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Photos, Video Raise Questions About Oksana's Story

7/16/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson investigation say the photos and video of Oksana
's alleged injuries are raising "serious questions" about her story that Gibson struck her.

Law enforcement sources who have analyzed the pictures and video -- yes, we've learned she had video shot as well -- tell TMZ there is "no evidence of external or internal damage," making it inconsistent with being punched in the face.

As we have already reported, Oksana's teeth were not damaged -- they were intact.  The dentist has submitted a sworn declaration saying one veneer was out and one was cut in half, but the teeth were not damaged.

Furthermore, several experts who have examined the photos and video say there is no evidence of any soft tissue damage, which would be present if someone were struck in the mouth, and it would be "highly irresponsible" for the dentist to so quickly replace Oksana's veneers.

We're told law enforcement is investigating the scenario that the damage to the veneers could have been self-inflicted.  We're told at least one expert who has evaluated the photos and video believes it's a self-inflicted injury.

As we first reported, Gibson's lawyers will make a presentation to the Sheriff's Department ... in part arguing that Oksana made false statements to authorities.


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Extortion? I doubt she tried to extract the money herself, she would have had her lawyer handle it. What's the difference between that and Gloria Allred getting $10MM from Tiger for Uchitel? I'm sure he whacked her as he admitted it on tape. The tapes demonstrate he's threatening her with harm and unstable. He can use his legal team here to try and spin it otherwise but the evidence of abuse and potential harm to this women is compelling.

1561 days ago


#69, Dani we don't get to see the photos because they are confidential. They are for people who are actually involved in the case to look at. All the evidence really shouldn't even be leaked to the media anyways.

Posted at 8:10 AM on Jul 16, 2010 by lisa
The photos of her broken veneers are one radar so they cant be that confidential

1561 days ago


First, he ADMITTED to it.

Most "soft tissue damage" isn't visible in the hours right after an assault. It takes time for the tissue to swell. I say this as an M.D.

You can tell on the picture that she most definitely has some swelling in the mouth area already. I'd estimate visible bruising and further didn't show up until the next day or two.

Also, keep in mind that Mel Gibson is the one with the money. If we learned anything from O.J. it's that talented lawyers get paid to come up with arguments like this even in the face of strong cir***stantial evidence (or even admissions).

Even O.J. himself joked about hitting his wife on TV, and there were obvious bruises and a recored 911 conversation, and the lawyers still made an argument for him not being an abuser.

Imagine this happened to your wife, sister or friend.

1561 days ago


She's sick and just NOW you guys at tmz are getting that. You bashed Mel all week and I knew it was an extortion on her part. Couples scream at each other lots of times n case you didn't know that. And the most amazing thing is that the writing was on the wall that it was not all Mels fault and that it was an extortion by her. I didn't believe the teeth thing for a moment and it took her 5 months to say anything and Harvey who is a lawyer couldn't see the truth one bit but loved just bashing Mel

1561 days ago


magnolia, go to and watch the video of the forensic audio expert stating that the tapes were altered in a recording studio. It may still be gis voice but is definitely taken out of context and he is probably/may be admitting to yelling at her for spending his 200K on a piece of recording equipment. It could have been anything from admitting to not returning her calls or going out with someone else, we don't know because THE TAPES ARE FRAUDULENT. So get off the "he admitted to it" kick.

1561 days ago


Damn, she is about to fall face first in that BS hole she dug for Mel!!!!



1561 days ago

Team Mel    

I guess it time for all the Oksana supporters to "cry me a river". There is only so far you can push a guy until he fights back ladies. Think twice, before you try to screw us.


1561 days ago

Why oh Why?    

She must have done this to other men, too! Maybe extortion has been her game all along and maybe those other guys actually gave her money to shut up. You can always find skeletons in the cupboards to release....

Although I do not want to find excuses for Mel´s abusive way of speaking, I still think he did the right thing to not pay up, but to let her hang herself instead. He must have known it would cost him a lot when it comes to his reputation. But obviously he chose to go down himself, just to get her stopped.

Unfortunately there are only loosers in this game....

1561 days ago



Really? I got clipped in the lip just horsing around with my boyfriend and immediately got a fat, bloody lip, for starters. My teeth were not busted, and to this day I have a scar on the inside of my lip from when it was split from the impact. You, sir or madam, are not a doctor by any means.

1561 days ago


You people are all idiots. The ONLY outlet that reported that the tapes were fake was TMZ. They're just pissed b/c Radar beat them to the punch so they do nothing but try and contradict what radar says all day ever day. Get you own stories TMZ! Pathetic
BTW when radar reported lindsay would get jail time and you immediately countered with saying she wouldn't, look what happened.

1561 days ago


He did not admit to hitting her... "you desrved it.." was heard (barely audible) under Oxana saying something and it sounds like it was pasted there out of context. If you've seen the photo of her missing veneers it obvious she wasn't punched - no fat lip (other than cadaver fat) no bruising. I have veneers covering chipped teeth, if a punch removed them there would be collateral damage to my real teeth (she has no collateral damage) he did not call out black people or Mexicans ...he used nasty langauge against Oksana which included those nasty W&N words... no impact in his rant at her if he'd said "I'll fire that Mexican lady or "You'll get raped by a pack of well-educated Black men"...he was being vitriolic...period.
Mel was pissed at a woman he perceived was a septic user... he was right... having said that...Mel did make his own bed by falling in with her... that makes him stupid, but not a wife/child beater and racist.
Radaronline and Oksana should be procecuted for printing releasing these one-sided lynch cds.
Lesson to all men...don't get fooled by a few initial bl*w jobs...make sure the chick is honorable and likes you for you.
Mel didn't.

1561 days ago


Oksana's Road to Mel (and all the men and manipulation in between).

Very informative article:

WOW! You know, with her talent as a classical pianist, and (sorta) good looks she could have worked and been a contributing member of society.

Now, she's infamous and will be hated beyond the grave.

Does anyone know her BIRTHDATE AND YEAR? I want to draw up her astrological chart and see what the future holds for her? Jail perhaps?

1561 days ago


radaronline paid oksana?

1561 days ago


So, in addition to Mels wife (still married) coming forward to defend him. We also now have forensic proof that the tapes were altered and edited professionally. We have the police stating she wasn't hit as there's no evidence of internal or external injury. But we also still have a question as to where the hell is Timothy Dalton, the father of her 12 year old son whose life was in danger? Seems odd to me that he isn't rushing over to get his kid out of harms way, nor is he giving any type of character insight to the poor battered Oxy. Why is that?

1561 days ago


Mel's agents are wuss and idiots.

oksana's lawyers are scheming losers.

1561 days ago
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