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Oksana Ready to Sue Mel Gibson Over Music

7/28/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new legal war brewing between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- and this one's over her music ... which she can't release without his signature

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ that she's prepared to sue Gibson to release a CDs worth of new music that he executive produced and co-wrote.

As we first reported, Mel's not in the mood to sign over his publishing rights on the music because his team believes Oksana's trying to destroy him.

At this point, Mel letting Oksana release a CD and go on a promotional tour would be like Obama letting Kim Jong-Il borrow a nuclear warhead.

Our sources on both sides, say the music matter will most likely land in court -- or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement.

And the band played on...



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"...But Steve Jaffe, a top Hollywood crisis manager who was once a consultant to President Bill Clinton, is standing by the Russian musician..."

Steve Jaffe-former consultant to Bill Clinton
Oksana played a Clinton Fundraiser
Radar Online owned by Yousef Jackson, son of Jesse Jackson(racebaiter supreme)
Ted Kennedy-secured visas for Oksana's parents
Mel Gibson- cir***vented "proper" Hollywood channels and financed production & financing of "The Passion of the Christ" which was deemed "anti-semitic" before having even been completed.

1519 days ago


The tapes of Gibson show he is possessed by the devil. A exorcism is needed. Lets pray for Mel.

Posted at 5:33 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by jessup

you don't even know the most important part about the BIBLE! the h3ll do you know what the devil you realize the devil is most likely in sheep's clothing? perhaps you are the devil inciting all this hatred against a VERY GOOD MAN! the devil does try to get the best pple for his kingdom...

READ THE BIBLE....perhaps then you know the meaning of the word COMPASSION and the 10 commandments...if you insist on constantly mentioning the church...

i believe Jesus said to treat others like you want to be treated (NO MATTER WHAT)...if someone is hungry and cold, YOU must help them, if someone hits one cheek, guess what? you offer him the other cheek...
any of this sound familiar?

Just stop being an idiot! you are not a christian with that kind of a potty mouth!

1519 days ago


Gibson's rants have laid the foundation of his church. Filled with hate, and violence against women and child. Shame on you Mel. Jail time needed.

Posted at 5:20 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by jessup
For Jessup! I wish You never meet such "angel" skunk on your life way! She can make everyone crazy! And Mr.Gibson acts right when he fight for his dauhgter! He doesn't want her to be a whore like her mother is! I believe he doesn't hate women.He just mistaked with her and now try to correct it! I wish him find his woman one day. who is really loving and understanding!And jail time needed for blackmailers and extortioners! I'm his fan forever!

1519 days ago


So when does she find time to spend with the baby, if everyday is a different lawsuit or office visit to the all these different lawyers???????? Who's the bad parent now. She just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into that bottomless pit of lies.........

1519 days ago

LA me    

LMAO!! Just read the transcript of Mel's phone messages....everything he said is true!! Looks as if he finally woke up from his fog and realized she was using him!!

1519 days ago


iguess all of anon's posts are being deleted and she is banned? but still tries to post...

who is the crazy needing some therapy now? you should go to the ROSE GARDEN, anon!

1519 days ago


Mel should have not commuted Adultery breaking one of the Ten Commandments has driven him MAD.

1519 days ago


Mel is going to be kiddnapped by the Chinese and taken to Mars.They have a room ready for him....

1519 days ago


Wouldn't a legit victim want to get the heck out of dodge and 'protect her child'..............

why all this emphasis on her next $$$$$ and building a 'dream team'..... shouldn't she be getting to a safe place w/ her kids and getting Rx............ Oh yeah, she's IN Mel's house, using HIS car, using HIS shopping.....guess that pesky 'couldn't get to a doctor b/c I had no one to babysit' dilemma is over....plenty o' time to meet w/ attys. though.....


Can't wait for tomorrow's pix of another 'injury' to Okskanka or the baby.................which she SUDDENLY REMEMBERED.....are we running out of BODY PARTS, hit man TARGETS, altered TAPES/VMS or reasons to SUE yet???

the saga continues....

1519 days ago


Terrorist sympathizer MaObama would give the warhead to Kim Jong Il gift wrapped-so that's a bad comparison.

1519 days ago


He is no songwriter.

She's no singer, guess they're even.

1519 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Holy cow, just give it to her...there's zero money to be made there....just her sitting around like "alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup"....yuk

1519 days ago


Mel is going to be kiddnapped by the Chinese and taken to Mars.They have a room ready for him....

Posted at 5:55 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by electriczipper


And Okskanka will have the doctored pix and tape to prove it......

1519 days ago


silly russian As If

1519 days ago


She is a terrible singer. It is horrible. I guess she should have thought about that album before she started recording Mel. That's the problem with Karma. It usually comes right back and smacks you in the face much harder than Mel did.

1519 days ago
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