting, watching tivo, etc. etc. etc. Fiction (Latin: fictum, "created") is any form of narrative which deals, in part or in whole, with events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary and invented by its author..

why are you bring the bible into this conversation..that is a total work of fiction...join the real life...

1558 days ago


Don't worry Ernie is TMZ's resident comment nutter. Ignorant of jail recidivism rates (see "jail works"), ignorance of the Bible (except the bits that back up his delusions), ignorance of any form of societal politeness to anyone (see his responses), and a strong belief that USING CAPS enhances his argument. Lol. Welcome to the internet. Where apparently Ernie knows a great deal about the Bible, especially the bit about posting mad messages repeatedly on the internet.

Good news for Lindsay that she's got a lawyer she appears to be listening to and knows how to play the PR game.

1558 days ago


Captain Picard, phone home!

1558 days ago


Hmmm so Linds has agreed to go to jail? Umm correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't optional. This isn't something that she gets to agree or disagree with here. This is something that she has been ordered to do by the courts. And if she doesn't show up when she's been ordered to, she'll be arrested and taken to jail.

1558 days ago


To electric zipper: the Bible maybe fiction in your life. However, if you would pick it up more often maybe just maybe you will find that it contains everything you would ever need or want in your life. However, I know you are way too busy falling for all of the pitfalls the world has to offer so you just continue believing your big lie and sometime you will begin to search for real peace and joy... which only can be found in Christ. In the meantime... I know you will be keeping yourself active falling for the lies and hate most splew here on TMZ. You folks love to judge don't you? Just wait.

1558 days ago
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