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Photos, Video Raise Questions About Oksana's Story

7/16/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson investigation say the photos and video of Oksana
's alleged injuries are raising "serious questions" about her story that Gibson struck her.

Law enforcement sources who have analyzed the pictures and video -- yes, we've learned she had video shot as well -- tell TMZ there is "no evidence of external or internal damage," making it inconsistent with being punched in the face.

As we have already reported, Oksana's teeth were not damaged -- they were intact.  The dentist has submitted a sworn declaration saying one veneer was out and one was cut in half, but the teeth were not damaged.

Furthermore, several experts who have examined the photos and video say there is no evidence of any soft tissue damage, which would be present if someone were struck in the mouth, and it would be "highly irresponsible" for the dentist to so quickly replace Oksana's veneers.

We're told law enforcement is investigating the scenario that the damage to the veneers could have been self-inflicted.  We're told at least one expert who has evaluated the photos and video believes it's a self-inflicted injury.

As we first reported, Gibson's lawyers will make a presentation to the Sheriff's Department ... in part arguing that Oksana made false statements to authorities.


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It's funny how everybody wants to blame the victim in this.This is why woman are afraid to come forward in these cases.

1560 days ago


Mel should get the child if she beat herself up!

1560 days ago


Any black guy would be too good for the HoBag! Nobody deserve this piece of Shi*. So all guys out there: WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES LIKE THIS! THERE ARE MANY OUT THERE.

1560 days ago


Ok, stupid American B***s. I wish everybody who take Mel's side to be abused and assaulted!!! Maybe than you will understand that there it's no excuse for abuse, violence, assault and etc. Because she was born in Russia don't make her right less and don't make her lair. Go to Hell All American resists! Let man abuse you, control you, assault you!!!

1560 days ago

Stephen Real    

Extortion is a very serious crime under California law.
very serious in deed.

1560 days ago


Why should he have to pay to get rid of him? She says in those tapes that he hates her... so why does she deserve his money? And yes she looks like the OCTOMOM, that other ugly thing.

1560 days ago


I will quote another post on this as it sums up how I feel...The way it’s playing now though is that everyone’s response to the tapes and the behaviour is going to be like – yeah, but she was extorting him, yeah but he’s the victim of blackmail, yeah but she baited him. What? Yeah but nothing. It’s not the same discussion. You can’t rebut an accusation of violence and prejudice with “but he was extorted”. How is that a rationale?

1560 days ago

Stephen Real    

This looks more and more like a prima facia case of extortion.

1560 days ago


Radaronline and E! are pieces of **** in their reporting. They are biased and claimed those tapes are authentic. A child would know something sounds hinky with those tapes. A child can look at her mouth and say someone cannot punch your (fake) teeth out without other damage to your mouth. Lying lawyers, lying media, lying Oksana...looking for $$$$$$.

1560 days ago


This reminds me soooo much of Paul McCartney's one-legged bitch. That was one ugly woman whose teeth look like they smelled like "over cooked eggs"! This one looks just as disgusting.... Gross!

1560 days ago


To #54 Ana:

There is no PROOF that Oksana the b*tch was abused. None whatsoever. Only innuendo and accusations.

So please don't make inaccurate comments, sweetie.



1560 days ago

Ozzie X    

I don't think Mel hit her and that she is a gold digger, BUT I still think Mel is an ******* and a bigot.

1560 days ago

Stephen Real    

One's feelings don't come into play under the law.
Extortion is a very serious crime in the state of California.

1560 days ago


ana = oksana

1560 days ago


She's like a 5 million dollar whore who can't even blow her "john". Come one! Thats the least she could do for that kinda money. Forget getting PG... thats for real relationships with meaning.. not HoBags like what she is.

1560 days ago
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