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Mel Gibson's Lawyer Presents Case to Sheriff

7/20/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyer is meeting with Sheriff's investigators right now, presenting evidence she believes proves Oksana Grigorieva has fabricated the case against her client.


The meeting is being held at a courthouse in Los Angeles, in a conference room.

In addition to presenting evidence that Mel did not strike Oksana, we're told attorney Blair Berk will ask Sheriff's deputies to go after Oksana for extortion and falsifying evidence.

Berk's track record may be just what Mel needs.  Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party.  Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.

After the meeting, we got video of Blair Berk and L.A. County Sheriff's Detective Tom Lewis.  We asked Berk if Oksana was guilty of extortion and lying to the cops.  She said it was an "inappropriate question."  Lewis was mum.



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get a life ho    

Gotta say. Mel Gibson is smart. An ******* and psycho definitely, but smart. He never said a word. He just sat back and let OchoSana ruin herself. Genius of him.
PS: For all of you so called adults making reference to Jew, Jewish and Russian, your rants are no better than Mel Gibson's anti-semite rants. Stop it already! It's annoying, rude, crude, immature and racist. You hate Mel Gibson for his rants, but you are doing the same thing.

Posted at 1:11 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by Violette-Blue

Genius and Mel Gibson should NEVER be used in the same sentence .,.,.lol

ANd yes MEl Gibson is a racist anti-semite and We can say that all we want because its a fact and not the same thing so to Violete Blue kindly STFU

1521 days ago

get a life ho    

Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party. Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.
It seems she has a track record for getting off
GUILTY parties .,.,,

This case is right up her alley .,.,.lol

1521 days ago


In other words, she gets people who chose to display violent behavior towards others out of being accountable for their actions! That's something to be proud of!

1521 days ago


Hey East Coast Girl - careful what you say to SWEETHEART - he/she (whatever it is) is not stable...earlier today it posted a comment that he/she wanted to kill oksana on sight. clearly this is NOT a stable person. Be on the lookout for Sweetheart to slam you on this blog. This person is seriously NOT well.

Jeez, Sweetheart, I have been reading some of your drivel (and threats) and not commented, YET, but you are just annoying, at this point. Don't you work? Or sleep? Take a breather! You sound like a bona fide looney toon. I'm dead serious. While Mel's camp may appreciate your devotion, any intelligent human being can see you are doing more harm than good to his reputation. Someone like you, who types these constant, looooooonnnnngggg rants, does not bring anything positive to Mel Gibson or his reputation. You need to go away for a while. Mel, somebody, TMZ, get this woman off of this comment board!

Posted at 1:16 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by EastCoastGirl

1521 days ago


Mel is actually paying PR people to write positive comments on gossip sites like this!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! And you s*** work for him! How much does he have to pay you???

1521 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    


1521 days ago


For all those people who sit there calling Mel racist and anti-semite, etc., I pray that you never ever in a private moment of fear, anger or surpise ever used a term that is less than polite toward another person. If you did, I hope you suffer the same disdain and ridicule as Mel is suffering.

He apologized for what he did years ago and besides he was drunk.

1521 days ago


You just don't get it do you? Technology today can replace every word someone says with other words as long as the words have come out of the persons mouth at any date or time and were recorded. And he should not lose his relationship with his daughter as well as the respect of his peers because he, at one time or another said B***ch, P***Y, C**T. DO YOU GET IT YET? Ya know I can see how aggravating it is to continuously attempt to get things through to someone, or people in general, and I feel like screaming those same words (not all of them) at some of the people here that just stick their heads in the sand because they are too lazy to think outside the box. The "well, he said this, so he's guilty of anything she says he's guilty of, because I'm a minority and he pissed me off and I don't think a woman would ever lie about domestic abuse" nonsense should stop. We live in America folks, let's see how this plays out and then you can string the guy up if he is, in fact, guilty. Ever wonder why we still have an electoral college? Buffoonery, that's why!

Posted at 1:49 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by Pimpcessa

agree with you. we have heard only one side and not much of a presentation at that. of course, Mel did say some terrible things but it is not illegal to say whatever you think or feel at the time.
i wish pple would be more analytical& objective than just accepting cuz they are emotionally involved!

1521 days ago


So this b*tch gets off a man who breaks another man's nose, gets off a man who breaks another man's camera and is now trying to get off a vile creature like Mel Gibson (whose violent, racist, misogynistic drunken alcoholic hate-filled rages has been revealed and proven to everyone over and over) for attacking a woman and the mother of his child. She must be so proud of her work!

1521 days ago


Let's wait and see what money can buy Mel this time, lol.

My guess, his money is hard at work here with this one and again, may work for him in the end. Sad but, true. I know most on this TMZ board won't agree with me but, again, just my opionion and even if I'm wrong in I can buy Mel a lot and has in the past and I'm sure will in the future.

Funny how it's mostly the TMZ posters who are on Team Mel, isn't it?!?!? Weird!

1521 days ago


itsMeAgain, it is good to finally read posts from someone who has taken the time to look at all the evidence (from both sides) and be rational and objective.

1521 days ago


please, Berk is doing her job. everybody is entitled to representation. i am sure if you are ever in a bind mistakenly at that, you would want someone like her to defend you to the best of her abilities. no matter what you may feel, we are all entitled to be INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!! GAWD PPLE>>>some of you don't know the meaning of those words. you would be the first to look for a defense attorney like this one if ever you need one!

1521 days ago


Okay, if he did it he's a total jerk. However, I am starting to think this broad has/had an agenda. If that's the case I hope they nail her.

1521 days ago


What does an abused woman have to do to protect herself?

Posted at 2:40 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by Julie

Julie, perhaps she should have gone to the police and file a report? no one can help her if she does not ask for help. obviously, she did not do so if indeed she was abused, which i question with each supposed "evidence".
so there is your answer. shout as loud as you want or just go to the police and tell them what has been happening and file a report. better yet, go to the hospital to be checked out after the supposed hitting... this woman did none of that>>>and that is the suspicious actions of a supposed abused woman who supposedly lived in fear!! she has not done any of the things that an abused woman has done. she has behaved suspiciously and still doing so now!! think about it...and yes unfortunately, i have known some women who have been abused.

1521 days ago

Ankaret LeStrange    

I will call Gibson a racist 24/7..365 days of the year. Why? Because he IS ONE! A one time slip..ok..we forgive you (kinda), this time he proved who he is and what he is. This constant verbal assault of other races, religions and genders is a learned behaviour. He learned it all at his father's knee. You can bet he either tried or succeeded in endoctrinating his own children...who knows, they are probably so brow beaten by this tyrannical zealot, they can't think or dare to speak for themselves.
He told his wife she'd be going to hell because she was Episcopalian and not a member of HIS church. The Church of Mel...reminds me of another church...the Church of Jim Jones.

What a legacy to leave your children, Gibson.

1521 days ago
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