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Claims Mel Targeted

TMZ Exec in Death Plot

7/23/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a story circulating that Oksana Grigorieva told authorities Mel Gibson plotted to break the kneecaps of a "Hollywood figure." Well that story is about TMZ's Harvey Levin, spoon-fed by Oksana's people.

The story is much wilder than reported.  Earlier this week, Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe, told Harvey that Mel had described to Oksana a plot to kill Harvey.  Jaffe said Oksana claimed Mel told her he was furious that TMZ broke the story about the anti-Semitic rant following Mel's 2006 DUI arrest.  Jaffe said Oksana told him Mel had said he wanted the "blood of Jews" on his hands.

According to Jaffe, Oksana said Mel told her he had someone do "surveillance" on Harvey earlier this year, having him followed to the gym at 4 AM.

The plan, Jaffe said, was to "kidnap" Harvey, strip him, take him deep into the desert, break his kneecaps and leave him to die.

Jaffe told Harvey the story on the heels of complaining that a particular TMZ post was not favorable enough to Oksana.

We checked the "kneecap" story out and determined it was false.  For starters, Oksana had the wrong gym.  More telling ... Oksana never mentioned a word of this to any of her lawyers while she tried negotiating a $15 million package in May during the mediation, using the tapes as her secret weapon.  One person involved in the mediation laughed, saying Oksana brought out every piece of ammunition imaginable to score a financial package, so why was this story mysteriously absent?

Oksana claims to have told the Sheriff's Department the story. It seems deputies took it so seriously ... they never even contacted Harvey to give him a heads up that someone wanted him dead ... allegedly.

UPDATE: Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We categorically deny that any such information was ever given to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department."


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Let's see. As**** with extensive record of violent abuse and publicly trashing Jewish people vs "wrong gym". Ummm I'd be getting some kneepads and changing gyms again, Harv'. My money's on Oksana's story. That's even if the story was about Harvey as "the target". Sounds like TMZ's taking ownership is trying to blow the stink in a different direction. much is Gibson paying you guys off?

Posted at 8:07 AM on Jul 23, 2010 by Genius711


you don't live up to your name
he doesn't have a record of "violent abuse" because he hasn't been tried or convicted.
how much is OxyMoron paying you to make dumb posts?

1491 days ago


Ok this woman is out of her mind deport her and stop picking on mel. I believe he does have a anger management issue and could use some treatment. But, I think she is a gold digging whore that took advantage of mel at a weak moment.

1491 days ago


Stupid 2 bit whore. Gibson is even dumber for dipping his wick in that cesspool. She isn't even pretty.

1491 days ago


I was wondering why all the posts about Mel Gibson were beginning to make Oksana look less and less credible. It was like over night, all of a sudden TMZ was PRO MEL with their posts. Now I know why. I would do the same I think... If I were Harvey... But Harvey, you really shouldn't get your personal problems inerfere with TMZ.. This is a business with many employees.... Leave your personal problems out of your reporting.

1491 days ago


About giving Oskana enough rope....

"According to some medievil law, every man had the right to be hanged with a new rope. Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade takes place in the 15th century where the new rope law was in effect in a certain village. A problem arose when a woman murdered a man. She was released without punishment because the punishment for murder was hanging by a new rope. She was freed because as a woman she was worth less than a new rope."

Hence, she would b!tch if she were hung with a new rope.

Posted at 8:02 AM on Jul 23, 2010 by kickaboo


First off, in all my postings i have not called any posters out their name or attacked them on what they say, i've been very respectfully to the posters comments. Secondly, it was used as a metaphor, not literally.

1491 days ago


Oksana and Mel keep getting uglier every day (inside and out)

1491 days ago


If she did actually do this, there would have to be a police report. A little tid bit TMZ left out.

1491 days ago


Oh I do like a Friday afternoon laugh!

1491 days ago

Clu Seatoe    

Deport the greedy damn Russky.

1491 days ago


I award her zero dollars, but will pay for her medication because she is one crazy piece of work. Please hurry up and post more Dizzy Lindsay stories.

1491 days ago


She just ****ed herslef royally! Now even if Mel did **** her ass up nobody is going to believe her! Shes the little girl who cried wolf! What an *******!

1491 days ago

say what?    

Do you know why? Because she is pissed off at all these comments written about her. I'am actually starting to believe that "Anon" is OG and the more negative things that are written about her, the more frustrated she gets. OG..Please, please, stop now before you are more of an embarassment to your children. And..don't you want what's best for your children?

1491 days ago


LOL!!!!LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!! This is the best reality show on the Internet!!

Oksana, the only thing that Mel is going to do , it's to put you on jail...Oh yeah.. what a relief..

1491 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

Hey STEVE JAFFE! . You should be ashamed of yourself!!! I thought you were a decent guy. Being Jewish myself, I am appalled that you would live up to the expectations of anti-semites like Mel and sell your soul and ethics up the river to make a quick buck. You're were a nobody publicist before this, representing no "big name" celebrities and mostly businesses and restaurants. But now you hit it big with this whore and are LYING and Being GREEDY all to make a quick nickel, and living up to a negative Jewish stereotype. Thanks for being an unethical greedy yenta and setting back people's perceptions of our people.

"Blood Of Jews on His Hands"? Really??? REALLY????? What kind of a ludicrous statement is that? Who really speaks like that? That sounds more like a script from a period piece movie rather than any modern person's words. Perhaps those are Oksana's ridiculous words as she's a foreigner. But no. I think you told her to say that and you went too far. I feel bad for your lovely wife Susie Blakely. Like she really wants the bad press that you may bring to her for being involved with this skank.
Maybe you desperately need money or something since her show was cancelled, (which she was great on).

OH abd BTW.........WOW. Some of you on here are really STUPID. I don't agree with all of Mel's language and think he went overboard, but if you are really that blind as to post some of the arguments in her defense that you do, then it's no wonder this country is in the shape it's in. Many of you have no intelligence and reasoning capabilities whatsoever. You're just a bunch of bloviating idiots. ( And yes ....bloviating IS a real word).

This RUSSIAN WHORE PROSTITUTE SLUT PIG LIAR IS A PROFESSIONAL HOLE for HIRE, and of course she doesn't want anyone to have access to the computer because then the world will see that she defied the court order and released the tapes as well as egged him on and edited them before release.

USE your brains people. Pretend this case is on one of those ridiculous "CSI MAYBERRY", or perhaps "NCIS TALLAHASEE" shows your idiot brains are obsessed with and believe to be realistic. Then use that logic and realize that her computer could prove her lies. Then put 2 and 2 together and get 4 (no, not 5, but 4)......... Now do you see???

You cannot believe a word she says at this point. She has lied about so many things.
He was provoked and set up.

Yes he's antisemetic.
Yes he's racist.
Yes he has a temper.

But so what. That's not illegal. Unless Obama makes thoughts illegal, (which is highly possible) what you think is not against the law yet. However, defying a Judges COURT ORDER IS.


1491 days ago


Just think, at this very moment, Oink$ana is working on her next lie.

1491 days ago
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