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Lindsay's New Lawyer:

She's Going to Jail

7/16/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has officially hired Bob Shapiro to represent her in her ongoing DUI probation case ... but only on condition that she goes to jail.

TMZ broke the story earlier this week that Shapiro was stepping in after Shawn Chapman Holley quit.  Shapiro, who repped O.J. Simpson, tells TMZ, "I have agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition that she complies with all the terms of her probation, including a requirement of jail time that was imposed by Judge Marsha Revel."

Shapiro added, "Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with."  The lawyer's son died of a drug overdose in 2005.


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If everone would read this article again you would understand that as of now he is not her attorney. He said that he will help her with her probation only if she completes all of judges orders. Again... he has not been retained to help her at this moment.

1556 days ago


I first thought RS escaped the OJ curse for getting that killer off, but his son paid the price, unlike JC, RK, FLB who themselves died early for their transgressions of getting an obviously guilty person off for killing two people.

Maybe there is a God!

1556 days ago


I understand that people are frustrated when they see sentences not actually completely served, but that is not up to Lindsay or her lawyer. The Sheriff runs that gig, and how much time she serves will depend on how overcrowded they are on the 20th.

I have a neighbor who has had numerous DUI probation violations, and he's never served more than 24 hours.

It sucks, but that's just the way it is. I think even if it's only a week it will do her a world of good.

1556 days ago


Thank you Mike and people are writing that they are happy his son sick is that..I think he just wants to help other young people in Los Angeles...If you didn't grow up there you just don't know about every family there has someone that is addicted to drugs, rich or poor.

1556 days ago


On the upside when she does her time the SCRAM braclet will come off. She could have some potatoe vodka and all the drugs she wants.....that is if she plays nice with Ms. Bubba.

1556 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I think Shapiro is doin this pro bono...besides..his facility will for sure stay nice and filled with all the publicity, prolly makes his heart feel good that he is helpin high profile young person..and why not? for him...

1556 days ago


Whoever is foolish enough to believe that God and the legal system are intertwined may have more of a drug problem then Lilo. The legal system of course tends to be right more then wrong but to equate anything about it to "Doing Gods work" is braindead. Prosecutors have just as much political ambition as defense attorneys. Keep in mind ALOT of great defense lawyers were once Prosecutors, but the money isn't to be made in prosecution. One may avoid the money as a prosecutor but that isn't their motive...its power and they move on to campaign for the bench. To see the entore thing as Prosecutor wheres white hat, defense lawyer wears black hat needs to quit watching Matlock. Prosecutors coach witnesses to embellish, exagerate, and even turn on the water works if need be; which pisses me off just as much as defendants not taking the stand. THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHERE AND THE JUDGES KNOWS IT! USUALLY. Some of the greatest sin occurs IN the courtroom and not from the crime. You know how many people we have senteced to death wrongfully or imprisoned for 28 years? Where is the GOD in that? Its a GAME with alot of players, angles, and 90% of the time it has NOTHING to do with the case...and sure as hell NOTHING to do with God.

1556 days ago

bring back recent posts    

dd...yes..River Phoenix...also happened to Marilyn Monroe..nothing new...buuut with all the help out there and support...I hope this girl makes it..dunno..time will tell..

1556 days ago

Craig Swinson    

I have a 19 month old son, I can't imagine the pain of seeing my son matter how big a prick I am now it would destroy me. I have a feeling the loss of his son has changed him, and it seems for the better.

1556 days ago


hahaha!!!! she still go to jail I hope for a long time not like some stars for minutes only except Paris who had a lot of excuses n still went to 20+ days in jail... For lindsay she shld be there more than Paris coz she's really crazy like her parents.... Well I guess she cant get a lawyer that will get her out of jail time hahahaha!!!! cant wait 2 see her nxt week.....

1556 days ago


Don't worry, she'll make another ankle, baloney, scram sandwich...

1556 days ago


I don't believe he charged her a dime. I think she trusts his advice and he feels a moral duty to tell it to her straight after losing his son to substance abuse. I imagine it went something like this; "The judge is actually cutting you a fair deal. You CAN appeal it but its not worth the cash, the extremely high chance of it failing, and even worse the judge still has the ability to modify your 90 days in jail to serve the full 90 with no option of early release, and still stay within the boundaries of her sentencing." I think the chick gets some credit, she just stubborn and confused. The girl has no idea what she is made of cause she has never tested herself; this is surely one way to go about doing that. God bless ya.

1556 days ago


Kudos to Shapiro. I'm just glad to see that SOMEONE has finally stepped up and done something. And while I think Lindsay's Dad is about the biggest tool of a father there is...he was the only one in her family to address her abuse of drugs and alcohol. On the other hand maybe his biggest concern was her abuse of her money...Anyhow, Yeah Shapiro!

1556 days ago

JR Jake    

I am not going to purport to Tell Mr. Shapiro how he handle his client. I am not a lawyer and I am not going to practice law without a license. However one thing I do know; I know how the mind of an alcoholic and addict works intimately. I had about 30 year’s firsthand experience in that field.

Life is made up of victories and defeats large and small. The addict/alcoholic usually suffers more defeats than they do victories. Conversely, the maturity and emotional levels of the patient is either stunted or severely compromised. This maybe a prime example of Lindsay’s case.

If allowed to go to a 90 day rehab first, Lindsay has an opportunity to achieve some milestones (victories) along the way. The longer she is in she can achieve much needed sobriety. She also gets a chance to receive her 30-60...-90 day sobriety chips (victories). She also establishes a much needed support system that will be crucial during the following internment in the county jail. That should not be minimized.

As she enters the jail system her emotional and maturity levels will have been buttressed by the much needed medical and psychological support. She will have established many new friendships during her rehab and MANY will be there during visiting hours at the jail to encourage and show their ‘love’ to a girl who needs good friends.

As she exits after her 90 day stint at the jail, instead of going to a nightclub or consuming her drug of choice; she can hit a NA/AA meeting and get her 6 month ship. (HUGE VICTORY)!

If I was Lindsay’s attorney that is how I would try to structure it because that IS her best chance at a great recovery and rehab.

1556 days ago


Yeah, but is she going to jail on the 20th or is she going after 90 days in rehab. I do believe they should give her the chance to detox in medical enviroment before they make her serve sentence. JMHO

1556 days ago
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