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Oksana vs. Mel -- The Cigarette Incident

7/21/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson grabbed her son and threw him onto a table in a fit of rage, all over a cigarette.  But this may be the only incident where there are other witnesses who can either support Oksana's claim of abuse or prove she's lying.


It happened at a party last year in Costa Rica. Sources connected to the case say Oksana's 12-year-old son, Alexander was playfully jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel's mouth.  Oksana claims Mel exploded by grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table.

The issue came up during the mediation in May, when Mel and Oksana were trying to work out a custody arrangement and a financial package.

Sources say Oksana's people informed Mel's lawyers of the incident. Mel's lawyers investigated and came right back, claiming there were "numerous adults and children" who saw the incident and saw it very differently. 

Mel's people claim the witnesses will say it was all just clowning around and Mel did not get physical with Alexander but rather the boy just accidentally fell as he was jumping for Mel's cigarette.

The reason this incident is so significant in the criminal investigation -- it's not just a "he said, she said."  That translates into credibility, which is at the core of the case.



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I have been wondering why Timothy Dalton hasn't come and taken his boy out of all of this but, then again what do we really know about him? What if Mel's on to something about this boy and maybe Timothy doesn't want him full-time?!?! If Oskana screwed him up....maybe he's out of control or something and a hand full? Maybe, too much for Timothy at his age and all? Just throwing some thoughts out there because personally, I would have went and snatched him out of this already!

1556 days ago


oink$ana said that timothy dalton is a great dad. that means he sees his son, right? apparently he felt his son was happy and safe, saw no signs of trouble with the little boy.

1556 days ago


Hi Dani, I agree with you on your #16 post. If Alexander was in serious trouble, why wouldn't his dad get him? Why wouldn't Alexander mention all this to his dad when it happened? Why didn't Oksana report the incident? Why would she stay with him and have another child if he was this violent? Because he isn't. He's looney tooney and has a serious disease that needs to be dealt with, but I can't see Mel hurting a child to be honest. He has seven of his own and I'm sure he has many neices & nephews as well.

1556 days ago


Oskana, why didn't you pack up your kids and flee then? You are so full of it. Your mother's interview when you were with Dalton gave the full picture of the REAL you. A gold digger.

1556 days ago


If Oksana has legitimate complaints about abuse, why resort to leaking them slowly to the media.

If there was validity to those claims she would have waited for the courts. But there isn't so she'll do the next best thing and destroy Mel completely.

I bet she'd sell the baby for the right price. Seriously, ask what she's charging.

Mel was right. OKSANA HAS NO SOUL.

1556 days ago


расположение, голодная деньгами шлюха = a lying, money-hungry wh*re

1556 days ago


I don't know how you would keep your 12 yo around a man who did this stuff to not only you but, to him too?!? Ok, I have been switching sides way too much and again, I'm starting to question Oskana because of keeping her son in this toxic situation. You just don't do that! My mother did this to me when I was his age with a man she dated who was starting to test the waters with his range of power with me and my mother tolerated him way too long but, it was because we were poor and she had NO choice at the time but, the minute she had a out. In this case, there's NO EXCUSE!

1556 days ago


So allegedly Mel maliciously threw her son into a table then in another bout of rage allegedly hit their infant daughter? And in both instances nothing was immediately done or reported? But we're to believe she's telling the truth? What kind of mother does nothing about physical harm to her children ... until, that is, she starts money grabbing? She's not a low income single parent. Plus she has a celebrity ex (Dalton) she could have turned to (I would think a father would want to know if his ex's boyfriend attacked his son). Seems to me the real issue here is bad parenting. Family services needs to step in and remove BOTH kids. Gibson's an immature, bigoted hot head but all this points to her being an unfit mother.

1556 days ago


While Mel may need some help with private issues, I think we need to call off the dogs until we all the facts are in. It does raise an eyebrow as to why this is the first time we are hearing of violent behavior directly towards children when Mel has clearly raised several other children without incident? Given Mel's past history of error, it's obvious that he is a easy target for extortion. These supposed "tapes" are quite fishy as well. Who is there right mind remains as calm as Oksana appears while being screamed at with derogatory remarks? Sure Mel needs assistance with some personal issues, but I also believe that far less the evil person the public has made him out to be.

1556 days ago


luv the slavic whore comment # 15

both of their "minutes of fame" need to end. He has big problems with rage/slcohol & who knows what eles. She needs to have her lips re-done :)

1556 days ago


Ok, I know when I have to admit it and I admit it. You were right and I was wrong!!!

The minute you think a man is being violent or aggressive with your 12 DUMP his sorry a$$!! NO EXCUSE!! To wait...wait for what??? For him to kill someone?!? My God!!

1556 days ago


To those who are ready to send Mel down the river based upon tapes that were edited and remixed, I have a question or two for you:

Did you dislike him before these tapes came out, and is this just a means to heighten your disapproval of him?

Are you black, mexican, jewish or a female? Were you personally offended hearing Mel say those things and decided to take it personally?

I brought this over from the last thread on Mel....

1556 days ago

Janice Wilson    

OMG Will Smith Kisses his 12yr Old on Lip!

Check Out On:

1556 days ago


i think the tapes are as fake as oink$ana.

1556 days ago


It wouldn't matter if Oksana's version of events is true.

Anyone acting aggressively close up to a person's face may find themselves repelled by force. Sure, the kid wasn't aware of what he was doing, and Mel in fact may not have been aware how the kid's behavior was invading his personal space... until the reflex reaction occurred.

Technically, the kid was physically harassing Mel and the grown man had a right to defend himself, which he apparently didn't have to do because the incident didn't occur as described by Oksana.

1556 days ago
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