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Will Investigate Extortion Claim Against Oksana

7/21/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will investigate allegations that Oksana Grigorieva attempted to extort money from Mel Gibson ... in return for keeping the tapes secret.


Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "Extortion allegations have been brought to our attention and we are certainly going to be looking at that."

TMZ broke the story ... Gibson's attorney, Blair Berk, made a formal presentation to Sheriff's deputies yesterday, alleging she and her team have evidence of extortion and that Oksana lied to authorities about various claims.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ they have "hard proof" of extortion.

Sources say deputies will also be investigating the allegations that Oksana made false claims.

Oksana's rep was not available for comment.


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Yup a waste of tax payers dollars.

Rachel Uchitel & Gloria Allred would have been arrested then cause same thing happened with them laywers met made a deal only difference is here the deal was declined.

1558 days ago


National Enquirer says that his family wants him in a secure treatment facility so he can Mel treated for his bi-polar disorder.

1558 days ago


I've been away for a little while so, I haven't read previous post but, I found this very interesting! It seems to be an all out war between ROL and TMZ with reports to this story, lol. ROL post baby picture, then TMZ posts LAPD is investigating Extortion case and now ROL has to post a new story on how Oskana DID go to a doctor and was dx with a concussion on Jan. 8th. This is just a back and forth war between two sites!! One pro Mel and one pro Oskana. TMZ, your turn!! What's next?!?

1558 days ago


I have a feeling that this Russian breeder wishes she would have gave Mel his BJ, took the fifteen million, the house and the ten thousand a month child support. Who is going to pay her legal fees?

1558 days ago


Um, what about the fact that he offered her 15 million to not release the tapes? He agreed to pay her to keep them secret. Can't extort somebody that is throwing money at you to keep something secret.

1558 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Now she says she went to the doctor 2 DAYS after the alleged abuse with a concussion! Oh wait...gotta get my teeth fixed first, then I'll see the doctor! And her reason was she had no one to watch the kids? I thought the maid or nanny was present when this took place and took the baby in the other room. This story is twisted. Why not take your kids with you to the emergency room if you are hurt? And while you are there, make sure your baby is okay after being hit in the chin? But no...your teeth are more important. Right. Gotcha.

1558 days ago


So the standard celebrity MO. He will attack her, make her the bad guy, then he will publicly enter some program, say he's sorry the world had to hear his demons (but no apology to her of course) and then say he's all better.

1558 days ago


Radaronline now says "Oksana also says that their baby suffered a tiny mark to her face as a result of Mel’s violence and that she took a photograph of the injury."

Now it is a tiny mark....rofl....choked, beaten, punched and now it is a tiny mark!

Now they are saying she went to a doctor on Jan. 8 and was diagnosed with a concussion and stayed in bed for weeks with headaches and dizziness....we know that isn't true because they were out to dinner together shortly after that.

How could someone get a concussion with no bruise or apparent injury....please, I can't stop laughing.

1558 days ago


There are two sides to every story...wasnt this woman involved with Tim Dalton? It seems to me that she likes rich famous men. Remember the woman involved with Robert Blake? She was also known for chasing famous rich men. Im curious as to what happened between Oksana and Mr Dalton. That was kept hush hush. I understand Mr Gibson has his faults, I think there are things about her that we dont know about yet.

1558 days ago


This actually pisses me off. First, you people hating on Oksana just because she's Russian, so tolerant of you. And I can see that what the "good ole boy" sheriff is getting ready to do. Let's prove that Oksana extorted Mel, and we'll just let Mel off with a slap on the wrist! I don't CARE what the woman did - there is still no excusing the threats, admission of guilt, etc. that your buddy Mel spewed. Whether the tapes are admissible or not (give it time, they won't be) it doesn't change what he said or did. Just like a murderer who gets off on a technicality, it doesn't make him innocent. It's a stupid technicality.

1558 days ago


Obviously the tapes are embarrassing to him because of the racial remarks and his anger issue, so he was willing to pay her to keep them quiet. It's still extortion. She should have taken the money and run.

1558 days ago


Hmmm, now that's a first: Her Rep not being available for comment.

1558 days ago


I just caught a glimpse, someone said something about Mel and bipolar. I wonder if they both aren't bipolar and that is what made them and this relationship so explosive and toxic. To me, it seems they both have mental problems that need to be dealt with. Am I the only one thinking this? The both need help and medication. Both need anger mangenment and parenting classes on how to deal with each other as co-parnets to this little girl! Some how, they have to come to terms they will be in this childs life for the next 16 years when this little girl gets her drivers license and can drive herself to the others house!

1558 days ago



In regard to your comment, we don't dislike Oksana because she is Russian. We dislike her because she is a Russian WHORE.

1558 days ago


So, now she went to the doctor 2 days later with a concussion... ok, what did she tell the doctor was the reason for this concussion. If she told the doctor she bumped her head accidentally, we her credibility will be questioned. Did she lie to the doc or is she lieing to the press now? If she told the doctor Mel hit her, why didn't the doc report the abuse? The doc could lose his license. She can't seem to keep up with her own lies.

1558 days ago
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