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Christina Milian to The-Dream

You Screwed Me!

7/24/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Milian wants a judge a throw out the divorce papers filed by her baby daddy The-Dream -- claiming that he not only lied about the status of their relationship ... but he also cheated on her.

Milian is pissed over The-Dream's claim that they were legally separated when he filed the divorce docs back in February ... just nine days before she gave birth to their daughter.

In her legal response, filed last week in Georgia, Milian claims the marriage wasn't really kaput when he filed the divorce docs -- and subsequently had "marital relations on numerous occasions."

But Milian also claims that if the court does grant the divorce -- it shouldn't be based on The-Dream's claim that the marriage is "irretrievably broken" -- but rather because the The-Dream was cheating on her.

But it gets worse ...

In the docs, Milian admits that she signed a settlement agreement with The-Dream in which both parties waved any alimony or ownership rights to the other person's property.

But Milian claims she only signed the docs because The-Dream brought them to her bedside when she was 9-months pregnant ... when she was in no condition to sign such important papers.


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What a bunch of BS. Ladies, earn your own living. Get your fingers out of another person's pockets and pay your own way. I'm so sick of these women laying claim to another person's accomplishments.

1498 days ago


'the dream"? SURE..TOO FUNNY!!!!!!

1498 days ago


are ppl serious? who the hell doesn't know who they are? oh you idiots...anyway Chrissy baby....I'm on you side but listen...why would sign sh*t when you are days away from birthing a child? wait wait no back up...why would marry a man who did the same to a woman he had 3 children with and left her high and dry? He married knocked it up 3 times...lied to her cheated on what did you think it was different? I'm just asking....Only a real fan would ask you such question....

1498 days ago

april monique    

Love dont cost a thing. He is fat and ugly anyways,,,,,,shes to pretty for his blimp ass.

1498 days ago


This " man " has already done this to another singer < Nivea , but she had three kids with his tired A$$ . To bad Christina didn't see him for what he really is , a low class no morals having person . She was married to him , so why wouldn't she want to have kids with him . How many times is it going to take before women see that he doesn't care about them? If anything , maybe he should get " snipped " so he can stop having kids . Don't blame her , blame him , he is not a victim , their baby is . Cute baby , flocked up father .

1498 days ago


Christina and Dream! Still take care of your baby. The both of you stop arguing and work things out to settle that dispute. No Mel and Oksana BS! Afterwards, MOVE ON with your life!

1498 days ago


Christina Milian is not only an actress and singer, but quite an accomplished songwriter. She wrote (and sang) the theme for the show "Kim Possible" and hits for many other people as well as herself (Jennifer Lopez's "Play", for one). She has her own money, she doesn't need his. As for who he is, many an artist will tell you that it's the producers who make the money in the music game. The in-demand ones like "The Dream" can command upwards of $250,000 to simply create the beat for a song.

As far as being pregnant when she signed the agreement, it's entirely possible that she did it under duress. I was on bedrest for the last month of my pregnancy and was to not be upset in the least. I certainly would have been stressed had my husband brought papers to me at that time. We don't know if she had been on medication, experiencing labor pains or what when she had the papers brought to her. In fact, I had the same thing happen to me while I was in labor. I didn't know what they were until after I had my son, but I sure did sign them.

It takes a cruel person to do that to the woman carrying his child. It won't fool a judge, he'll just look worse. No one put a gun to his head to marry her, unfortunately in 2010 people do have children without the benefit of marriage. It makes no difference when you behave the way he is.

The bottom line is that the baby is his and he's trying to get out of supporting her. Karma is a beyotch and he'll soon find that out.

1498 days ago


She is an idiot and deserves this!
It doesnt take an Einstein to figure out what kind of type he is.. look at his past, dumbo

1497 days ago


Ok for the people who don't know who the Dream is he is a artist but he is best known for penning songs for Marriah Carrey and Rhianna Ciara so on an so on..which by the way Christina turned down 2 hit songs that the dream wrote for her an eventually became big songs for RiRi...
With that being said..he has alot of money he is protecting his money.. Christian does not have a clean record when it comes to dating and to those hating her they were married before she got preg...if she looked like Aunt Ester wouldn't anybody care....

1497 days ago


She will get child support, but if the papers stand as is she won't get any alimony which could have set her for life or until she gets remarried. He was a cheater during his first marriage & didn't want to get married this time. I don't doubt he waited until she was the most vulnerable & sweet talked her for her to think they'd be together forever.
He's a louse, fat, has man boobs and very unattractive. I hope since he cheated she'll get alimony and just move on.

1497 days ago


When The-Dream was recently photographed being straddled by his assistant, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Christina Milian may actually not have been so shocked.

1497 days ago


ummm, why are you calling THE NIGHTMARE c. mili's "baby daddy?" you do realize that they ARE married so, that makes THE NIGHTMARE her husband & daughter's father. get it right tmz!

1497 days ago


I could have been one of the the Dream's fans.

1497 days ago

george jetson    

this is so unfortunate for christina but at least she can get to help pay her lawyer fees

1497 days ago


For those people that think ALL black men cheat: Have you ever been to a black church? They are full of good black men who are committed to monogamy and being faithful to their wives and girlfriends. Look at where you are looking? The entertainment industry and the sports industry! All men regardless of color, cheat who work in those industries. There is no exclusivity on color with cheating with musicians, athletes, politicians.

1497 days ago
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