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Sara Evans' Ex -- I'm Not Possessed by Satan!

7/15/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans' ex-hubby Craig Schelske is on the defensive after the country singer's new man accused him of being possessed by Satan -- claiming it's all part of a smear campaign to turn his own kids against him.

Schelske (left) filed legal docs in Tennessee recently ... asking a court to modify his 2007 child custody agreement with Evans, and it has a lot to do with the country singer's new dude Jay Barker (right).

In the docs, Schelske claims Barker -- a former NFL player -- has been sending harassing text messages, like: "Satan is controlling your thoughts and actions. You are what Jesus stood against ... The things I have seen with my own mind is a man possessed by Satan ... Away from us Satan!!!"

Schelske also claims in the papers that Evans and Barker have been berating and criticizing him in front of their 3 kids.

Schelske wants the court to give him physical custody of his kids for 6 months at a time -- and to stop Evans and Barker from trashing him in front of them. Evans' reps couldn't be reached for comment.


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I must admit. I was one of Sara's biggest fans! I have lost alot of respect for her for the way she handled the divorce. They both showed they had no class the way they went back and forth. They should have taken care of it privately instead of throwing it out in the public for everyone to see. I do think it was a attempt to boost her career which backfired miserably. As for Jay? If this is true, you need help my friend.

1529 days ago

IBanged SarahToo    

LOL, 'former NFL player'...bit of a strech

1529 days ago

Stacy Harris    

Country-music divorces make for strange bedfellows (pardon the pun)!

Jeff Miller is a former Tennessee state senator; "former" because the supposedly happily-married elected official, a champion of family values, got caught in an adulterous relationship with his intern.

Press reports of the day portrayed the straying state senator as anti-gay, even though Miller has a gay brother.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

1529 days ago


should HE not be listed as the plantiff on these do***ents? Sounds like he is the one that is taking her back to court so that would make him the plantiff and her the defendant????

1528 days ago


I know Sara and I know that she is a wonderful person! She is not a slut! She and Jay are wonderful together! The best thing she ever did was divorce Craig!! Sara has been made out to be a bad person when she is not!! She is a great person, singer, mom, wife, and friend!! Keep your head up Sara!! There are plenty of people who love you and will continue to support you!!!

1528 days ago


Phyllis, does a wonderful person lie and publicly smear her husband to keep her career? Does a wonderful person refuse to apologize for lying, even at the expense of her children? Does a wonderful person try to replace her children's father with her new husband? No, this is a self serving person. You state that the best thing Sara ever did was divorce Craig. How can this be, when it has brought so much pain to her own sweet children?

1528 days ago


Auburn, I agree that the children are the ones that suffer from all of this! She is not replacing Craig with Jay....she is simply married to him! Has Craig acted like the father he should? If he cares and loves his children as he claims then he would know that having 6 months in one home and 6 months in another will only cause more pain to the children!!!! Sara is a wonderful lady and nothing you can say will change that fact!! I am more than a fan of Sara's....I am a friend!! She only wants what is best for her children!!! You say she lied? Do you know that to be a fact??? Self something Sara is not!!! As far as her divorcing Craig...well I still say it is the best thing she ever did!! Would it be better for her to stay married to a man that she felt no love for anymore?? Who loved her not?? Would that be better for the children??? No, it wouldn't!! There is nothing more important to Sara than her children and family values!! As far as pain to her children....they are not in any pain!! They see love every day from Sara and Jay!!! When they see Craig I am sure that he shows them love too! I know that Sara only wants what is best for her children!! Just Sayin!!!!!

1528 days ago


Phyllis, you might be a friend but probably not a close friend because Sara has admitted that she lied to people close to her. I know this for a fact. She has stated this numerous times! Many people have begged her to tell the truth not just for Craig but for her children. Her children will get to live with her horrible allegations against their father for the rest of their lives. Sara is trying to replace Craig. There is so much proof to this that its sick! Craig loved his wife and was faithful to her. And she knows this! Sara is the one that wanted the divorce and moved states. Because of her decision, her kids now have to two homes in two different states. If Sara is so worried about them living in two homes then Craig would gladly take them the whole time. He has just as much right to raise them as Sara. Kids need both their mother and father! And to say that the divorce and the aftermath of it has not caused those beautiful children pain shows you do not know what they have gone through. Yes they are loved but they have been hurt. I wish nothing bad on Sara but would be proud of her to do the right thing. I don't want to argue but Craig is someone I deeply respect and care about. And have seen heartless things done to him and I'm sick of it!

1527 days ago


I know Sara and Craig both personally....this whole mess has dragged on long enough. Yeah Yeah, say what you want...say I don't know them, but yeah I do!

I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that Craig is not the person Sara made him out to be. Me and Craig have emailed many times over the years and spoken at length many times. Same with Sara. Of course I still think the world of Sara and her music and have seen her a couple of times since the divorce, but after the "Born To Fly" album came out in the early 2000's, Sara seemed to forget about everything, well...except Sara! She finally got that "success" and thought she was a diva! Yes, Sara is an exceptional artist with an amazing voice, but this has gone too far. For example, the last time I saw Sara which was last year, she didn't even recognize me or acknowledge me at first. She always knew my name and called me by took her brother having to tell her who I was...she let the fame go to her head BIG TIME over the years! Sadly, her career has flopped since the divorce and these accusations coming out as nothing but false against Craig. I'm not saying Craig is perfect, but he is not the "Porn Prince" that Sara and the media made him out to be...he is a good father, Christian man, and a genuinely nice guy.

I'm not saying I won't ever go see Sara again or not keep in contact with her, but if half of the paparazzi and folks knew the real Sara, you'd see her differently too. Now she's married a "Bammer!" As an Auburn fan and Auburn Alumni, even I had respect for Jay who was QB of our arch rival Alabama, but this is beyond belief!

Sara and Jay just need to admit the facts, and do what's best for the Children! This is insane. This divorce happened almost 5 years ago and she's still trying to slam him into the mud...who knows, maybe that's because she hasn't had a hit since then and needs publicity!!!

1527 days ago

Bama Fish    

I know Jay and he is a great person. He has always been honest with his religious beliefs in public and private. He has been a great role model for the state of Alabama. I guess all these other people commenting on here look up to Kobe(rapist), Pacman Jones(thug), Mark McGwire(Liar, cheat) or Roger Clemens(Liar, Cheat, child predator).

1525 days ago

Bama Fish    

I know Jay and he is a great person. He has always been honest with his religious beliefs in public and private. He has been a great role model for the state of Alabama. I guess all these other people commenting on here look up to Kobe(rapist), Pacman Jones(thug), Mark McGwire(Liar, cheat) or Roger Clemens(Liar, Cheat, child predator).

1525 days ago


this story maybe proves that head injuries in football do cause dementia - and general stupidity.

1521 days ago


First off all you sicko wackos are busy bodies or you would not be on here every day this is a one time deal for me.Anybody that believes in God is crazy lol one of these days when you have to sit in front of youre maker you will understand more clearly.I think that anyone who is addicted to porn is possesed you do know what that realy means dont you it is not like the Excosist thats hollywood but Jesus said you cant serve two masters so either God lives in youre heart or Satan it is realy quite simple as for Jay Barker his first wife cheated on him it tore him up for a year he was a virgin when he married but guess what when callers on his show would try to call in and get in his and his wifes business Jay would not go there he would say only one thing she is a great mother. You people are ridiculing Jay for his word to her ex but lets not forget these were PRIVATE TEXTS made public by WHO her ex as long as Jay does it in private and not in public I see it as fair game if he believes the guy is possesed by Satan he should be able to make his opine known to this clown and if this clown made it PUBLIC who then is defaming said CLOWN whyyy he is defaming his self. Its funny that there is no hate mongering amongst Barker and his EX.

1520 days ago


I have watched Jay thorugh out his career and know that everything has been taken out of context. Jay is a great Christian man. Poeple that are looking for trouble always use what people say and twist the statements. I listen to Jay's radio show everyday and I know for a fact that he would not intentially do anything to hurt his witness. I think that the truth wil come out and this will hopefully all go away.

1518 days ago


I would say anyone, comment 33, that says these things either you dont know the truth or you are a flat out liar. Sara paid off the maid, she made the news about Craig up, and has told him many times she would tell the truth. I bet there is proof that Craig is telling the truth? I am willing to go on the record on Jay's radio show that Sara has addmitted to lying. $10,000 challenge.....put up or shut up. Oh, and we lift any gag order so that the public can see.

1518 days ago
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