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Photos, Video Raise Questions About Oksana's Story

7/16/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson investigation say the photos and video of Oksana
's alleged injuries are raising "serious questions" about her story that Gibson struck her.

Law enforcement sources who have analyzed the pictures and video -- yes, we've learned she had video shot as well -- tell TMZ there is "no evidence of external or internal damage," making it inconsistent with being punched in the face.

As we have already reported, Oksana's teeth were not damaged -- they were intact.  The dentist has submitted a sworn declaration saying one veneer was out and one was cut in half, but the teeth were not damaged.

Furthermore, several experts who have examined the photos and video say there is no evidence of any soft tissue damage, which would be present if someone were struck in the mouth, and it would be "highly irresponsible" for the dentist to so quickly replace Oksana's veneers.

We're told law enforcement is investigating the scenario that the damage to the veneers could have been self-inflicted.  We're told at least one expert who has evaluated the photos and video believes it's a self-inflicted injury.

As we first reported, Gibson's lawyers will make a presentation to the Sheriff's Department ... in part arguing that Oksana made false statements to authorities.


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The women that are truly being physically abused? I don't let nobody ever mentally abuse me! What are you talking about jj??!! You are can not work at a women shelter. You are can not protect them and you are can not doing your job right, you are just don't have skills!

1524 days ago


I don't know which is more ridiculous... that he didn't suspect she's a gold-digger who uses her uterus for gain, or that she is egging all of his madness on and it's making HIM the bad guy. As bat**** crazy as he is, I'm really kinda starting to feel badly for him.

1524 days ago


The facts are beginning to come out regarding the tape tampering, the self-inflicted injuries and the extortion attempts by Oksana.
She'll be doing time.

1524 days ago


It's about time this ho was found out for what she really is. I am so ashamed to have felt for her in the beginning. Then her story changed and stuff just didn't make sense anymore. Team Mel! Please take her children away from her and put the bitch in jail.

1524 days ago


I just saw the pictures on radaronline and her gums are not bleeding, no blood or anything. She's not attractive either. I don't know what Mel saw in this broad

1524 days ago


I hope this liar and manipulator is charged with blackmail and goes to prison.

1524 days ago


This whole story is C-R-A-Z-Y..Mel drinks, and he rants , it is what drunks do,,,,but did he hit her? Uh.....No...IF he had, her nose would have been swollen,along with her eyes.etc..Nope he did NOT hit her..she probably did it to herself, for CASH! She is really D-U-M-B,and not very pretty at all! And her singing? hello? is terrible!

1524 days ago


I bet it is true that this bitch SHOOK baby Lucia.

1524 days ago


Team Mel Gibson ALL THE WAY

1524 days ago


Helllooooo! Mel admitted to hitting her on one of the tapes, saying she deserved it. how quickly people forget.

1524 days ago

Stephen Real    

This is starting to look more and more
like a prima facia case for extortion,
from the illegal taping under California law to
never calling the cops in early.
She might be in some serious legal trouble
especially if the FBI gets involved.

1524 days ago


I am so that this Be-otch is getting what she deserves, she's a liar and a HUGE SKANK. Mel should get Full custody of their precious little baby girl.
I would love to see this vindictive, manipulating PIG put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail.

1524 days ago


This is for comment 26

He didn't admit anything. The forensics expert said that the tapes showed evidence of words being edited out and phrases being spliced together. Him saying you deserved it could have come from a conversation about him canceling a credit card or anything else, and she spliced it into the tape to make it seem like the conversation was about him hitting her.

Personally I think they both are very messed up people that fly into rages and try to say things that hurt each other when they don't get what they want. However I doubt Mel hit her and I am convinced that she will do anything for money.

The problem Mel has is his racist rants and the fact that she claimed domestic abuse. Once you make a racist comment your done. And once a woman accuses a man of domestic abuse, even if it is proven false, he is done because there are people that will take the womans side no matter what.

1524 days ago


Oksana's Road to Mel (and all the men and manipulation in between).

Very informative article:

Posted at 7:16 AM on Jul 16, 2010 by Name
Interesting article! Even more interesting they keep referring to "exotic beauty" that got her so far in life. I just dont see it she looks like octomom to me! Maybe I dont see it because I recognize the gold digger and opportunist that she so clearly is.

1524 days ago


Who cares... This makes no difference into Mel's racist rants and certainly does not excuse his unstable mental racist state of mind.

1524 days ago
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