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The Situation -- Armed and Loaded

7/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV is in secret negotiations with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino ... putting a super-confidential contract on the table that could make The Sitch a fairly rich man.  It's totally confidential, except for the fact that we have a copy.


According to the proposed deal, MTV is offering Mikey a one-time bonus for the impending Season 2 in Miami, ranging from $60,000 to $180,000, depending on ratings.

So why, you ask, would MTV offer Mike more money if he already has a contract for Season 2?  Turns out MTV plans to split up Season 2 -- using the second half (Seaside Heights) for Season 3 -- and they want Mike to sign on for a possible Season 4.

Under the new proposal, The Sitch would pull in between $27,500 - $45,000 an episode for Season 4. Not a bad bump ... considering he's making $10k an episode for Seasons 2 and 3.

MTV wanted The Sitch to sign on the dotted line by this past Thursday, or the deal was off the table.  But we've heard they are now giving him a few more days to mull it over.

Best case scenario -- The Situation walks away from "Jersey Shore" far filthier than he was before ... rich, that is.

A rep for MTV had no comment.


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1. This show just lost what little credibility it had. It at least had some interest in season one, because it was a reality show about the hi-jinks of some kids at the shore. But if they come back season after season for higher pay, they are now paid actors. None of this stuff is spontaneous anymore because they'll only behave in the manner that they feel the audience likes and responds best to. A reality show should not have the same cast beyond one season.

2. I just watched 2 minutes of that Obama rubbish (Posted at 6:45 AM on Jul 18, 2010 by WordOutlet) and I see why Youtube banned it. Complete and utter GARBAGE. Even if you detest Obama, to HAVE to admit that this hacked and spliced rubbish attempting to pass itself off as a legitimate do***entary is a joke. I'm sure I could take home video snippets of anyone in the world and make them look like the most sinister person on earth, especially after I added in a few colorful snippets of my own, as this "do***entary" has done. Can the conspiracy nuts please keep your spam off our boards? Shouldn't you be somewhere wearing a tin-foil hat and hiding from that black helicopter lurking overhead? I hear Mike is really an agent of the New World Order too. Whenever he lifts his shirt his abs emit ultrasonic waves that penetrate our brains and command us to watch Jersey Shore religiously. Maybe that explains the high ratings and huge secret contracts.

1529 days ago


Gee, why so sensitive TMZ???


Is that better? Sheesh... Invest in some smarter profanity filtering software for goodness sake. The GOOD ones are smart enough to distinguish between "foul" words that are part of a legitimate word vs stand-alone. I thought you were a professional outfit?

1529 days ago


Come on. When are these idiots 15 mins of fame up. It is bad when a society celebrates stupidity.

1529 days ago


The man is a pig!

MTV your taste is crap, you are producing shows that are disgusting. How about doing a show that shows the good side of people, do a show about a young group of people that don't drink and have sex with anything with a heartbeat. How about a show where young people do good for others, volunteers with children or the elderly?
The Shore cast are all self absorbed freaks.

1528 days ago


If you look up the medical term, "ANAL ORIFICE" in your Grey's Anatomy, you will see a picture of this guy, Mikey Sorrentino!

1528 days ago


God, it's really sad what Mtv has become. Throwing away all that money on a bunch of idiots. MTV...get back to showing music videos!! The Situation = MAJOR Douchebag!

1528 days ago

get a life ho    

The show is a stupid but entertaining and it makes you laugh , ( at them ) .

This guy is somewhat OK , because it seems he can cook and did so for everyone a few times which I thought was pretty giving of the guy .

I remember the bitches on the show ate what he cooked up and didn't help with the dishes or even clean up after themselves . Lazy users .

I say good for him getting paid more then the others !

It pays to be nice :)

1528 days ago


give me a break. the show is drink/fight/sleep around. drink/fight/sleep around. i cant stand when a guy thinks he such a stud and the whole pulling his shirt up?! get over yourself.with that said i would take the deal. ha!

1528 days ago


So, while the rest of us hard-working folks are trying our best to put food on the table and afford even the tiniest extras in this dismal economy, no-talent idiots like this cretin make stupid money. The world has gone mad.

1528 days ago


Question..Am I the only SANE person in this world that thinks like this...Please someone come forth so I don't lose what little bit of faith I have left in Western Civilization. The majority of people are struggling due to this economy. People thats worked their entire lives are struggling to feed their KIDS. But this talentless ANNOYING butter face is going to be pulling in that much money per episode? WHO IN THE HELL SUPPORTS THIS? LOL..I don't care how much a movie -star- makes. Hell if your talented and a cool person, Make 500 million a year..But MTV reality show people like this? WHY PEOPLE WHY?

Its really nasuting that people treat this guy like hes the only person in the world with abs, Not to mention they are horrible abs..but yet retarded Hollywood pappers scream "ZOMG YOU'RE THE GUY WITH ABS LIFT UP YOUR SHIRT" and every pic of him is of him lifting up his shirt..Give anyone 50k a day, and a nutritionist/personal trainer not to mention the money for roids and the high amount of food and anyone could have more than likely a better body..Guidos getting paid thousands...To be guidos..We as a society are doomed.

1528 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

MTV are idiots.
They let these over-hyped idiots get too much airtime.
I bet no one watches the new season.
MTV is going to lose a ton of money.

1528 days ago


Ohhhkay. Season 3? Season 4?! WTF! OVER KILL. Why not give a few other douche bags a shot a stardom?? *puke*

1528 days ago


Hope he uses the money to get that pear off his dorky looking face.

1528 days ago


you see what way be in and cool this year might be out the next year like the cast of the jersey shore their is alway some new comer alway tring to take your spot as the next big thing expecaly when all your know for is pulling your shirt up and showing your abbs and some one with more talent and better body will come along who is more smarter and knows how to play the game better

1528 days ago


I agree with Disturbed...I REALLY MISS MUSIC on MTV!

Hey Disturbed, In Canada, MTV actually had to have more talk programming so they could fulfill their obligation as "talk television". Guess they're really TTV! Sad.

1528 days ago
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